Piece of Cake

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Chapter 19

His eyes darkened with fiery lust. He got onto the bed, forcing me to lay down on my back.

“That I can do.” He said huskily.

He steadied himself above me with his hands braced on either side of me, pushing into the mattress. His legs pinned me in between his. He cocked an eyebrow and his smoldering eyes fell to my blouse. It is just a glance that could be mistaken as innocent but I knew better. I knew what he wanted and I slipped it over my head. He leaned back enough to give me space.

I needed to do this before I lose my confidence. Pushing off the mattress, I cupped his cheeks and brought his lips back down on me. A hot, throaty groan left his lips and he opened his mouth. Allowing me to explore his mouth once again. My tongue tangled with his, playing and teasing. I sucked on his tongue lightly and he pushed me back completely.

His hard chiseled body pressed against me. It felt amazing to have his body on top of me. My core pulsed with thirsty sexual hunger but ached with a need for friction which he prevented with his legs pinning me down. He propped himself up with one elbow. The other roamed my body, caressing and drifting underneath me before I felt my breasts being released. I broke the kiss away long enough to see he had unclasped my bra.

Swallowing, I looked back up at him. He saw that I needed extra attention. Tilting his head, his mouth found the crook of my neck. His tongue laving and licking the sensitive spot on my neck, causing my toes to curl and my back to arch. Pretty sure, the sneaky bastard mirrored the hickey I gave him.

“Eres tan sexy. (You are so damn sexy)” He groaned.

I felt rough calloused hands touched my breasts. I cried out and arched my back when he pinched my nipples and twisted it almost painfully but pleasure flushed my body.

“Me vuelve absolutamente loco. (It drives me mad)” It came out strangled and throaty.

I didn’t understand a word but God did it do things to me. Each word was like a caress, a suck, a lick of its own. The roll of his tongue gave me dirty ideas. I drew in my bottom lip between my teeth, arching my back for more.

My hands tangled in his hair but he angled his head down and trailed hot wet kisses down my chest to my breasts, latching onto one of my nipples he sucked the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. The intimate heated touch was like it’s very own euphoria.

“Oh shit.” I squealed.

He swirled it a couple of times before sucking it almost harshly but it felt so damn good. I dug my fingers into his scalp. He countered with a nip on my nipple and I slipped another throaty moan.

One hand slipped underneath my pants and panties. I felt him brush against my clit before sliding down my lips.

“Abre tus piernas. (Spread your legs)” He slipped a finger in and my legs spread open like the golden brick road.

He groaned and he captured my lips, smothering my moans. I cried and arched my back as he finger fucked me. Soon, the coil inside me tightened and I needed more. I don’t know what it was but his one finger wasn’t enough. I squirmed underneath him.

I thought I was there only one who was impatient because the next second, he discarded my pants and panties. Finally, I was utterly naked in front of him. His eyes took me in for the first time and they were smoldering. I can see the lust flickering in those deep-set exotic eyes.

It gave me a lick of courage because what I did next surprised even me. My palm spread out on my belly before sliding down slowly my stomach. He watched--entranced, addicted. Cupping myself, I did what he did earlier. I stuck a finger inside of me and my eyes rolled back. My walls tightened around my finger.

“Carajo! No puedo tener suficiente de ti. (Fuck! I can’t get enough of you)” He growled before his hand wrapped around my wrist, halting me from touching myself. he brought my finger up to his mouth where he sucked me clean.

Jolts of lightning rushed down my belly to my core.

“Dulce como la miel.(sweet like honey. )” He said huskily as he looked at me with hooded eyes.

His palms pressed on my inner thighs, spreading me wider before he dipped his head and feasted on the juices that clung to my core.

His mouth.

Dear lord, it’s beautifully crafted for eating me. I swear. All thoughts scattered in my head and I clung to his head like a sex crazed maniac. Arching my hips that he had to restrain me by pressing down my hips with his fingers.

“Axel!” I sopped in frustration.

I heard him curse before he hissed in a frustrated tone, “Te necesito tanto, estoy revolcando como novicio. (I’m fumbling like an amateur right now.)”

He fumbled with his pants before successfully pulling it off. He dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He opened it and slipped out a condom, slipping it on he pressed his erection at my entrance. One thumb circling my clit and the other grasping the hilt of his thick erection.

I took an anatomy class and I just want to say that nothing will prepare me for Axel. Axel Damien Rodriguez was large in every way possible. That was going to go inside of me. I gulped.

He captures my lips as if silently encouraging me it will fit. The passion inside of me lit up again and he sensed it because he thrust and immense pain seared through me.

He stopped moving but he had me pinned to the bed. Every muscle in his body stiff. He dropped his forehead onto mine.

“Ay joder. Estas tan apretada. Bebé, no te muevas (Oh, fuck. You’re so tight. Baby, don’t move).” He muttered hoarsely.

Axel was a very patient man. He didn’t move at all. Instead, he feathered kisses alongside my jaw until he reached the crook of my neck. There he sucked and lavished the sensitive skin until I squirmed underneath him again.

Intense soul shaking pleasure thrummed underneath my skin. Axel started moving the second he heard me gasp in pleasure.

Sliding in and out slowly at first. It still stung but after a couple slow thrust , my body curled, my muscles tightened. My walls closed around his thick girth. He hissed through his teeth. My fingernails dug into his back and my toes curled. My eyes rolled back and I was raising my hips to meet his every thrust.

He braced himself on his elbows. His face right above mine, his lips only inches from mine. My lips part when he thrust and it hit my cervix.

“Oh shit.” I moaned and my back arched.

He dipped his head back to the crook of my neck, his hot ragged breath fanning my skin. My hands roamed over his corded back muscles to his shoulders. His thrust were slow but hard. Pure torture.

“Amo a este cuerpo.” He groaned. “Amo a este cuerpo.”

Suddenly he pulled back, flipped me to my back. I turned my head to the side. He pinned my hands above my head before entering me swiftly from behind. My eyes rolled back at this new position. It took him deeper and he filled me in a new way that had me gasping with each thrust.

“Axel...” I moaned.

I felt his lips on my shoulder, placing a wet kiss on there. His sweaty body pressed against mine. The way he was grunting and groaning as if he was at my mercy was such a turn on. I pulsed around him and realized how much he liked that because his breath will hitch and his pace will falter slightly.

He slipped his hands underneath me and cupped my breasts, giving them a good squeeze and groping. I was at his mercy. His hands and his cock commanded me and all I could do was writhed underneath a mess.

I felt the coil inside me tightening, my vision was starting to blur. A second later, he flipped me back onto my back. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up before positioning again at my entrance. He thrust and I cried out as he pounded harder and faster into me.

It was frantic and hot. I could feel myself being pushed to the edge of insanity.

“Termina por mi, Ryleigh.” He hissed, sweat beading his forehead and chest.

I cried out when the coil inside of me snapped but that didn’t stop Axel from pummeling. His cock engorged and soon I felt his hot sperm coat the inside of his condom. He groaned and fell forward. He stopped himself by planting his hands on either side of my head. He slowed his pace when he was done emptying inside of me.

I looked up at the sky above me through the window in a satisfied daze. His weight left the bed and I heard him dispose the condom before coming to bed and wiping me down between my legs. I pushed him off feeling shy but he removed my hands and continued. Once he was done, he tossed the towel aside and fell into bed next to me. I was exhausted. My body felt like jello when he pulled me into the crook of his arms.

I fell asleep right away but not before I felt his lips brushed against my shoulder and ears and him whispering again in Spanish.

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