Piece of Cake

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Chapter 10

I have this feeling inside of me that is encouraging me to flee as I stared at Emery and her group of posse worry over flower arrangement, table set-up, table centerpieces, and then the bouquet as well as song selection. Emery wanted some classic and romantic. They were laughing joyously and giggling at little teasing remarks.

Was it bad that all I cared about was she chose red velvet with cream cheese filling as her choice of cake?

The boys were drinking out by the pool area and my brother and father took the opportunity again to pull Axel away on a drinking game. We all know where that might end up.

My mother was gossiping with a few other women that were sitting at a round table. I, on the other hand, was forced to sit at the table and listen to these girls talk about what color is more romantic and the meaning behind the flower choices. Leaning forward, I picked up the wine glass on the table and was about to sip it when Emery spoke my name.

“You haven’t said a word, Ryleigh. What do you think we should choose for flower choices? I was thinking maybe a possible mix of pink roses and white roses.” Emery included me. Everyone’s eyes snapped to me.

I shrugged, “Whatever you like.”

She huffed, “Can you at least be more enthusiastic? This is my wedding. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to pay me a little attention.”

I shrugged again, “Quite honestly, I don’t really care what color you choose. I think whatever color or flower you choose it shouldn’t play a part in how your marriage turns out. In the end, I believe it’s communication- ”

“How can you say such a thing?” Emery’s eyes flashed with irritation. “Weddings are not things to be taken lightly. It marks the first start of your new life with your future husband.”

She then sighed and waved her hand in the air in a dismissive way, “Oh, what do you know? You probably won’t have one for a long time.”

My eyebrows furrowed, and I leaned forward slightly, “What are you implying?”

“I’m just saying-”

My mother appeared along with Emery’s mother. They both smiled down at every one of us. The timing of these two is impeccable because I was about to land a fist into the bride’s perfect face. Instead, I threw Emery a glare that hopefully will split her open, but it didn’t happen. I hate the fact that all everybody thinks about was my weight. I don’t give a fuck how much I weigh or if I am fatter than a walrus. It’s my life.

“Are you girls ready for this evening?” Emery’s mother asked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. She looks exactly like Emery but an older version and a lot nicer.

Apparently, I was just notified that tonight will be Emery’s bachelorette party. Some of her friends were heading back to the United States at the end of this week and returning before the wedding due to their unavailability and work.

I’m pretty sure that this bachelorette party was going to suck. It will probably be tea and gossip. I have already asked my mother in declining the invitation, but my mother insisted that I make friends and get to know my cousins better.

A few hours later, I sat in a chair in Emery’s hotel room. It was indeed a bigger room. It could probably hold a total of thirty people in here. It has its own bedroom, a large outdoor jacuzzi, its own kitchen, and living room.

It’s been several hours since I last spoke to Axel and our last heated kissing scene. I sent him a quick text letting him know what was going on and he sent me back a scowling emoji—whatever that meant.

Emery came out of the bedroom, dressed in a silk evening dress fit for a queen and a crown on her head. A white ‘Bride’ sash ran from her shoulder to her waist. Everyone was talking amongst themselves and I felt like the ugly duckling that arrived at the ball in rags. No one noticed me.

A knock at the door and several girls in the room squealed with delight. Alice ran to the door. A moment later four men walked in, dressed in sexy costumes. They were all tall and burly with chest pecs that could be used for a washboard. One of them sat down a portable stereo speaker and turned on music on his phones. The girls were screaming at this point.

A few of Emery’s friend flung themselves at two of the male strippers who were wearing a cowboy suit and a doctor costume. The other one approached Emery and started grinding in her lap. She was screaming along with them and running her hands up and down his naked chest.

I must be more defected than I thought because all I wanted to do was hide. The blush and heat crawling on my cheeks were evident when I saw the cowboy rip off his pants like it was a piece of paper. I can now see his naked behind and it was very round. Some girls even slapped his behind.

I was too busy dying and hoping the floor will open and swallow me that I didn’t see the other stripper approach me. He was wearing a cop outfit and I am not going to lie. He looked fucking gorgeous with light hazel eyes and dark black hair that was smoothed back in a bad boy look.

“You look a little queasy.” He smirked sexily before moving to straddle me. He grabbed my hands and curled them around his shirt before ripping it open. My eyes widened as soon as he placed them on his hard chest and ran it down to just above his groin.

“W-wait.” I stuttered.

He chuckled, clearly enjoying my uneasiness.

“You can touch me. I’m not going to stop you, chica." He urged, his voice thick with his native accent.

He was hot. I am not going to lie at all but all I could think about was he was a stranger and he’s making me touch his body in the most intimate way possible. Not to mention, his rhythmic grinding on my lap.

“Um...I’m sorry but I’m not interested.” I peeked up at him from underneath my eyelashes, avoiding looking at his groin and at him completely.

He stopped in his advances, but my hands remained on his chest with his hands firmly wrapped over mine. I saw his head tilt to the side to observe me.

“Aren’t you here to enjoy yourself? Let loose?” He asked, confused.

I cleared my throat, “If you don’t mind...”

I tried pulling my hands away, but he held them tight in his, but he did get off my lap.

“You’re an odd one.” He said.

I frowned, “There’s no need to-”

He laughed before shaking his head, “I do not mean to offend you, chica."

“Then what exactly are you saying?” I narrowed my eyes at him questioning his earlier comment.

He was about to say something but stopped when another of Emery’s friend grabbed a hold of his elbow and started tugging.

“Officer, I think you just broke a law...” She purred. The stripper glanced at Emery’s friend before looking back at me.

“My name is Juan.” He said quickly and looked at me intently. I was confused for a second because why was he telling me his name but when he arched an eyebrow, I realized he was expecting my name.

“Ryleigh,” I replied.

He turned to Emery’s friend, leaned down, and whispered something in her ear. She giggled and let him go before he turned to me again.

“How long will you be here?” He asked.

“I am thinking about slipping out as soon as I am able to,” I told him.

He laughed, “I meant, how long are you going to be here in Spain.”

“What’s it to you?” I asked.

The girls started hollering his name. He gave them an impatient glance before turning back to me.

“I want to see you again.” He said straightforward.

“Oh,” I replied.

He grinned, “I didn’t expect that answer.”

I have had men asked me out on dates before but to say that I have had someone who looks like him ask me out it will be never. These kinds of men don’t look at me but here he was telling me he wanted to see me again.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen and wrote his name number on my palm before putting it back.

“I have to go but if you do want to hang out, call me.” He winked before walking towards the girls.

I lifted my hand to look at the number that was scribbled on my palm. Then I glanced back at him, he was dancing with the girls but had his eyes on me.

I stayed in the party a few more minutes when it became obvious nobody cares if I leave or stay, I left. I closed the door behind me and headed to the elevator. When the elevator opened, I was surprised to see Axel waiting inside for me.

His eyes swept me up and down as if to make sure I was okay before his eyes narrowed in on my face. I stepped inside the elevator. His jaw ticked, and I knew he was annoyed.

“Where were you going?” I asked.

His jaw ticked again, “Did you have fun?”

I shrugged, and I crossed my arms, “It was okay.”

“You’re blushing.” He said, and I turned to my side to look at him.

“Well, the room was hot. There were a lot of girls.”

He scoffed, “I’m sure it was because of the temperature of the room.”

Huffing I turned to face him, “What is wrong?”

Axel’s jaw ticked again. Something was seriously bugging him. When he didn’t answer me, I decided not to press. I won’t beg for him to tell me. He will tell me when he was ready. I turned back to face the elevator entrance and waited for our floor.

In seconds he had me pinned against the wall.

“Damn it, Hermosa." He pressed his forehead against mine. My hands pinned above my head down with his hands.

“Axel...” I whispered, feeling heat pool between my legs at his proximity. My heart was galloping, and I felt the air around me thinning. It seemed only around him lately I have noticed the lack of air and the pulsing in my nether regions.

“Just tell me...you didn’t do anything stupid.” He groaned, and I watched him close his eyes tightly waiting for my answer.

“I didn’t-well, I mean a stripper danced on me but-”

I saw his jaw clench in anger and my mouth snapped shut. He lifted his forehead from mine and his eyes opened. There was something in Axel’s eyes, it burned with possessiveness and it completely puzzled me. Why was my best friend possessive of me? Was he afraid that I will find another friend?

“You don’t have to worry, Axel. You will always be my friend.”

He gave me a mocking laugh, “God, you are clueless.”

“Now, that’s like the fifth time you called me clueless.”

“That’s because you are.” He retorted.

The elevator dinged and opened. He pulled back but not before he notices the penned number on my palm. He glared at my palm as if it had offended him before his eyes met mine.

Seconds later, he dragged me out of the elevator and towards our hotel room. I stumbled behind him. When we were inside our hotel room, he slammed the door shut and started pacing.

"Amigos? Esta mujer no tiene ni idea. Que hago? Se lo escribo? Ni idea de cuanto me quita el aliento cada vez que la veo." He growled in his native language as he paced back and forth.

I knew Axel was too angry, judging by the way he was muttering in Spanish. I tried to sidestep around him, but he caught me around the wrist. Clumsily I fell onto the bed. He took advantage of that position and pinned my body onto the bed with his.

"Dejame entrar Ryleigh, deja de excluirme. ” He murmured in Spanish.


He swallowed and pressed his forehead against mine again, “You know what your problem is?”

“What?” I asked in confusion.

“You think too damn much.” He growled before capturing my lips in his again.

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