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The spin-off to the original book Sugar Honey Baby. "Lily you have to stop questioning what if and just go with it." I could feel his sparkling blue eyes staring deep into me but I wouldn't dare look up. "You don't understand Lucas, I'm just some Charity case with a borrowed heart." Lucas grabbed my chin and roughly lift it up to where his piercing blue eyes were staring into mine. "You are more than that Lily, your more than that to me." Lily Hindrix will never forget Cherri Johnson. After all it's her heart that's beating inside of her. 12 years ago, Cherri gave her a second chance to live and beat the cancer that threatened her life and now. Well now she's lost. Her older brother is off yachting with his famous model girlfriend and her parents treat her like everyone else around her does. Like a porcelain doll, fragile to the touch. That's until she meets the new boy next door. Daring and handsome Lucas Bradshaw. "If you jump off this cliff with me then I'll kiss ya." I scrunched my face in disgust as the wind nipped my almost bare buttocks. "Who says I want to kiss you Bradshaw?" "We'll see in a minute Hindrix." And then he jumped off the cliff. He jumped off the fucking cliff.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Dear Lily,

I fell in love with you the moment I met you and that’s when I knew that the Hindrix family had a spell cast over me. I know you won’t understand much of this letter when you read it but I’m sure that one day when your older, everything will piece together. We are now one in the same Lily. My heart beats inside of you and I hope it brings you all the good things in life. May it bring you healthy adventures, memories, but most of all may it bring you love. May you find someone who loves all of you and nothing less cause you are nothing less of anything .Remember that. Your a beautiful soul Lily Hindrix and I know you will grow into a beautiful young lady one day. Stay strong for me Lily and stay strong for your brother because he loves you very much. I hope you remember me and what I look like. I hope you remember the fun times we had while you were laid in your hospital bed. I pray that you’ll no longer have to lay in that dreadful bed. I hope your set free Lily. Free to fly and soar as high as your new heart desires. I love and adore you and your brother so much. Please don’t forget me.

~Cherri Johnson

I’ve probably read that letter 1,000 times every since I found it in a raggedy satchel in my hospital room. I knew who it belonged too, not because the name was scratched in marker in the inside but because of the person who would walk into my room with it slung on her shoulders almost everyday.

Cherri Johnson.

It’s been 12 years since anyone mentioned her around her without quietness being followed afterwards.It was because of her that the doctors were able to rid of the cancer in my body. I was able to come home and play with my toys and enjoy my life as a child but something didn’t feel right.

Even at the age of four, I knew that Cherri loved my brother very much but I can’t say the same for my brother. He never brought Cherri up after that day he came barging in the hospital room with his letter balled in his hand.

I remember everything like it was yesterday.

My parents treats me like I’m some glass doll and my brother acts as if I’m not here anymore.

Maybe it’s because I’m a teenager now and he rather spend his time with his model girlfriend Gigi, who I don’t like at all but that doesn’t change a thing.

Dylan and Alexus come and sit with me and my parents every once in a while and tell me stories of their teenage years and stories of Cherri too. Those are my favorite stories to hear.

I was shock to hear that at first they didn’t even know I exist. I didn’t want to think that Jace was ashamed of his cancer having little sister but after all these years, that’s the only excuse I could muster up. I can guess that’s why were not close anymore.

“Lily, come downstairs dear. Alexus is here to take you bra shopping.”

I rolled my eyes as I placed the letter in the draw next to my bed and locked it.. My mom was quick to ruin my daydreams and train of thoughts.

“Maaa don’t be so discret huh?” I yelled with sarcasm dripping off my tongue.

I grabbed the raggedy satchel off my desk that I decorated with Cherries and leaves and made my way downstairs.

My mom stood by the door with her debit card in her hands.

“If you see any cute bathing suits then buy them dear but please be extra careful sweetheart, that mall is big.”

I grabbed the card out of her hand as Alexus pulled up in her shiny red Jeep.

“Oh and don’t forget to stay close to Alexus at all times.” she yelled behind me as I hopped in the car.

“Your mom needs some dick in her life my dear cause she upgraded to a level eight in up-tightness. I placed my hands over my face as scary images popped in my head of my mom and dad screwing.

“Ew could you be more subtle Alex, I am still a child.”

Alex’s girlfriend Kioyko emerged from the backseat and placed her elbows on the back of both me and Alex’s seats.

“Hey no destroying the little ones ears babe, chill.”

I turned around an gave the bright pink hair girl a hug.

“Thanks Kioyko.”

She smiled before her eyes averted past me.

“Looks like someone is having some new neighbors.” Alex said as she backed out my driveway.

I turned around to see a moving truck in the driveway of the Johnson’s old house.

Kioyko scooted back in her sat and fastened her seat belt. “Ahh they’re moving into your friends old house huh.”

Alex’s hand tightened around the steering wheel at the mention of Cherri.

“Yeah” she simply replied before focusing back on the road.

I could tell that the mood shifted as the atmosphere around us became dry.

“You think that I can get a two-piece bathing suit for this summer Alex?” I asked, trying to lift the mood.

A smile broke out on her face as we pulled into the mall parking lot. “Maybe, I would love to pay to see your mom pass out.”

We all giggled and I couldn’t help but feel like this summer might be the summer to change all summers.

Well my mom indeed almost passed out when she saw the lace bra set I bought at Victoria Secret. If I would have pulled out the strawberry printed bikini I bought then I might as well just send her into cardiac arrest. With the way Alex was chanting for me to pull it out, I think she might of enjoyed for that to happen.

It was now past 10 p.m and I couldn’t stop posing in the mirror with my new bikini on.

I’m sure I wasn’t going to wear this the whole summer since I never had much friends except for my small circle at school, Alexus, and Dylan. Plus my mom might pull a muscle if I ask her to go swimming with friends.

The hot sticky Cali air came through my windows making my skin sticky to the touch. I went over to close my window and suddenly screamed.

Some boy was hanging halfway through the window next door.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” I asked as I quiet down my voice, hoping my mother wouldn’t come upstairs. He lifted his head and smiled at me.

“Oh yeah, I’m just enjoying this nice Cali breeze ya know.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“There isn’t a breeze though, it’s sticky and hot.”

He placed his hand on the window pane and pushed himself back.

“I know.” He responded. “I just didn’t want to admit that I almost fell out my window cause I was staring at you dancing around in that bikini.”

My eyes grew big as I covered my chest with my arms.

“You perv!” I yelled after him, only making him chuckle.

I slammed my window shut and made sure to close my curtains as well.

Now I regretted moving into Jace’s bigger and more spacious room.

Well now I know for certain that this will be a summer to change all summers.

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