Dominant Man

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Hiding out


“Lately we haven't been able to do shit! While hiding out here!” Dad said frustrated leaning back in the couch propping his feet on the table.We were currently hiding in Washington state in a cabin far out in the woods.

I can't believe things have gotten this bad because of that fucking club!

“Do you think we should just forget everything and start over?" I asked already knowing what he'd say.

HELL NO, BOY! Jack & Zest are half the reason my baby sister is dead & Damien almost killing you two or three times now. I paid good money to keep Zest in prison and the fucking Lily girl paid to get the son of a bitch out! Their making a fool out of us. I will not forget a damn thing!” he yelled pissed off removing the cap from his beer gulping it down.

“We need to do something to take them off guard and rile them up a bit.” Dad said more to himself then me, cleaning beer from his face.

“Yeah, like what?” I asked as we were running out of plans.

“When I talked to Nico over the phone he said he's not invited back to Jacks club since Damien beat his ass and ran everyone off. I say we pull out our spies from there and wait a few days to have a shootout at the club since we haven't had any luck finding Lily. Hopefully during the shootout we can get a hit on Jack, Damien or Zest. It could also be a good way to draw out Lily for you, from her hiding place to check on them. If not, we'll can make another plan later” He finished with a happy smirk.

“It's a good plan but how are we going to get close without being seen or them catching us?” I asked.

“Obviously, we'll have to create a diversion to draw the Italians away from there on a Friday night. We can't afford to have the Mafia after us, or it will be the end of us. When their gone & everyone at the club has had a few drinks ready to go home, we shoot up the place” he explained.

This just might work after all!

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