Dominant Man

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“ You cheated!” Jason panted.

“I did not, I won far in square!” Kevin laughed rolling out of the ring.

Jason and Kevin have been at it since we left Lily's shop a half hour ago.

“Which clubs are arriving?” I asked, working up a sweat till they arrived.

“Red Dragons, Scorpions and Serpents. The Scorpions are a nasty piece of work. Nico, the President's son is a sadistic son of a bitch!” Jason said wiping sweat from his face with a towel. “Felix thinks they have ties with Viper, that's why Jack invited a few of them over here to see what kind of info we get.

Hearing the door open, Jason, Kevin and I turned to see Felix walk in “Lopez was right! Prison toughened you up!”.

“You've talked to Lopez?” I asked ignoring his comment.

“Yeah; he's healing up pretty good. The Don is pissed about what happened to Lopez and interrupting his business though” Felix said.

“What else?” I asked knowing a mafia Don wouldn't let what happened at the prison slide.

“The Don respected Anthony not to get involved in Lily's life. However when he heard that the same men interrupted his business are after Lily. He's on the verge of making Lily stay at one of his mansions, willingly or not. Until Viper & Thomas are caught. Because if Thomas or Viper get there hands anywhere near Lily again he'll blow up club's that's helped them in any way until Thomas & Viper are found dead” he replied.

Fuck! Lily will won't like that & I don't want my son around a bunch men I don't know!


Something just isn't adding up though, with the way Lopez & the Don think of Lily. My gut is telling me it doesn't have anything to do with respect, her being rich or Lopez's goddaughter. Now that I have a son with her I need to find out what it is.

I wonder if Felix knows? Probably not.

For now I will keep quiet. I'm fed up with this shit! If it's not Viper & Thomas, it's Lopez and this Don.

Hearing motorcycles pulling up outside, I didn't say anything else. Just straightened my stance walking to a corner out of the way.

With all this shit happening, it will take forever to meet my son!

Thinking about all this shit is putting me into a soured pissed off mood while, Kevin, Jason and Felix are greeting everyone in.

I straightened my posture again when men I haven't seen before walked through the door looking at me. I glared at the motherfuckers daring them to come talk to me.

I think all this is a waste of time.

I was ready to punch something and get the fuck outta here.

As more and more men and women came through the door. I stayed where I was until Jack called over to let me know it was my turn to fight.

"So your Damien?” The guy asked when I was in front of him in the ring.

I assumed he was Nico, the one everyone said was cocky & sadistic.

“Yeah, what's it to ya?” I asked.

“You might look strong, but I've taken out bigger men then you. So don't break if I beat your ass!”the basterd said.

With me already pissed off and him being a dumb fuck. I waited for Zest to say go so I could knock the shit out of him.

“Alright you two, the rules are no killing and the first one knocked out or unable to get up and fight is out” Zest said raising his hand.

GO!” he yelled.

Not thinking twice, I came at Nico to let him take the first strike. He missed as I ducked, running my elbow hard twice into the back of his neck. Before punching his ribs, backing him against the ropes not giving a reprieve as I used my knee to hit hard in his stomach a couple of times having him double over.

“ Not to cocky now are ya?” I smirked before kicking his legs out from under him. Punching him over and over in the face until Beast & Zest pulled me off.

ENOUGH!” Jack yelled while everyone watched in silence.

Not saying anything, I climbed out the ring & walked out the door with sweat dripping from my face.

“Damien!” Beast call out.

I stopped, waiting for him to catch up.

“This was supposed to be a friendly fight, what happened?” He asked.

“This is me now Beast! It's what prison made me. You think I'm going to sit around and play nice for information? Think again! I've already waited 3 years in prison. 3 fucking years! To see Lily and meet my son for the first time! I'm done! The next person I think is holding information on Thomas & Viper are dead if there not telling the truth! I replied aggravated.

“This hosting bullshit is a joke and a waste of time! Do you honestly think it's a good idea for people to know where we are at any givin time? Viper attacked a fucking prison full of police, prisoners and Mafia men. What makes you think he won't attack the club knowing Thomas knows the layout of it and the people within!” I yelled not giving a fuck if anyone heard me.

“Your right Damien!" Jack said from behind Beast "That's why I'm making you the new President until everything's settled to where my daughter can return. Then you can decide if you still want to be it or not. I can't have you running off by yourself to do things alone. If you want to do stuff your way. Fine! But we'll do it as a club. This whole mess is Sarah's, mine, Mary's and Zest's fault. You being with Lily brought you both into our mess. If anyone can fix it, I know your man enough for the job for Lily and your son's sake”

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