Piece of Cake

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Chapter 14

What am I thinking? This was Axel—my best friend—well, I mean boyfriend?

His mouth was on my body. He was making me feel all kinds of things that I shouldn’t feel. I heard voices coming closer to the dressing rooms.

My body went cold with chill and consciousness. Axel felt it too because he pulled back. His eyes still dark with desire but I couldn’t. I averted my eyes and pushed him away from me, shielding my body with a dress.

Emery and her friend’s voices came closer. They were giggling and talking about their gowns. I turned around to look at Axel with wide eyes. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair again. He’s been doing that a lot lately. His eyes swept me up and down before he groaned and literally rubbed his face with one hand.

“Axel, someone is coming,” I whispered to him, pushing him towards a wall. My lack of clothing seemed to be less of a concern to me right now.

“So?” He arched an eyebrow, his hands resting at my hips while thumbs were drawing circles. He tried pulling me closer and I can see the evidently growing bulge in between his legs. Gulping, I covered his mouth with my hand and placed a finger to my lips to shush him.

His eyes lit up and his hands trailed down to my butt. He gave it a good squeeze before pulling me fully onto him. My eyes widened, and I struggled but he passed it off without a care. He bent down and began nibbling and sucking on my shoulder and neck.

Emery and her friends were right outside my dressing room now and my whole body stilled. I was fighting the urge to flee and the crawling urge to satisfy the ache between my legs. I bit my lip to stop a moan from escaping.

Axel’s hands slipped up to cup one of my breasts, his thumb smoothed over the hardened pebble underneath the lace material. The moan was coming up and I suffocated it by grabbing a hold of Axel’s cheek and slamming my lips onto his. He immediately complied without any hesitation. His tongue slipping in to slide across mine.

He smothered my moans with his kisses, but his hands never stopped touching my body. He took his time caressing me, exploring my body.

“Ryleigh? Are you in here?” Emery’s voice pierced through the fog of desire. I pushed away from Axel, breathing hard.

Swallowing I tried to calm down myself before answering.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Hey, listen, I have a dress for you to try on. I saw it on a rack and thought it will look good on you.” Emery said before tossing it over the curtains at me.

I stared at the gold sequin material in my hand that was tossed over by Emery. I’m surprised she even thought about me.

“Thank you. I’ll try it on.” I told her.

I heard her retreating footsteps with her friends again before I turned on a smirking Axel. He ran a thumb across his bottom lips, his eyes dipping down to my body again. I slapped him in the chest.

“Eyes up here, mister,” I growled quietly.

His smirk widened, and I huffed before turning around to face the mirror. I slipped into the soft sequin dress. When the dress was finally on me. The gold metallic material hugged my body comfortably and fell to mid-thigh.

When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t help the small smile that appeared. The dress was beautiful on me. Axel pushed off the wall, biting his lips.

He clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, “God damn, Hermosa."

The dress’s sequin pattern took the attention away from my stomach fat and my muffin top. Instead, it focused it the curves of my body. Finding a dress that compliments a plus size woman was hard.

“I can’t believe I am saying this but thank your cousin for me. You look beautiful in that dress.” He whispered huskily and affectionately. I looked up at him with a smile on my face before lighting pushing him in the direction of the curtains.

“Get out of here, Axel.”

He sighed, “You’re a tease, Ryleigh, even when you don’t know it.”

Luckily, he obeyed and stepped out of the curtains. After staring in the mirror for a while, I took off the dress before putting my clothes back on and returning to the party.

Once we paid for our dresses, everyone headed back to the hotel. It has been a long day and the sun was setting. A few relatives have gone out to eat at nearby restaurants. While a few headed back for drinks at the bar.

Axel, once again, got pulled away to go drinking with my brother and father. I told him I’ll be upstairs. I needed to clean up a little and put things away.

Unlocking my bedroom, I placed our cooked dish in the refrigerator in the room before tossing my clothes onto the bed. I yawned in exhaustion and flopped down to the mattress.

“God, this has been a long day,” I mumbled. I struggled around the bed to get comfortable. I ended up pulling Raina out from underneath me.

Looking at the stuff teddy bear, I thought back to Axel. Although he doesn’t admit it, he has always been sweet to me. He and I rarely fight and if we did, he usually gives in and talks to me. Well, part of it has to do with him being wrong all the time.

Laughing a little to myself, I got up and placed Raina next to George on the desk in the room. A smile slipping on my lips when I saw how cute they were together. I sighed and continue to clean up my clothes. After I was done, I grabbed a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top before heading to the bathroom.

I stripped out of my old clothes and hopped into the shower. I washed my hair and my body with my favorite body soap and shampoo before hopping out and drying my body with a new towel that the maids have replaced when we were gone.

After I was done, I walked out of the bathroom and hopped onto the king size bed again. Crawling underneath the sheets, I picked up the remote and flipped through the channels. It didn’t help much that everything was in Spanish and I didn’t have my live translator next to me, translating everything.

I settled on a romance drama. Placing the remote back onto the nightstand, I slid down the bed to get more comfortable. My eyes on the screen I watched the man kiss the woman passionately after they argued back and forth.

I had only watched a short part of the drama before I found myself completely asleep. I woke up when I heard pounding on the door. I groaned unhappily and walked to open it. It was an hour since I came back.

I found Axel smiling down at me. I rolled my eyes and turned around to go back to bed. I heard him close the door behind me before following.

“You woke me up,” I grumbled.

“Yes, well, I couldn’t find my card.” He shrugged before stripping out of his t-shirt in front of me. I crawled back into bed and settled into the mattress.

“You better not be drunk, Axel.” I murmured with a sigh.

“I know. I’m a little buzzed though.” He replied before I heard him walk into the bathroom to take a shower.

I sighed and snuggled further, closing my eyes and fell back asleep.

However, I was again, jerked away when I felt the bed dipped. I turned around and came face to face with Axel who was looking right at me.

We were so close that his nose touched mine. I pulled back a little, but he slipped an arm around my waist and pulled flushed against his body.

“Axel...” I protested.

“Hm?” He murmured, leaning forward and grazing his lips on mine.

“I want to sleep.” I lied. My body was fully awake now and was practically humming his name.

“Then sleep.” He replied and moved his lips from my lips to my cheek. He made it seem like a simple task, but he was making it exceptionally difficult by being so near me. I rolled onto my back, but he followed and was now on top of me.

“Axel...” I whispered, feeling him between my legs.

“Your brother and dad are nice guys.” He said.

I frowned, finding it odd to talk about my family right now when he was settled on top of me.

“Um...ok,” I replied.

He chuckled and nipped at my lower lip before pulling back up, “I had a good time with them.”

“That’s nice but...um...Axel...you are on top of me. Are you sure you aren’t drunk?”

“Far from it.” He whispered in a husky tone.

“Axel, what are you doing?” I persisted, my breath hitching when I felt him suck on my neck.

“Tasting you.” He simply replied.

Then he pulled back to look at me. The only source of light glinting into the room was the city lights and moon. It was dark but even so, I can still make out his facial features.

“I know you want me, Ryleigh.” He said. “Why deny something you and I know we will both take pleasure in?”

“I don’t want to but...” I pushed him off me. Luckily, this time he complied. I scooted up into a sitting position.

“Axel, I don’t want to be another one of your girls...”

“You will never be them. I know you, Ryleigh. I’ve told you things I have never told anyone. Will it be that bad to give in to temptation with me?” His eyebrows furrowed.

“I want it to be special,” I told him. I don’t want to give into temptation and throw away my v-card for nothing.

“You really think that shallow of me?” He looked slightly hurt.

I know Axel is a complete playboy. I have spent years sleeping next door to him. I’ve heard him with women. He doesn’t stick to one girl. He doesn’t do dates. It is always one-night stand.

On another hand, Axel has never hurt me before. In fact, he is always one phone call away. I remember my car breaking down on the highway a couple months back. I called him, and he came to pick me up in a fire truck.

He wouldn’t have done this to any other girls. I’m the only exception but that was because I was his friend, right?

“No, I don’t. You have always been there for me.” I admitted, recalling how he stood up for me in front of my mother.

"Hermosa, I know you and I have just started dating but if you really think about it—you are the only woman I have ever courted and chased.” He chuckled before sighing and flopping back to his side of the mattress.

“If you would like to wait. I can wait.” He sighed.

“Maybe in a couple of months-”

His head shot up, “I said I’ll wait but not that long. Woman, I’ll have blue balls by the time you say ‘yes’.”

I couldn’t stop smiling, “You can do it.”

“I’ll make you a promise—I will only go as far as you will allow me.” He negotiated.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him back onto the bed. He chuckled and got underneath the bed covers. I let out a yelp when he grabbed me around the waist and yanked me back down onto the bed into the crook of his body. His body spooning mine.

“Will that work with you, Hermosa?" He whispered huskily in my ear.

He felt me nod and gave me a grunt of approval before kissing my cheek and settling back onto the pillow.

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