Dominant Man

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After falling asleep over at Lily's shop I woke around six debating on going to my room or check out Zest's boxing gym.

Going with the second option I headed to the back building.

Opening the door “Damn!" I thought looking around at how the place changed. The last time I was in here I shot Jarret in the knee the day I went to jail.

Walking over to what I was looking for, I took my shirt off rolling my shoulder blades to loosen muscles before going at the bag.

About an hour of working up a good sweat I heard the door open and in walked Zest.

“I thought I'd find you here, couldn't sleep? ” he asked.

“ Yeah” I replied picking my shirt to clean the sweat from my face.

“Seeing you at the bonfire reminded me when I got out after eleven years. It took awhile the first couple of nights to sleep, reminding myself I didn't have to constantly look over my shoulder. I also had to get used to the extra space, soft pillows, women, and freedom. This place helped me cope, think and let my anger out. I guess I'm trying to say let me know if you ever need to talk ” he said walking to the closest taking out clean white towels.

"Thanks, I appreciate it but I'm good for now" I said understanding.

“Let me get changed then we can spar for a bit if you'd like, until the others get here” Zest said setting the towels on each side of the ring.

“ Alright sure” I said getting in the ring while he went to the back"

"Had enough?" I taunted Zest after an hour of taking it easy on him with Beast and Jack watching.

"Not quite" he said panting "Your good I'll admit, but not that good" he added trying to take a cheap shot.

"Nice try" I laughed as I kicked. Swiping his feet out from under him, making him land hard on his ass.

I haven't laughed in a while & it feels great!

"Alright you two, can we get serious in here?" Beast asked

"Yeah" I said walking over to the corner grabbing a water bottle sitting down.

"So what's been going on lately? Any news on Viper or Thomas?" I asked finishing my water.

"Not much, they've been keeping low and out of sight. Probably because Thomas is wanted. Felix is back over at his place with his men. He said he'll be over later to see how you are" Jack answered.

"What about Lopez? Have you heard from him or Lily?" I asked.

"Not recently, last time I talked to him was the day after the shootout" Jack said.

"What happened that night on your end?" Beast asked.

"During the fight Thomas started talking shit about the warden telling him Lopez helped Lily get Zest out, Lopez being in the mafia and how he had a plan to get out. When Thomas started talking about Lily I remember hitting him over and over then flying backwards with smoke and debris. By the time I was up, there was a hole in the wall, guns blazing and prisoners fleeing. When I found Lopez he had a hit to the arm and leg" I explained.

"Do you think Viper is stupid enough to mess with Lopez after what happened?" Beast asked.

"No; when I talked to Lopez he said his mafia friend was pretty pissed Viper interrupted his business, son or not. Viper will get it when he least expects it" Jack said.

"Well, what do we do now?" I asked.

"We got in on agreement's with other nearby clubs that like to take turns hosting friendly fight's, bonfire's, cookouts and summer bike rides. Tonight's are night to host the fights. It's a good way to earn money, make friends and find out gossip. That's how we got information on Viper and send false information for setups" Zest explained.

"Are you going to be in on the fights tonight?" Jack asked.

"Of course!" I replied

More for my bank account

"Good, I told Jack I'd like to see what you're made of. Some of those pricks like to get bit cocky" Beast said.

Hearing the door open we looked to see who it was "Hey guys! Beth said it's almost time to eat" Jason said walking in.

"Alright! Let's freshen up, eat, and rest for tonight" Jack said.

"Damn! Look at you!" Jason said looking at my figure after Jack, Beast and Zest left.

"Look at me? Look at you! Don't think Jack didn't tell me about you hooking up with Hanna. Lily will kick your ass if you mess around in her shop while she's gone" I said messing with him. Glad to be able to hang around him again.

"Oh, believe me, I wouldn't! Zest & Beast will kill me and Hanna & I respect Lily to not do that" Jason said to defend himself.

"Just checking" I chuckled. "Let's go freshen up, then I'll see you over at Lily's shop later" I said as we walked out.
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