Piece of Cake

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Chapter 15


Hot heated desire stirred between my legs when I felt his hands that were wrapped around my waist dip lower. My hands touching my skin didn’t compare to his rough heavy calloused hands. With his body, Axel flipped me to lay on my stomach. His body pressed me down but his one arm forced me to arch my lower body so that his hand can work his way underneath my panties.

His subtle, silent demands were doing a number on my panties. I’m soaking wet and he let out a throaty groan when he felt it. My body quivered when he ran his large finger through my wet slit and lower to my entrance.

“So wet already for me, Hermosa.” He said huskily.

God, His fingers were magic. They were touching me in all the right places. His firm cupping of my sex was almost like an act of possession.

“Axel...” My breath hitched when I felt him slip inside me. A soft moan escaping.

“God, baby, say yes. Let me show you just how good it is to give in.” He coaxed.

When I didn’t answer him, he pumped his fingers furiously inside of me and I cried out at the intense pleasure.


Ugh...this feels so good it must be a dream. I moaned and struggled to rock my hips for more friction.


My eyes snapped open.

My god, why am I dreaming about him?

Axel was out of bed and buttoning up a white dress shirt. His deep-set dark chocolate eyes were trained on me. Drool was dripping from the corner of my mouth. Realizing, I was moaning in my sleep, I died of mortification. I turned to my right to roll over to my side but I didn’t realize how close I was to the edge of the bed until I screamed. Thus, I fell to the pits of more humiliation.


I groaned and rolled over to my back. Axel was laughing at this point. He walked over and crouched down in front of me.

“You either had a fucking good wet dream or a nightmare. Either way, I have never seen you roll out of bed that fast.” He teased. The corner of his lip lifted and a soft chuckle rumbled from his chest.

“Ugh! Shut up!” I grumbled, pushing myself to stand up and untangling myself from the sheets.

He walked over to my side of the bed, “What were you moaning about?”

“I was not moaning.” I retorted.

“Tell those lies to someone who believes in it, Hermosa.” He said indifferently.

I huffed and straightened my tank top back down to cover my barely concealable muffin top. Going to sleep results in two things. Boobs popping out of bra or tank top or tank top riding up to my waist because of my wide hips.

“I am not.” I denied.

“When you lie, your voice rises until you are practically screeching.” He smirked, his arms crossed over his chest.

I scoffed and shoved him to the side, “This conversation is over, Axel. I need a shower.”

“Oh, so it was that kind of dream.” He baited further. His deep-set eyes swept over my face as he leaned forward.

“Aw, you are blushing.” He pinched my cheek.

“Oww!” I pried his fingers away from my cheek before slapping him in the chest. “Stop pinching me.”

He made another move to pinch my other cheek but I sidestepped his assault and ran to the bathroom. In there, I let out a heaving breath of relief. I can’t believe I was moaning in my sleep. How embarrassing! How long was he standing there, watching me drool and moan like some kind of sex-crazed maniac?

I groaned and covered my face. I will never get over this. This is too much.

I took off my clothes and jumped into the shower, turning it slightly colder than I normally set it because god knows my body was heating up in more than one way.

A week passed by quickly since the incident in the dressing room at the wedding boutique. There weren’t much wedding activities other than the bride fussing over things she needed to prepare for her wedding that will be happening in two weeks. Today, we will be heading checking out of the hotel and heading to the venue. Everyone is supposed to meet downstairs by noon.

During the past week, Axel has driven me to the point of insanity. The kisses he gives me at night and morning makes me weak in the knees. The way he can’t keep his hands off me, and the last couple of dates we have gone on. There was no doubt that I am sexually attracted to this man. There was also no doubt that I was starting to harbor more than friendship towards him. I liked him a lot, so much that my heart tightens at the sight of him and burns when I see him talking to another woman.

Especially that Christina chick who was the wedding planner and friend of Emery. Her short pixie blonde hair and dainty small face along with her slim body make me feel inferior. She has been talking to Axel a lot more than I would like.

There are times I would catch her talking to him during dinner in one of the conference room. I would see her subtly touching his biceps while laughing at what he said. The sight makes me nauseous with bile crawling up my throat. I told myself Axel is not interested in her that he was just making friendly conversations. It usually helps me.

God, I am not the jealous type or at least I don’t know that I was, because I have never dated but now I do. I was jealous and possessive. A small voice in my head was telling me I am treading on very thin ice, that I should be careful. However, I can’t stop the feelings.

Again, this is insane-madness to the point where I am having major wet dreams about this man.

I didn’t realize how long I showered until the tips of my fingers were starting to wrinkle. I turned off the water and stepped out and dried myself with the hotel towel. When I finished, I realized that after my little argument with Axel, I have forgotten to bring clothes to change into.

I’m going to have to walk out there in only a towel. I glanced down my body and saw that the towel wasn’t even long enough to wrap around my thick body. I can try holding the ends together but that will still leave my entire body exposed.

I opened the door a crack and tried to peek out, “Axel?”

There was no answer.

I sighed in relief and opened the door wide open thinking he had left to go downstairs. Hurrying to my suitcase, I opened it up and put on some hot pink cheeky panties and a comfortable hot pink push up bra.

After, I stood in my undergarments and eyed two pile of clothes in my suitcase. One side was what my mother would like me to wear and the other side was the clothes that Axel and I went to the mall to shop for.

I decided to pull on a white Spain tourist t-shirt and a light jean capris. I brushed the tangles from my long brown locks before I slipped on some socks and white converse. I went with comfortable.

I packed the rest of my stuff back into my suitcase and noticed that Axel also did the same with his. Wondering where he was, I stepped out of the hotel room to see him talking again to Christina at the end of the hall. They were laughing again.

I don’t know why but the sight of him with another woman was like a punch in the chest. I can’t help but admit how great they looked together. Christina was tall and slim, and Axel was tall and muscular. I, on the other hand, was short and chubby.

Jealousy was an evil thing and it made me extremely uncomfortable because I didn’t like the feeling. I can feel the bitterness inside of me growing by just standing here and watching them.

So instead, I headed back inside grabbed my suitcase and headed downstairs without waiting for him. The second I made it down to the lobby, I was inwardly cursing myself. Why was I reacting this way?

I used to not care about what Axel thought about...

That was until you started dating him.

I groaned and glared my way towards where my cousins and relatives were all standings. If he is my boyfriend then he is mine and I should be possessive of him, but I really do not like this feeling at all.

A few minutes later, I noticed a familiar face. He was walking inside the hotel when he turned towards the rowdy group of people I was immersed in.

His steps faltered, and his eyes swept the crowd until it landed on me. He turned and headed my way, weaving around the bodies before me until he stood before me.

“You’re a hard woman to please, Ryleigh. I was expecting a phone call.” He smirked.

“What are you doing here, Juan?” I asked.

“I’m not on a gig if that is what you are thinking.” He chuckled. My eyes scanned his attire and he was dressed in a dark grey t-shirt and jean.

“Normal attire, I see.” I grinned back.

He shoved a hand in his pocket and ran his fingers through his dark locks. The sleeves of his t-shirt tightening on his biceps as he did it.

“So, I don’t normally return to a place that I worked at, but I couldn’t get you out of my mind.” Juan sounded nervous. He gave a nervous chuckle and shrugged, stuffing both hands into his pocket.

Juan is a hottie-god blessed model body. However, I didn’t feel anything for him. My body didn’t heat up at his words. My stomach wasn’t doing flips.

I was about to answer him, but another familiar heat spread all over my back. I turned around and was met with a very irritated looking Axel. Juan glanced between Axel and me for a second before it landed back on me.

“Ah, so I see you are spoken for.” He said.

“Well...” I started but was rudely interrupted by Axel.

“Yes, she is mine." He was glaring at Juan.

I removed Axel’s hand from my shoulder, but it dropped to my waist and pulled me closer. I rolled my eyes.

“If you catch me on a day like today where I am pissed off at a certain someone, I might say I am single,” I told Juan.

Axel didn’t like that.

He pulled me behind him and blocked my view with his tall towering form. I heard Juan chuckle at my response. I tried to sidestep around him, but he wrapped two arms around me and kept me plastered to his back.

“Axel,” I protested.

“She was kidding.” Axel corrected me. “She loves me too much to let me go.”

I snorted from behind him and he pinched my behind.

“Don’t make me spank you, Hermosa." He threatened, turning his head slightly to give me a warning side glance.

“I see, well, I guess I am a little too late,” Juan replied.

“This one is spoken for,” Axel confirmed again.

I rolled my eyes. Juan said goodbye to me before leaving. When he was out of the building, Axel turned around. He didn’t look very happy.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” He accused.

I snorted again, “Because you were busy.”

“I was talking to Christina, but you could’ve just interrupted. I wouldn’t have cared.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

He’s right. I could have. If I was his best friend, I would have just interrupted but this time I didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

“It’s fine. We are here anyway.” I muttered.

Axel bent down and picked up my suitcase along with his. I walked alongside him as we made it out to our rental car.

He glanced my way, “Do I even want to know how you met Juan?”

“He’s the male stripper that danced on me.” I shrugged indifferently.

Axel’s jaw ticked.

“I hate him.” Axel snapped.

“I think he’s pretty nice.” I shrugged again.

“What you should be saying, Hermosa, is that I am pretty nice. You should be complimenting me.” He retorted with his own snort.

I laughed, “You get too many of those.”

He stopped walking and turned to face me, “But not from you and that’s the difference.”

He was pouting as much as I was earlier. A smile appeared on my face before I gave him a silent nod in agreement. He seemed satisfied with that answer. I slipped inside the passenger seat while he put our suitcases in the back of the trunk.

A few minutes later, we were driving to the venue where we will be staying for the rest of the wedding. Just two more weeks and I get to go back home again.

Then a thought came to mind...

Will Axel and I return to friends again once we head back home or will things be different? And if things will return to same--don’t I want to at least sample what I could from Axel, the boyfriend before I get Axel, the best friend back?

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