Piece of Cake

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Chapter 16

When we arrived at the venue that the wedding will be held in, it took a while before everyone got settled in. People were looking for their rooms. Everyone was looking for their bags. Then we stopped for some quick lunches before returning to our rooms. By the time we were able to sit back and relax a little, it was close to early evening.

The rooms that we will be sleeping in for the next two weeks were roomier than the hotel room. It still had a one king size bed. There were all other amenities as it will have in a normal hotel room. The TV playing a Spanish drama faintly in the room, but my mind was elsewhere. In fact, I was staring at Axel while he was talking on the phone to his friend.

Silently, I admired his form. The way the back of his dress shirt fitted his back. My eyes dipped down and admired his nice round butt fitted in those black trousers. He looked too sexy. I sighed with my chin propped in the palm of one of my hands.

He heard me sigh and turned around to look at me. The knowing glint in his eyes told me knew exactly what I was sighing about. Caught.

I averted my eyes to the TV. He said some stuff in Spanish before hanging up and walking over. He crawled into be next to me. His head resting on the side of my arm.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise.” He told me. “You were checking me out, weren’t you?”

“And if I was?” I replied boldly.

He smirked, “Were you?”

I rolled my eyes and attempted to roll off the bed. He reached out and wrapped one arm around my waist, pulling me back into the curve of his body. He scooted closer to me. I felt his nose brush up against the side of my neck. A slow inhale as he breathed in my scent.

One of his hand slipped underneath the turquoise silk pajama camisole I had on and palmed my stomach. My anxiety kicked in because I know I wasn’t a skinny girl. I couldn’t help being conscious of my body. Axel, however, didn’t seem to care. I felt his lips skimmed my neck and I shuddered in pleasure. A moan slipping from my lips.

I can feel how turned on he was. The large tent between his legs was pressed firmly onto my backside. It didn’t help that the matching silk pajama shorts were thin. I can feel everything.

“Axel,” I breathed. “Remove your hands.”

“You’re so tense, Ryleigh. Those wheels in your head never stop churning.” He murmured, his breath fanning my cheeks and ear causing me to shudder again.

“I can’t help it,” I told him. “I’m not perfect.”

He scoffed before turning so that I was now laying on my front. He straddled me from behind. My eyes flew open at the new change of position.

I opened my mouth to say something but then I felt his rough calloused hands knead my back muscles and I moaned in relief.

“Oh god.” I moaned again.

He leaned down and nipped my shoulder, “Keep moaning like that and I will have you naked in seconds.”

His hands kneaded to the curve of my back before slipping up my shoulder muscles. I didn’t realize how tense I have been feeling until I felt his hands on me. It felt amazing—too good for me to tell him to stop.

“Keep going,” I whispered.

“Ryleigh, you know you have a sexy body.” He said.

My eyes flew open and I turned my head slightly to look at him. He continued to knead my shoulders and up the back of my nape with his thumbs. My body was completely relaxed at this point. I closed my eyes once again, allowing the feel of his hands to relax me.

“I don’t see it,” I told him.

“I love how curvy you are. Just the thought of caressing and exploring every inch of you—it turns me on like crazy.” He said. “It isn’t just your body that drives me insane.”

“What else?” I asked.

“I like how real you are. Your smiles are real. Your personality is real. When you are with me—you are real.” He said.

“Duh, I am real,” I muttered back.

He chuckled, and I felt a pinch on my behind, “Don’t get sassy with me, Hermosa."

“Axel, men don’t go for ‘real’. Men go for looks.” I replied.

“You mean dumbasses go for looks.” He countered.

I clicked my tongue, “You got a point, but you have to be honest, looks are included in the package.”

“I love the way you talk to me. You’re not afraid to speak your mind. You don’t suck up.” He continued.

“That’s because I know you. You’re my best friend.” I replied.

“And a boyfriend.” He added.

I smirked, “And a boyfriend.”

It sounded weird coming from my lips but saying it aloud was like putting the last nail in the coffin. Axel Damien Rodriguez is my boyfriend and he is giving me amazing back rubs. My smile grew, and I whispered it again.

“You’re my boyfriend.” His hands slid down to my bra and I heard a click. My eyes flew open at the sudden brush of air swept across my skin where my bra was originally. My breasts although pressed onto the mattress—felt free.

“Axel- ”

He leaned down, and his lips were again by my ear, “Relax. I will only go as far as you would allow me.”

Again, he kneaded my back muscles. His fingers dancing dangerously close to the side of my breasts. I bit back another moan. I allowed my head to fall back on the pillow. I closed my eyes and focused on the attention of his hands.

“You don’t know how much it turns me on to hear you say that.” He said huskily.

“Boyfriend?” I whispered in question.

He chuckled, “It’s unbelievable that such a simple word can drive me about as insane as the body itself.”

My stomach fluttered with butterflies. By now, my silk camisole has ridden up my and the side of my breasts was now exposed. Not much was hidden from Axel’s view.

I felt him scoot lower. I felt a little disappointed that it has completed but instead, his hands palmed my ass and gave it a good squeeze before sliding down to my thighs. I felt his thumbs brushed my inner thigh and I let out a small squeal of surprise.

He gave a short laugh before moving farther away. I let out a breath of relief. He was a little too close and god did it make me pulse with need. My body is humming with inexorable desire and the ache in the pit of my stomach and between my legs were throbbing.

For the next thirty minutes, Axel massaged me. His touch was merely innocent, yet it was provocative. A soft brush here, a soft touch here, and a slight pressure here. By the time he was done, I think I was almost panting with a need to jump his body, but I held it back.

He clasped my bra up again before crawling into bed next to me. The muscles in my body were relaxed. It felt extremely good and I found myself falling asleep a lot faster than I have done for a long time.

I want to say that I wasn’t attracted to Axel, but I was. Over the past two weeks, things have changed between us. What I mean by ‘things’ were the atmosphere and even my feelings. I have always thought that Axel was a total hottie but now, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. The way he makes me feel. I feel alive, warm, and womanly. My heart was involved, and I won’t even deny it.

At the sight of him, it speeds like the speed of light. My stomach does flips, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off from him. Before, I could look at him and only remain faintly attracted. The attraction was always there but now it seemed to have intensified.

I am not going to lie too. I like the fact that he is my boyfriend. When he touches me, it starts a burning fire inside of me that seemed almost unquenchable. He is the only person who could.

All this and yet I am still questioning if I am doing the right thing. What if he doesn’t feel the same way? What if I am just another plaything?

It’s like a part of me believes him but a small part of me—the insecure part of me is afraid. Afraid of rejection. Afraid that he will find something better.

People don’t understand how I feel. I know I am not skinny. I know that I am a thick girl with fat and cellulite everywhere. There are days I would look in the mirror and say ‘damn I look good’ and there are days I would look in the mirror and feel like complete shit.

I think it is safe to say that although I try to be perfect, I am somehow imperfect as well.

Listening to myself sort through all this was like hearing two different people fight. I shoved both of those people into the back of my mind and focused on what was in front of me. What was in front of me was Axel. For now, this was good enough. I shouldn’t think too much and go with the flow. Go with what I believe is right at that moment.

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