Piece of Cake

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Chapter 17

Emery and Ronald thought that a good spa treatment was needed before the wedding. Although I had my own personal masseuse the other night, I was more than happy to join in on this one. The venue provided excellent professional masseuse. If I thought, Axel was amazing, this was pure heaven. Every knot in my body was undone and my knees were wobbly almost like slime by the time they were done.

We all had our own private sessions. Axel and I were in one together. When the masseuse entered, Axel made sure that the woman masseuse was the one working on me. I could roll my eyes at his evident possessiveness, but I must admit, I was never showered with that emotion before. It made me feel wanted. My heart thumped in my chest at the glower he was giving the male masseuse.

Once we were done with the massage treatment, we had a chance to go soak in their private hot baths. There is a total of ten private hot baths rooms. Several people opted out on it and instead chose the steam room which left one free for Axel and me. The minerals supplemented in the hot bath was to help moisturize our skin. This is the part where I was most conscious of my body.

“Ryleigh, it is fine. Who cares what anyone thinks.”

“It’s easy for you to say, Axel. My body-”

“Is sexy as fuck.” He growled.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” I told him. “I didn’t bring any swimwear.”

“It’s a private hot bath. Everyone each has their own. The only person who would be seeing you is me.” He pointed out. That was not assuring at all.

We entered the hot bath room and the steam that rose from it was enticing and inviting. The lights were dimmed to give it a more serene atmosphere, little lights lit up the hot bath beneath the water. Biting my lips, I looked back at him.

“Axel, I don’t have anything to wear,” I told him.

“Strip.” He said.

I blinked, “I am not going to-”

“You’re killing me, Ryleigh. Don’t think. Don’t think at all, Hermosa. Just do it.” He was getting irritated with me.

I scoffed and gave him a disbelieving glower. He doesn’t realize how much harder this is. I have cellulite. Cellulite that is clear as day on my thighs and ass. I have a small belly pouch.

However, he does have a point. Why do I care what others think?

Sighing, I played with the white knee-length robe I had on. Underneath I had my turquoise cotton bra and silk cheeky panties. Technically, I wouldn’t be completely naked. I could have Axel close his eyes while I get in. It will lessen the shame and embarrassment. Then I recalled how he has seen almost every naked part of me except for my hooha and twins. It wouldn’t matter now.

Ugh! I shouldn’t care.

Axel raised a simple eyebrow, waiting.

I reached for the fluffy belt around my waist. I heard Axel inhale sharply as he watched. I couldn’t look up at him. Although I have mustered enough courage to strip in front of him, I couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eyes.

The belt came off and fell to my side. My robe opened at the tight release and fell to the ground around me. Axel’s fingers appeared in my line of vision before lifting my chin up to meet his and my stomach was twisting with excitement.

The look in his eyes.

Pure, dark, and lustful.

“Beautiful.” He whispered the one name he keeps calling me.

I bit the inside of my cheek to stop the smile that was fighting to appear.

“Don’t be afraid to show me what you were blessed with, Ryleigh.” He said, taking a step, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me flush against his naked front.

“Feel what you do to me?” He rasped, nipping at my jawline.

His arousal pressing firmly onto my stomach. The butterflies in my stomach doubled and I felt a little unfocused.

“Axel,” I murmured.

His lips glided over mine gently before he pulled back, giving us space. I took in a staggering breath. The lust and need building up in me can’t be this crazy. I feel giddy and like a complete harlot. I wanted to throw myself at him, hump him. HUMP HIM. God, and then after humping, possibly feeling him fill me until I can’t think anymore.

I groaned and got into the hot bath. He followed in after me. We bathed in the hot tub for a while and during that time I tried to get my attention elsewhere other than Axel’s sun kissed, tattooed and hard chest but it was very hard when all he has been doing was touching me, pulling me onto his lap. Kissing my neck. Running his tongue along my jawline each time he catches me. It was exhausting.

After we done, I went into the women’s changing room to change. I was just about done putting on the rest of my clothes when I heard Christina talking to another woman that came along for Emery’s wedding. They didn’t realize they were not alone because I was on the other side of the lockers.

“He’s sexy. I can’t wait till I get him in bed. I bet he is as good as he looks.” Christina purred.

“Isn’t he dating Emery’s cousin?” The other woman asked.

“That fat chick?” She scoffed. “I think he is only with her because he pities her. She’s not even pretty. Have you seen her body? It looks like a fat hippo walked into a room.”

Pain. Hurt.

It was like living high school all over again. I got teased repeatedly about my weight. Boys in high school refused to go out with me because I wasn’t like the other girls. I didn’t have a perfect body. I couldn’t run the three-mile run on Wednesdays in gym class without looking like a zombie gasping for breath.

“That’s mean, Christina, even for you.” The woman defended. “She doesn’t look all that bad.”

Christina scoffed again, “Please if he had to choose between fancy dessert that will taste heavenly on his tongue over a fast food dessert that will give him a cardiac arrest, he will choose fancy. Any man with a good taste will.”

I curled my hands into fists. I heard enough. It got to me and I know it. I needed to run. I needed to leave before I burst into tears from the humiliation.

Blindly, I grabbed my heels and slipped them on. The second I was out the door, I ran. I ran passed my relatives and cousins. They all looked at me as I ran without another glance. A few tried to stop me, but I wasn’t having any of it. I needed to be alone.

I ran out of the venue without a sense of direction of where I was going. I just knew I needed to get away. About three minutes in, my heels snapped under my weight.

“Fuck!” I swore angrily. Kicking off my shoes, I picked them up and threw them across the yard before running towards the edge of the woods. It provided a haven. A place no one would find me.

This is why I don’t wear heels. They make me even more aware that I am fat. I want to stay strong. I want to put up a brave front but being around my family and relatives these past few weeks, it was tearing me down. Killing me slowly. It’s like the life was being sucked out of me and I couldn’t stop it.

When I was safe and there was no sight of the venue buildings, I collapsed onto a tree. My back against it, I curled up my legs and hugged them close to my chest. Burying my head, I cried. I cried when her words echoed in my head.



Fast food.

The sob that ransacked from my body was not pretty. It was all the bottled-up emotions I have been holding in for the past few weeks. I pounded my legs with my fist and then pounded the earthy ground. Pain shot through my hand and I saw that I had accidentally hit a sharp branch on the ground. The side of my hand was bleeding from a slash.

I held it up and looked at it. Pain from this was bearable, more bearable than the pain in my chest.

I sat there, clutching my injured hand to my chest. I have stopped sobbing now. I looked into a vast of nothingness. I allowed my mind to stop running and the pain to consume me. Tears slid down my cheeks.

Several minutes later, I heard footsteps and then Axel’s voice calling out to me. I didn’t want to face him. Not yet.

I crawled onto my feet and started walking further into the woods but yelped when something sharp pierced my bare foot. Collapsing on the ground, more tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Ryleigh?” He sounded panicked. I heard quick footsteps and knew he was now running.

Minutes later, he appeared in front of me. He dropped to his hands and knees and cupped my cheeks. When he saw the tears, his eyes immediately started looking me over. Patting me from head to toe. He saw the cut on my hand and my injured foot.

“Shit.” He swore. Concern was evident in his voice.

“Leave me alone,” I whispered.

“What?” He looked at me confused. “What are you doing out here? Who made you upset?”

“Axel, please, stop.” I pushed him away, still feeling hurt.

“What the hell is going on? What are you doing out here? Why are you crying?” He demanded, pushing my hands back down to my side.

“Nothing is going on. I’m fine.” I grumbled, wiping at my tears with the back of my hands.

“Tell me. I can’t fix this if you don’t tell me.” He demanded.

“I don’t need you to fix anything, Axel. I just need to be left alone. I just need to breathe.”

He grabbed onto my head and slammed onto his chest. My eyes widened at his demanding and harsh act.

“God, you infuriate me, woman. I don’t know rather to strangle you or kiss you.” He growled, petting my hair. I listened to his heart. It was beating so fast.

He was scared. I scared him. My tears stopped and I allowed him to hold me.

After a long comfortable silence, I pulled back. He allowed me but cupped my cheeks.

“Tell me who hurt you.” He told me.

“No one. I just got angry.” I told him.

“Was it your mother?” He asked.

I smirked, “No, I’m fine, Axel. If you don’t mind-c-can you take me back to our room?”

He shook his head and I frowned. He bent down and slipped off his shoes before slipping them on me. I opened my mouth to protest but one dark look from him told me to shut up.

“Remember that call I made a couple of days ago in our room?” He asked while tying the shoes tighter on me.

I nodded.

“I figured you would want to go on a boat ride before we head back home. Do you want to see the sea?” He smirked and raised an eyebrow.

Excitement built up inside me instantly, replacing the pain and hurt I was feeling earlier. He grinned and helped me up, hooking an arm around my waist to steady me.

Together we walked out of the woods. Axel always seems to have a way to make me happy. He is always there for me.

"Hermosa..." He started.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Mind telling me why your shoes are all the way across the yard?” He asked.

I laughed softly, “I hate heels.”

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