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The Lycans' Mate

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He brought his head down and I let out a gasp as he placed his head in the crook of my neck and inhaled. “You’re mine.” He growled against my skin, Aurora ‘Rory’ Jackson was the normal werewolf. She had a great family, a crazy best friend, and was looking forward to having a normal future. Apparently, that wasn’t her destiny. When her pack is traveling to the infamous Wolfsbane Academy, she doesn’t expect to be the center of attention to one of the Lycans there; Alexander Greymon. She definitely doesn’t expects to be one of the few in her pack chosen to attend the academy. Trying to adapt to academy life seems to be harder than she thought possible with the fact that she just can’t seem to stop bumping into Lycan Alexander Greymon, a teacher at the academy. Trying to ignore obvious feelings for him and balancing her schoolwork seemed to be the hardest task in the world to her. Oh, how she wished she could be back home...

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

- Aurora’s pov -

The stories were wrong; they were all bullshit.

I tossed one book I had been reading to the side, a roll of my eyes at the title. ‘The Alpha’s Omega’s Mate’. It was a stupid title that would never happen. Humans thought they knew werewolves, or at least thought they knew how to perceive them, but they didn’t and they couldn’t. They thought Alpha’s were angry all of the time and Omega’s were weak and submissive. It was all lies, and I should know. I’m a werewolf.

All wolves were dominant, not just the Alpha’s. I won’t deny that Alpha’s had more anger issues, but they weren’t always angry. Most Alpha’s were funny and civil, at least from what I’ve seen. Also, I hated seeing those stories where the weak Omega could talk to the Moon Goddess.

I turned to the next book and gagged at the cover. It had a tan man - someone who looked a lot like Taylor Lautner - and a woman in a deep embrace. Behind them was a full moon and the outline of a wolf. ‘Breathing Water’ was the title. Seemed like another fanfiction to me.

I let out a groan and leaned back in my chair. These books were gifts from a friend- a human friend- of mine, who absolutely loved these love stories. They made me annoyed, to be honest. It’s not like I’m judging her for reading werewolf stories, but it was the fact that they were so nonfactual. Mates were mostly myths, only Lycan’s had true mates. Lycan’s were not werewolves, unlike what humans seem to like to believe. Lycans were the very first of our kind, and they are able to perform half-shifts, unlike werewolves. Werewolves were only able to shift into their wolf and human forms. There are only a handful of Lycans left and most of them stayed at the Wolfsbane Academy, where only a few chosen werewolves were allowed to attend.

Werewolves didn’t have chosen mates, but we did have the choice to imprint. Imprinting was something that two werewolves could do if they decided they wanted to be with each other for the rest of their lives. They have to mark each other under the moon and then it would be considered that they were mates. Imprinting on someone was kind of the same to the Lycan’s mates, however it wasn’t nearly as strong of a compulsion and you could choose your imprint. Lycans couldn’t choose their mates.

Also, I have seen no book correctly detailing our real powers. Not the powers where we could shift into a wolf, but the other abilities we were given at birth. Powers came randomly to people, it didn’t matter what your parents had, it only mattered that it happened randomly. Most people got the Natural powers which were elemental abilities, to telekinesis, to having a photographic memory. Others were Rare, which included illusion work, mind control, and seeing the future. I was one of the few with a Rare ability and I had what was called Glamouring, which was an illusionist act. I could make people see things that weren’t actually there.

“If you keep tossing my books like that, I’ll have to make you pay for the damage.” I look up as Anya walked into my room. She gave me a small smile and pushed her glasses closer to her face before she came over and sat down on my bed with me. “I take it you don’t like the books?”

“What gave you that idea?” I said sarcastically as I tossed the last book to the floor and looked to her. “Anya, these stories are shit. None of them are real. How are werewolves supposed to be okay when they see humans reading this shit? It’s absolutely outrageous and the fact that you told me that these were your favorites make me question our friendship.”

“Oh, shut up, they aren’t so bad,” she said, rolling her eyes in reply. “These stories aren’t supposed to be real, they were meant to be fake. It’s just love stories and over-dramatics. Don’t you think it would be sweet if werewolves had that one person they were destined to be with?”

“You’re asking the wrong person and you know it,” I tell her with a chuckle. I was not a romantic and she knew it. “So, what’s the plan for today? My house or yours?”

We hung out a lot, almost everyday. The other werewolves had labeled me as her guardian because I was the one sticking up for her. It was my fault she knew about the werewolf existence anyways, so I owed it to her to keep her safe as well. She turned to look at me after I asked the question. “Well, I already packed my bag, it’s down in the living room. I figured I was staying the night because we were leaving tomorrow...” I tried to keep my eyes from widening too much. I had totally forgot about tomorrow. Her eyes scanned my face and she stared at me accusingly. “You forgot to tell the Alpha I was coming, didn’t you?”

“Psht, I didn’t forget to tell the Alpha you were coming,” I lean against my head board, relaxing my body and giving her a calmed look. I quickly mind linked my Alpha. ‘Alpha Christian, I’m so sorry for the intrusion, but I have a question about tomorrow’s trip to the academy. Can Anya tag along with us? I just want to make sure she she’s safe and stuff.’

I felt a pillow hit my face and I blinked out of the mind link, sending a glare to Anya, who was already glaring at me. “I know your mind link face, Rory. I can’t believe you forgot to ask your Alpha about me coming.” She huffed out, trudging over to my bed and collapsing onto it. I reach over and gently pat her. “What if he doesn’t let me come? I’ve been looking forward to this trip ever since you mentioned it to me.”

“I only just told you last week,” with that said, she grabbed onto my pillow again and hit me with it. I rolled my eyes and took the pillow from her grasp, tossing it onto the floor so she couldn’t reach it and hit me with it again. “It’ll be fine anyways. Alpha Christian always allows you to come on the trips with us. I didn’t worry to remember to ask him because the answer is always the same with him.” In fact, I believed that the Alpha seemed to be just as intrigued in humans as Anya was with werewolves.

“Yeah, but this isn’t any normal trip and you know that. You’re going to the academy- the Lycan academy,” she said, turning her head so that I could see just how wide her eyes had gotten and how she had a dreamy look in her eyes. “I was hoping I could run into some hot Lycan and maybe have him be my mate. Wouldn’t that be just so romantic?”

“Oh my gosh,” I groaned out, giving her a disgusted face. I thought she wanted to learn about our culture and wanted to learn more about our history, but in reality she just wanted to see if she was the mate of any of the Lycans. “It’s the Wolfsbane Academy, not the Lycan academy. Also, stop thinking with your vagina, you whore. You won’t be any of their mates. First of all, you’re human, and second of all I’m pretty sure like all of the Lycans have found their mates.” I tell her with a look. “Plus, all of the Lycans are way to old for you and I combined. I’m not talking in their thirties, Anya, I’m talking in their thousands.” I crinkle my nose at the thought. “Why would you want to have old man balls for the rest of your life anyway? There are plenty of hot guys around.”

Her face flushed and she hit my leg. “Shut up, they don’t have old man balls. Everyone stops aging at like twenty. Have you seen your mother? She looks like she could be your older sister!” She groaned out, waving her hand around dramatically as if trying to make a point. “Besides, you won’t understand it. I’m a romantic. I want there to be a man out there that was made for me. You are a pessimist who only wants the world to burn.” She gave me another accusing glare.

I gave her shrug, “I only want the world to burn because I’m a little chilly and a fire would feel nice right about now.” I gave her a wide grin and wink. She tried to continue to have a mad look on her face, but she burst out laughing. Soon I joined her, laughing over this conversation. It was too funny.

‘Miss Aurora, I was wondering when you were going to contact me in regards to your human friend,’ the Alpha sent me back suddenly and I stopped laughing. ‘Your brother has already spoken with me about this and the answer is yes, she may come. Now, please try not to be late to the bus pick up. I know how you are.’ With that said, he cut off the mind link to me.

“What did he say?” I blinked and saw that Anya was on her knees in front of me, her eyes wide and big like a puppy dogs. I rolled my eyes at her eagerness and shoved her back down onto the bed gently.

“He said yes, just like I said he would-” I started to say, but she let out a squeal that cut me off, doing a little happy dance on the bed. I squinted my eyes at her, watching as she writhed on my bed happily. It was an odd sight, but not surprising. She acted like this most of the time. I could only imagine how she would act at the Wolfsbane Academy.

We both turned as my door opened and my brother poked his head in. His eyes went to me before he turned to look at Anya. She quickly sat up on my bed, leaning on her arm. “I thought I heard a scream in here. I should have assumed it was you,” he huffed out with a roll of his eyes. His eyes turned back to me and he raised an eyebrow. “Did you talk to the Alpha about her coming? I doubt he’ll let her-”

“Don’t act surprised. Alpha Christian told me you were the one who talked to him about her coming. Anything you wanna tell me, Damon?” I asked him, growling out the words. My wolf rustled in me, feeling that I was summoning her with my anger. Damon’s eyes glared at me and his eyes darkened for a moment, and I’m sure mine were doing the same. Our wolves were surfacing and there might be a fight. He had no reason for being mad at me, but I had all of the reason to being mad at him.

He wanted to imprint on Anya. I had heard it from him myself, as he casually brought it up at breakfast a few weeks ago. It was surprising enough for our mom, dad, and I to choke on our food. That morning I shifted and tried to kill him, but my dad held me off. Damon wanted to imprint with my best friend, which wasn’t only weird, it was creepy. He was 21 and she had only just turned 16 not too long ago. That same night Anya had come over and wondered why the dining room looked trashed. I had to lie to her, of course.

“I knew you would forget to ask. And for your information, I tried to talk him out of saying yes to her coming.” He said to me after a moment, pushing his wolf back. Once I was sure his wolf was gone, I pushed mine back as well and shifted comfortably in my spot on my bed.

Thinking about it all, I looked to him with a smirk going to my lips. “Oh, yes, she is coming. She’s actually really excited about it too. She’s hoping one of the Lycans are going to be her mate. Won’t that be so romantic?” I say, knowing it will edge him on. His eyes flashed again and he flicked his head to her. She let out a squeal, hitting my leg again.

“Rory! Why would you tell your brother that?” She squeaked out, obviously embarrassed that I had said it. Although, she weren’t denying which is what my brother was hoping.

“You’re not going to get close to the Lycans, Anastasia. Their breed is dangerous and hectic and I’m going to make sure you don’t go near them,” Damon growled one last time, his wolf surfacing again before he slammed my door shut.

“What’s wrong with him?” Anya asked but I just shrugged.

“I dunno, maybe he has his panties in a twist.” I say to her before I hop off of my bed and go over to my closet. “Alright, I have to pack for five days. Please be a participant in helping me choose my outfits.” I say to her and hear her hum in reply behind me before I heard her getting off of the bed. This would be fun.

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