Rise of the Alpha King

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Hayden Serevolk was deemed worthy by the moon goddess to be the next Alpha King, but there's just one problem: he's not a shifter. Chosen by the moon goddess to be the next Alpha King, Hayden Serevolk has grown up trying to meet everyone's expectations. Everyone but his own. He does not see himself as a good fit in the role of Alpha King and thinks the moon goddess might have been high when she decided, and not just in the sky. Not wanting to disappoint his parents and those that support him, he worked hard to understand the role, even going so far as to deny himself the one woman that will make him stronger: his yamala jyoti. But how is he expected to perform the duties of Alpha King when he is not even a shifter? Can a man enter the supernatural world of shifters, and rule as he was meant? Or will the supernatural world be more than one man can handle? Though reading Homewrecking Alpha might add more information, this story can be read as a stand-alone. :)

Romance / Fantasy
BD Vyne
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Two Little Secrets - Aaron's POV

The flap of the tent whipped violently in the wind, allowing small billows of snow to invade the small space we had organized for our war room. Even after nearly a decade, it seemed strange to recall everything that led up to this moment. It was even more depressing to consider the rampant judgments and limiting belief systems that brought us to this point.

The flap of the tent was snatched open, allowing the wind free to access this domain. The map of the area was seized by a gust of wind and would have blown off its perch had it not been nailed down. Though our technological advances were many, the use of a physical map had become necessary in a fight started by Mac.

Mac had been an alpha of one of my dad’s territories on the northern continent. When Slate, my dad, had come of age to inherit the territory, his father had requested him to take Mac on as one of his alphas. In fact, his father had done the same for each brother when they came of age to take on their territories. It was as though he was planting a mole in each son’s territory to keep intimate tabs on them all. At least, I am pretty sure that was how they all felt.

The fact that Mac was a technological guru made him advantageous to have as an alpha in our modern society. However, Mac was always thirsty for more. More power, more territory, more wealth…just more.

Though he is no more, the technology that he used and created was not kept solely to my dad’s territory. Mac and his company had been sharing that same technology with the highest bidders, including those that we now fought against. This meant that the use of technology would not be advantageous to use in this war. The moment we used the technology, we would have the enemy at our doorstep.

We communicated solely through our link, and it made us stronger. The link bond made us more connected, stronger, and quicker to react than the technology that the others had become reliant on. The more they used it, the less they relied on their own bonds with their packs, and the less connected and in tune they were with one another. The best thing that happened to my brother and his supportive packs was to have to forego technology.

“Jackson,” I greeted the man that entered the tent.

Jackson was one of my dad’s men from the northern continent. He was an avid supporter of my father and my family. The man stood by my father through many conflicts and even worked as an advocate to pave the way for my brother before his coronation. Even though he had been tortured for his faith in my dad and Hayden, he never lost his resolve or loyalty.

“Aaron,” he nodded towards me. A deep ridge ran from his ear to his collarbone that was a reminder of his loyalty and faith. Though it had healed, it would never heal more than it was. It was meant to be an ugly reminder, but he wore it like a badge of honor. “Where’s Hayden?”

Smiling, I couldn’t prevent my chuckle. Hayden always kept his link open for anyone to communicate with him but for one time each day. Then, only his immediate family would have access to him.

“My guess is he is warming his bones in that natural hot water spring just over the ridge.”

Though shifters enjoyed the hot water springs from time to time, our higher than normal body temperatures made it less of an appeal to us than it did to him. You see, my brother, the Alpha King, was not a shifter. I know what you’re thinking, how can an Alpha King that rules over wolf shifters, not be able to shift into a wolf himself?

Call it poetic justice! The time had come to dispense with the old ways and usher in the new age where shifters and humans co-existed once more. It was the will of the moon goddess, and we were her messengers.

Jackson wrinkled his nose. “That boy will turn into a prune as much as he frequents those places.”

I chuckled at the man. “Is it that hard to forget he is not like us, old man,” I teased. Jackson had been with us so long that I couldn't recall a time when he wasn't in my life. In fact, it was hard to remember my life before Lunar Ridge.

“Old man,” he frowned, feigning insult. “This old man can still take you!”

“Is that with one or two of my arms tied behind my back?” The laughter filled the tent, his and mine in unison.

“I am not too old to turn you over my knee, son,” he joked.

He moved to the spot next to me and clapped me on the shoulder. We gave each other a brief, welcoming embrace before turning our attention to the map on the table in front of us. That was all it took to bring reality crashing back down around us.

He exhaled loudly. “What reports have we had?”

I started pointing at the different areas of the map. “Here, in the northern part of the country, a few packs under Grant’s commands are camped.”

Grant was my dad’s oldest brother. Unfortunately, Grant was a lot like his father. His distaste for humans was a lesson well-learned from his father. It wasn’t that he did not find them useful, he just didn’t care much for them when it came to co-existing or sharing power. And when it became known that my brother was to be the next Alpha King, he made it known that he would not accept the moon goddess’ choice. Barely a day after the coronation had passed before he made his first strike. Luckily, it was a failed attempt, thanks to my dad and another of his brothers.

“Over here, in the eastern area, there is a group of hunters that we are watching closely.”

Jackson’s brows buried his eyes. “Watching? Why not just eliminate the threat?”

The time was not right to tell him the real reason why we did not eliminate the human hunters that had come about as a result of the old king’s ways. Instead, I shrugged and gave him a different version of why that he would accept.

“There are hunters that are against the old ways, but for the new ways. We want to be as careful as possible when making contact with any humans. If we want our message to be clear in uniting humans and shifters, we cannot simply attack a human militant group so that we eliminate an irritation.”

That’s what they were, more than anything: an irritation. They were not able to overpower us, or even do much damage, but the reality was they were getting stronger. They had somehow managed to get to and execute the old king. What they didn’t realize was that, what they did, ushered in the new age.

Jackson grumbled but agreed gruffly with my explanation. “It seems like a lot of work to keep them alive. If they aren't careful, they will land themselves into the thick of things,” he said, pointing at an area that was marked as a possible raid against Grant's pack. "Not sure how anyone can expect me to fight against Grant's men and keep those irritations alive."

I clapped him on the back. “Can’t keep up, old man,” I teased.

The flap flew open again before Jackson had a chance to respond to my jest.

“Well, look who finally decided to take this war seriously!” I shot Hayden a playful glance. It seemed he was not in the mood today when he shot me a withering glance in return. I sighed.

Jackson moved from around the table to give Hayden a quick, warm embrace. Those two actually shared a bond that I did not quite understand. Maybe it had to do with Jackson nearly losing his life. Though I was away when it happened, I did hear that Hayden and my dad were instrumental in getting Jackson back.

When Hayden stepped away from Jackson, he asked, “How are mom and dad?” Hayden wrapped his huge parka more tightly around him. Even though he was the Alpha King, he did not have the advantage of a wolf soul within him to keep his body temperature as warm as ours. But, what he lacked in a wolf soul that shared his form, he made up with spirit. He was a man to be reckoned with, for sure.

Jackson cleared his throat and stepped away from my brother. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that he was blushing as he turned away from us. “Umm, it appears they were quite…happy to see one another again. It seems the separation has been quite hard on them both. The twins are due any day, and Dr. Thomas says that…umm…” It seemed like Jackson started to say something that led him down a road he didn’t want to tread.

“Why, Jackson. Are you blushing? What on earth could good ole Doc Thomas say that would have you blush?”

Jackson’s eyes glinted with humor. Clearly, he was going to give me some of my own medicine. “Oh, something about your mom and dad engaging in more physical activity to help the birthing process. You do know what I mean by physical activity, don’t you? Your mom and your dad-”

“Whoa! Whoa!” The images that conjured up couldn’t be erased. “Argh! Man, why couldn’t you keep that to yourself?”

Jackson smirked. “I tried, but some little pup was insistent on knowing what made me blush!” Jackson burst into laughter at my discomfort.

My dad had only just left a few days before to be home for the birth of the twins. He wouldn’t be back if we were lucky. The northern territory that he ran from the states needed his attention. Though his second and third, Carter and Sian, could more than manage the territory, he really needed to make his presence known to secure the territory for my brother.

Hayden ignored the banter, though I saw the slight smile on his lips. Somewhere, deep inside, he was still the brother I knew and loved. Once this war was over, I hoped to have him back in his entirety.

The fighting had taken a toll on his soul. He never wanted for man and shifters to be at war, nor did he want the annihilation of one over the other. So, he exchanged his jovial, loving nature and tucked it behind a wall of indifference as best as he could do. But, on occasion, it peeked around the edges of that wall. These were the moments I loved best and made it all too clear what I had to do…for him, for his kingdom.

“What news do you have of Olivia?”

Ahh, that was another secret I had yet to let Hayden in on. He wouldn’t be happy about either of the secrets I was keeping, but at least this one he would easily forgive.

Sheepishly, I started to answer his question. “Maybe I can shed some light on that,” I started.

No sooner had the words come out of my mouth than a feminine voice intruded on our conversation. “No, let me. I insist!”

My face brightened, as did Hayden’s. However, it only lasted a few seconds before his expression slipped back behind the wall. “Olivia? What in goddess’ name are you doing here? Do you have any idea what kind of danger you are getting yourself into being here?” Somedays, Hayden sounded so much like our dad it was scary.

Olivia had a knack for brushing my brother’s fatherly demeanor off. “Eh, pish and posh. How about this? ’Why, Olivia! It is so amazing to see you here! I have missed you terribly, and you will help to turn the tide of this nasty little business of war with your spectacular gifts.’”

Laughing, I moved around the table, clapping my brother on the back before moving to give my beautiful sister a big hug. “Olivia,” I welcomed her. “It is so very good to have you here. And, yes, I am very much hoping your gift will help us in taking the reins of this war so we can bring it to an end.”

Hayden watched on, disapproval shining in his eyes trying to mask the clear delight he had in seeing our sister once more. It has been far too long since we have all been in the same room together, most of our communication being telepathic, and very little being video calls. The video calls were at her insistence. She demanded to see us claiming that she nearly forgot what we all looked like, but both Hayden and I knew she was reading our energy. We gave in from time to time, but we knew when to say no.

After I released her from our embrace, she turned to face Hayden, her hands moving squarely to her hips. “Well,” she said. “Are you going to just stand there staring at me with those golden swirling eyes of yours, or are you going to give me a hug and tell me how happy you are to see me?”

Everyone watched Hayden’s reaction, waiting for the shell to crack just a little bit so that we could all once again see the man we knew lay hidden behind the rough exterior of the man he had become. My sister’s penetrating green eyes never left his face as she remained confident in her appearance, a smile dancing over her lips at her victory at arriving in the danger zone and facing her biggest adversary at the moment.

When one side of his lips turned upward, her smile grew even larger. Hayden moved forward and wrapped his arms around Olivia in a warm embrace. She reciprocated, the two clutching one another out of love and fondness. It really has been a long time.

When he stepped away, he gripped her arm gently. “Alright, now that that is over, you are getting on the next plane and getting the hell out of here.”

I shook my head. What an ass, I thought. The man has clearly forgotten how stubborn our younger sibling is.

“The hell I am,” Olivia said, shaking his hand off her arm. “I came to help, and that is exactly what I am going to do!”

Hayden turned on me. “You knew she was coming, didn’t you?” I shrugged my shoulders, my only defense not admitting to anything. “Of course you did,” he grumbled. “You are supposed to be helping me, not making my job harder than it already is!” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his gloved fingers. "She is your responsibility, Aaron! Make sure she stays safe!" He stuffed his gloved hands in his jacket pockets and headed for the door flap. “Jackson,” he called over his shoulder, “come with me. I need an update on our allied packs.”

Jackson frowned, but bowed his head and obediently followed after. Normally, Hayden wasn’t so brash with his commands, but there was something clearly starting to eat at him…making him edgy. Or maybe it had something to do with the other secret I kept.

You see, I know where Hayden’s mate is. Once upon a time, I made a promise to my brother to keep his mate away from him. In his mind, having his mate with him would put her in jeopardy. Having his mate with him would give those trying to kill him a weakness to shoot for. Having his mate with him would cause him to worry about her, and he would lose focus on the war. Having his mate would make him weak in the eyes of his enemies. He did not want a woman to die because of who he was. Those were the reasons he had given me so many years ago…time and time again.

But, if there was one thing I have learned about twin flames from my mom and dad, it was that they were stronger together than they were apart. With how well he took my sister being here, and I use the term well loosely, I only worried about how well he would take this last bit of news.

I only hoped that, someday, he could forgive me.

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