Piece of Cake

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Chapter 18

My mother was not happy that I am leaving again. She argued with me that we are here to spend time with everyone else. I should be more considerate and help Emery out a little bit more.

However, right at this moment, I don’t feel like being nice.

I’m sick and tired of people talking crap about me and that’s all I feel when I am with them. Underappreciated.

Now, a sense of relief and tranquility washed over me as I sat on the lower end of the rented weekender yachts. It was a newer kind of yacht and as the owner stated, rarely used. The sea breeze blew past me and the corner of my lips lifted in bliss.

Here, all my worries are gone. Nobody is here but me. I feel alive. I feel like myself. Away from the sonicating toxic bubble of hurtful words.

I pushed all thoughts of Christina away. I pushed away my mother. I pushed away Emery. In this little moment of serenity, I can focus on myself. There was only me.

The wind felt nice on my skin, seeping into my sheer blouse. The soft heat of the sun was comforting.

For just this moment, I don’t have to worry about anything and nobody knows what it is doing to me. It was freeing my soul. By the time that Axel and I got to the yacht, the sun was already setting.

Axel brought everything we needed. He had asked the chefs at the venue to prep a basket of yummy food and desserts. He brought a nice selection of wine.

I felt a knitted blanket wrap around my shoulders and I opened my eyes to see him looking at me. There is this intensity in his eyes. It never fails to make my stomach drop and light a hunger inside of me.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

He had slowed down the yacht in the middle of the sea. We were away from society. Away from the judgmental eyes. This was just what I needed.

He sat down behind me. One of his arms rested on the side of the yacht. I turned in my seat to see that he too closed his eyes with his head tilt back. With the sun setting glow, it made him look warm and inviting, the dark shadow on his face added to his bad boy allure.

Lifting my hand, I traced his nose before pinching it hard. He yelped and opened his eyes to glare at me. I smirked back but was surprised when he yanked me onto his lap.

“Axel,” I squirmed in his lap for him to release me.

He hugged me tighter, his lips were pressed against my neck. I halted my movement and my breath hitched.

Like a burning line of fevers, his lips feathered down my neck, to the crook of it, and down to my shoulder. The thin sheer blouse I had on, did little to protect me from shiver under his heated lips.

I gulped, and his eyes dropped to that little action before he moved and lifted my injured hand up. Before we left, he had tended to my wounds. Cleaning them thoroughly, placing antibiotics over them, and bandaging them like the good firefighter that he is.

“Does it still hurt?” He asked.

I shook my head, “The pain relief pills seem to help with lessening the pain.”

“How about your foot?” He asked.

“If I don’t walk on it, then I am fine,” I told him.

“Are you going to tell me now what happened?” He questioned.

I sighed, “Can we not think about it? It just makes me sad.”

He placed a hand underneath my chin, ” Sabes, me duele verte tan triste. Todo lo que quiero es hacerte feliz. Es un poco gracioso, pero cuando te veo, se que podría escalar montañas o nadar el océano completo para hacerte sonreír. Lo que fuera, por ti.”

“What did you say?” I frowned.

He smirked, “I said, I don’t like it when you are sad. I want to see you happy, Hermosa."

“Because I am your friend?” It came out as a whisper.

He smirked again, “Because you are my girlfriend."

“Such a sweet talker,” I grumbled, pushing escaped strands of brown hair behind my ear.

He chuckled, “Only for you, baby.”

More heat consumed my cheeks and I covered them with my palms. He was grinning now. I rolled my eyes and attempted to get off his lap, but he wrapped two arms around my waist and pulled me back on it.

" Lo loco de todo esto, es que no tienes ni la menor idea de lo que me haces.”

He whispered Spanish into my ears, his hot breath fanning my cheek like a seducing wave. Even though I don’t have a clue what he was saying. I enjoyed his native tongue. The words that rolled from his lips. It was sensual and hot.

I wiggled in my seat on his lap. His fingers dug into my hips.

“Move one more time, Hermosa. My control is slipping, and I’ll have you on your back in seconds.” He groaned.

Biting my lips, I turned away, but he stopped me by placing a hand underneath my chin. When I looked back at him, there was a tenderness there that shook me to the core. It makes my knees weak and increases my.heart rate. Surely, this is not healthy but I can’t stop it.

When I am around him, he makes me feel different.

“I want you, Ryleigh. I’ll wait until you are ready but know that I won’t hurt you. I never will.” He whispered, leaning in to brush a kiss on my lips.

The wind started slowing down as the last of the sun hovered over the horizon. Something inside of me stirred. It could be that we are out here. It could be that I feel free for the first time or it could be the simple fact that my heart was threatening to burst in my chest. I don’t know what it was.

I placed my hands on his cheeks and deepened the kiss. My tongue sliding into his freely parted lips. Tasting him, exploring his mouth like it is my own personal canvas. I sucked on his tongue and a guttural sound vibrated from his throat.

I turned in my seat and straddled him. His hands moved to my hips where he dug his fingers in as if he was fighting off a war inside of him. Not touching me and allowing me to control. It was addicting. I ate up all the control he gave me. My hips rocked, and I moaned instantly at the burst of lights behind my eyelids.

His fingers moved to my ass where he squeezed and lifted his hips, grounding into my core. I tore my lips away to gasp.

“Oh...” I gasped.

“Ryleigh, please, hermosa, stop now.” He pleaded in an unsteady hoarse voice.

I don’t know how to tell him that I am ready and so I caressed a hand down his hard chiseled chest to squeeze him underneath me. I was slightly taken aback at how thick he was. He hissed a bloody curse underneath his breath and his control snapped.

Exhilaration rushed through my veins when I felt him lift me up. I nibbled at his neck like how he usually does to mine and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard.

“Ryleigh.” He warned.

I sucked hard. My love bite will be huge and possessiveness flood through me.

After I made sure it was dark and anyone can see it from a mile away, I pulled back.

“You gave me a hickey. Didn’t you?” He accused but in a light amused tone.

I shrugged, “It is only fair that I return the favor.”

My eyes finally took in where he had taken me. We were now inside the yacht. I fell onto the bed with a bounce. The blanket he gave earlier now underneath me.

I watched him take off his V-neck navy t-shirt by grabbing it by the hem and lifting it up and over his head.

Bare chested, he asked again.

“Still have the courage, hermosa? Or shall we stop?”

I smirked, “We can continue but only if you talk to me in Spanish from now on.”

His eyes darkened with fiery lust. He got onto the bed, forcing me to lay down my back.

“That I can do.” He said huskily.

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