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Meldina Girard. 30 years old. Neurologist. Mother of two. Donnell Alexander. 32 years old. C.E.O of Galactic Enterprises. Father of two. Trouble? Meldina Girard and Donnell Alexander were once in love. Then, tragedy struck and they went their separate ways. Their both living their lives until they cross paths again, this time Mel has a secret that will rock everyone's world.

Romance / Humor
Mickey Mech
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The Beginning


4 years ago, ...

"Donnell!" Meldina yelled. She had just come from the doctor's office with exciting news.

"In the living room." He yelled back. Mel smiled and ran into the living room. He was sitting there watching T.V. She sat next to him but gave him his space.

"I have something to tell you." She said excitedly, her mouth turning into a gigantic grin. She remembered when Donnell had said that her smile can light up the whole world. She never believed him, but he always made her feel special.

"Me too." He responded in a guilty tone.

"Okay... what's up?" She asked in complete confusion. He sighed and looked at her. His eyes were filled with... regret?

"Mel... I'm breaking up with you." Just by those 6 words, Mel's whole world stopped as soon as those words left his mouth. Her whole demeanor changed from happiness to loneliness. She felt her vision become blurry and water cascade down her cheeks. She was crying.

"Mel? Meldina?" He was about to touch her, but she pushed him away.

"Don't" She croaked between sobs. "Just don't touch me. Please." She sobbed. She took one look at him for remembrance.

He looked broken. She couldn't even look at him, so she decided she had to move. She sped walked into their room (his room now) and packed her things in a bag. She was finding ways to keep her cool because of the human life forming inside her. She swung her bag, filled with clothes and sadness, over her shoulder and headed downstairs. She saw Donnell with tears down his cheeks. She felt tears prick my eyes again. As much as he had hurt her, this was the man she had come to love. Now all she could think was that it was a waste of time to spend her thoughts on him. She walked around him, but he grabbed her wrist. "Meldina. I'm really-"

"Don't say you're sorry. Sorry sucks. It's not a verb. It doesn't help or fix anything. So, don't say you're sorry-" She choked back a sob as tears were falling out of her chestnut eyes. "-because you're not." She wriggled free her wrist from his grip and walked out the door, leaving all the memories they cherished behind.

It was pouring outside so she had made a bolt towards her car. She got in the driver's seat and closed the door. After 5 minutes of letting the emotions completely take over her, she turned on the engine. She looked down at her flat stomach. The stomach that held a perfect human of Donnell and herself.

"Mommy will raise you all by herself. We don't need Daddy." She said aloud. She wiped her eyes and drove towards her one friend she can promise now that will understand her.

Well...two humans....

*End of Flashback*

"Jayden Lee Alexander, I will drop you in that tub myself!" Mel chased her 5-year-old son, Jayden, around the house while hearing the laughter of her 5-year-old daughter, Jordan, in the bathroom. As much as she resented Donnell for what he did, she still let them keep his last name. She will let them judge their father. Well if they ever get to meet him, she thought.

"Mommy nooo! I hate water!" Jayden whined.

She rolled her eyes in amusement. "But it will make you clean. No girl wants a stinky boy. Right Jordaliné?"

She shook her head, giggling. Jayden stopped squirming, admitting defeat. "Okay I'll take a bath. But just for the ladies."

They all laughed at Jayden's comment. Mel undressed him and set him in the tub with Jordan. He was tensed at first but, when Jordan started splashing, he did the same. She baths him first because he was in front. When she slightly put the sponge on him, he started laughing and squealing.

"Mommy! That tickles." He squirmed but kept a firm grip on him. She didn't want him to get hurt. She recalled the accident in the tub that left a scar on her chin that was there no more. She washed him off and put him behind his sister.

"My turn!" She laughed.

"Yes, you're turn." Mel replied, smiling. She reached for her sponge and rubbed her body. She giggled here and there but stayed still. That's the difference between the two children. Jayden is flirty and wild. Jordan is sweet and mild. Totally opposites but somehow understand each other. When Mel finished with her, she rinsed her off. She grabbed both in their towels and carried them into their room. She pulled out a black t shirt with joggers for Jayden. She sent him off his way doing nothing with his hair. It was one of the qualities that he and his father shared. The non-hassle to do their hair. Lucky for Mel and Jordan, she had done her hair yesterday. She then went to Jordan's drawer and pulled out a purple tank top with black leggings. She ran, and Mel had followed her. Jayden was at the bottom waiting for his mother.

"Mommy? Can I please have something to eat?" They asked. Mel nodded, and they followed her into the kitchen.

"Okay." She crouched down to their level. "What do you want to eat?"

They thought for a moment. "Umm... Pancakes and eggs!" They answered simultaneously

"Is that all you want?" She asked.

"Ooh! I want bacon." Jordan clapped her hands together.

"Me too!" Jayden said.

She laughed and began working. They disappeared into the living room probably going to watch T.V waiting for their mother to call them when she was done. Mel reached for a frying pan and set it on the stove. She went towards the refrigerator and got out the ingredients needed. Eggs, butter, bacon and pancake mix. When she cracked one of the egg shells, it seemed to have triggered a memory.


"I bet that you can't make a better cake than me." Donnell challenged.

Mel turned around to meet the playful gleam in his eyes. "Alright you're on."

They each decided that they were both going to make chocolate cake. Mel was cracking on of the eggs when she felt one crack on her head. She stopped her motion in surprise and utter shock. She turned to see Donnell's back to her, but she knew better. She grabbed a hand full of flour, walked over and dumped into his hair. He looked at her in mock surprise.

"Oh, it's on." He said.

She ran to her station which was behind the marble top island. She ducked just in time to see an egg crack against the wall. "Bring it on Alexander." She challenged back and threw another egg and it hit him square in the face.

He grabbed a whisk that had a good coat of frosting and threw the frosting at her. It landed on point blank to her face making him laugh. While he as laughing, she threw a stick of butter straight in his mouth making her laugh.

"Got you!" She laughed doing her not so practiced victory dance. "I won! I won! I wo- noo!"

He was inching his way towards her, but she caught on and ran for the hills. "Get back here!"

"No! You're going to tickle me!" She called running into the living room.

She ran behind a couch and he stood in front of her. The couch was the only thing between them, creating the border line. When she went left, and he copied her. When she went right, and he copied her again. She was trapped. He smirked knowing that she was trapped. He lunged at her knocking them to the ground.

"Got ya!" He said with the stupid smirk that she loved on his face.

"Please don't tickle me." She begged amused.

"I wasn't planning on tickling you." He said in a tone that only meant one thing.

"Then what?" She asked nervously.

His eyes flickered to her lips before looking at her eyes. "This."

He planted a kiss on her lips ever so delicately. She kissed back as if a second nature and gripped his hair with both hands. He groaned at the contact sliding his hands from her arms to her waist. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, sliding her hands to his biceps. He slid his tongue into her mouth which slightly caught her off guard. Their make out session became more heated as the minute went by. One thing led to another and she found herself curled up to Donnell on the floor, bare.

*End of Flashback*

"Mommy?" She 'awoke from her day dream to find the source of the voice calling her.

She looked down to see Jordan looking at her, worriedly. "Yeah baby?"

"Are you okay?" The little girl asked.

"Yeah I'm okay. What's the matter?"

"The doorbell ringed."

Mel nodded. "Alright let's go see who it is?"

She nodded and took her Mom's hand and led her to the door. When they got closer, Mel could hear how loud the person was knocking wondered how she didn't her that. "Coming." She called out.

The knocking ceased, and Mel checked the peephole to see and saw it was a person who knew about the twins and has supported her all the way. She opened the door to see her best friend, Meghan Shapiro. "Hello Ms. Shapiro. To whom do I owe the pleasure?"

"Lovely to see you Ms. Girard and the pleasure is all mine." She joked back.

They laughed and hugged each other before entering the house together. Meghan was probably half an inch shorter than Mel but sometimes you could never tell so to the fact the girl was moving all the time. Brown wavy hair, bright gray eyes full of something mischievous. Her smile held a childhood mind set. Sometimes Mel felt as if Meghan was another child to her.

"Meghan!" Jordan called out, arms wide open.

Meghan bend down to her level to hug her. "Hey sugarplum. How are you?"

"Good." She replied giggling at her new nickname.

"Meghan?" Jayden asked appearing from the living room. "Meghan!"

He ran into her arms. "Hey bud. How ya been?"

"It's alright. You know being the older sibling."

"Oh, I hear you." Meghan said.

"So, what brings you here?" Jordan asked.

"Well I can't see my favorite twins in the world?" Meghan gasped in fake shock.

"I think we're the only twins you know Meghan." Jayden smirked.

Mel had to take a double take because Jayden, for a moment, looked exactly like Donnell. "Yeah your right." Meghan said.

She then turned to Mel. "I was wondering if we could go to the park. Winter is coming pretty fast and I want to soak in as much Vitamin D as possible"

Mel tipped her head left to right before nodding. "Okay. If the twins want to go, that's fine with me."

By the looks on their face, they wanted to go. It has been a long time since the last time they were outside as plain faces. Mel had taken the time to transform her children from the usual way they look just by makeup. Jordan was ecstatic about the idea, Jayden...not so much.

"Yeah sure we'll go." Jayden answered for both and Jordan nodded. "Do we have to put makeup on again Mom?"

Mel shook her head assuring her son. "No love. None of those people with cameras are bothering us anymore. Plain faces this time."

Jayden fist pumped. Mel smiled at him. She understood the fact that he had to hide himself from people because of his Dad. Mel was honestly surprise at the fact that the twins didn't ask about their father. All they really asked was how he looked and what he did. Never where he was or why he's not here. Not that she knew where he was but was surprised that her children didn't ask her like children do.

"Okay it's settled then." Meghan clasped her hands together. "Maybe we should pack something."

"A blanket. We leave right after the twins finish eating." Mel said.

Meghan nodded and smiled at the twins. She knew who the father is and was quite surprised. "Deal."

Mel nodded and went back to the kitchen while Meghan followed the twins to the living room. As Mel was walked back to her spot, she resumed her cooking, without any flashbacks.

Meghan entered the living room, right behind the energetic twins who basically dragged her to sit on the couch they were in. As she looks at the twins, she sees little aspects of Mel and Donnell in them. Like Jayden had an immense amount of looks from Donnell but had Mel's chestnut eyes. Jordan looked like the spitting image of Mel but had Donnell's brown eyes. The rest of the features were either mixed together or separate but if you really look closely, you could tell that they're Donnell Alexander's children.

"Meghan do you have children?" Jordan asked.

Meghan shook her head. "No love. Well not yet."

"When will you have kids?" Jayden asked.

"When I find and marry the right guy." Meghan said.

The twins seemed satisfied with her answers because they turned their attention to the T.V. Meghan thought more into their questions and realized that they're were implying that she should get someone? Or was she just jumping to conclusions again? She shook her head and saw that the twins were gone. She looked back to see that they were in the kitchen eating. She laughed at herself seeing how crazy her thoughts were. Maybe I do need someone. I turn crazy as the minutes go by, She thought.

Mel was washing dishes as her children were eating. There was this feeling in her gut that implied that something epic was happening. She tried shaking it off, but it came back.

"Mommy?" Mel set the plate in the dishwasher before looking at her daughter, shutting the water off.

"Yeah love?" She asked giving her full attention.

"Are you okay? Today you"

Mel nodded her head. "Yeah I'm fine. Just going through some flashbacks."

Jordan nodded and continue eating. Jayden dropped his fork on his empty plate, got down, and walked towards me. "Here Mom."

Mel smiled. "Thank you love. Why don't you tell Meghan to start the car?"

Jayden nodded and left the kitchen. Mel turned to the sink to breathe a sigh of relief. Every day as that boy grows, he looks more like Donnell. Mel turned her attention to the dish in front of her before she felt someone tug on her top. She looked down to see her daughter holding a plate with syrup on her mouth, smiling.

Jordan obliged and puckered her lips out. Mel grabbed a wet paper and wiped Jordan's mouth. Something was running through Jordan's mind. Mel could see it in her eyes.

"What's wrong love?" Mel asked.

Jordan shrugged. "Just thinking."


"Have you ever met thee right guy?"

Mel froze. She decided to answer the little girl truthfully. "I thought I did."

"With who?"

Mel smiled remembering the dimple smile of the man she thought had love her. "You and Jayden's Dad."

Jordan had an 'oh' moment. "Makes sense."

Mel raised an eyebrow at her daughter, hands on her hips. "And why is that?"

"Well Jayden and I exist." She pointed out.

Mel nodded. "Very smart."

"I get it from you." Jordan said in a 'matter of fact' tone.

"That you do. Alright let's get going."

"Alrighty then." Jordan giggled.

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