Piece of Cake

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Chapter 21

A couple of days flew by. Surprisingly, my parents or brother didn’t say much to me when I returned from a night away but I can feel something will go wrong in the near future. Call it a gut feeling. My mother is not one to be quiet for so long. She will soon address my stubborn ways.

Another week left till the wedding and I couldn’t wait to get it done and over with. Will returning home change how Axel and I are right now? I am not sure.

It was about noon and Axel had picked me up some delicious dessert from a bakery shop nearby. I licked my fingers clean when I finished my second piece. Do I feel guilty? I couldn’t stop the smirk from appearing on my face. I do not feel guilty at all. I love sweets and Axel knew all about it. That’s why he always makes me churros.

I flipped through the channels, completely content to hole away in my room until the wedding when the door opened and Axel walked in. Sweat drenching his dark red sleeveless top. His hair damps from a good work out.

He flopped onto the bed and grabbed a piece of my delicious dessert. I slapped his hands but he is a lot faster than me. In case anyone is interested, we haven’t done it like rabbits since returning. Instead, we returned back to normal. Him not keeping his hands off me and me biting his hands each time he teases me-just like right now.

“Axel! That’s my last one!” I grumbled.

He picked up the empty boxes but continued eating the piece of dessert like it was meant to be his.

“I bought you six.” He pointed out.

“Are you calling me fat?” Not coming off as offended but pretending to be. “Because if you are, then I am.”

He scoffed, “You are not fat.”

I rolled my eyes, “Seriously, give me back my dessert.”

“Want it?” He waved it in front of me.

“Yes!” I snapped back, shoving his shoulder. He laughed as he fell back onto the bed. He took a bite out of the dessert.

“Give it back.” I launched myself at him.

He rolled onto his stomach and I straddled his back. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his shoulder. The other hand I made an attempt to reach for the dessert that he just so put it out of reach with his free hand stretched above his head.


He laughed harder.

“I’m going to suffocate you. You will be sat on until you give it up.” I threatened.

“That sounds like fun. C’mon, Hermosa, sit on my face.” He teased.

Heat crawled on my face and I shoved him away from me. He was crying at this point, laughing so hard at his teasing. I crossed my arms underneath his t-shirt and glared at him from a sitting position.

“That’s not what I mean,” I grumbled quietly, still feeling extremely flushed from his comment.

He was still chuckling when he crawled up to me. His face mere inches from me. He lifted the half eaten dessert into the air, tempting me once again.

“You know, it’s not a good thing to taunt a woman with her favorite foods. She could become dangerous.” I glared.

“Dangerous? I like Dangerous Ryleigh. I wonder how good she will be in bed.” He whispered huskily.

I am at a loss for words and so I resorted into scoffing and snatching the dessert away from him. His lips captured mine as second later. I inhaled sharply in surprise when I felt him suck on my lower lip, asking for entrance. I moaned and he pressed me farther onto the bed. His body now covering mine.

My brain cells scattered and all I could think about was how good he felt on top of me. I didn’t realize that he had taken a hold of my dessert and placed it back into the box. I couldn’t stop it. My body was hungry for something entirely different. It was hungry for Axel.

One hand dipped underneath the hem of my shirt. I felt his fingers caress my hips before slipping underneath to cup my breasts. He groaned when he saw that I wasn’t wearing any bras.

“Fuck, Ryleigh.” He hissed.

“I don’t like wearing bras. They are too uncomfortable.” Especially when you are a big size girl with a decent amount of boobs-maybe even too much. I also don’t like to wear pants, they were too tight around the waistband. So here I was braless and pant-less dressed only in a loose t-shirt and panties.

He didn’t seem to mind. He pulled my shirt up and latched onto my nipple like he had every right to it. Marking and suckling it like it will cure his thirst. My hands tangled in his damp dark hair. He released the nipple and moved onto its twin, giving it the same amount of attention.

“I don’t like it either. From now on, no bra or pants. Hell, no panties even.” He murmured huskily.

I let out a short laugh before he continued his heated sucking on my body.

I arched my and squirmed underneath him. My legs falling open for him to settle comfortably between them. After he paid it the same amount of intoxicating attention, he moved up and kissed me roughly. His hard bulge pressed against my core. I wiggled my hips and moaned in pure pleasure.

I tore my lips aside and sucked on his neck just below his chin. He tasted salty from his workout but his sweat served almost like an aphrodisiac. It drove me wild and I couldn’t stop sucking on his neck like a vampire.

“Ryleigh...” His voice came out hoarse and throaty. I skimmed my hands underneath his sleeveless top and touch his rock hard abs. I felt his muscles tightened upon contact. I marveled at such godly features. I couldn’t stop touching him. Axel has a sexy body.

My fingernails lightly scored his upper chest and he took full control then. He ground his erection hard on my core and I moaned, releasing his neck. He pulled back and pulled off his shirt and disposing his shorts and briefs before glancing down at my lace panties. I shimmied out of them.

My eyes roamed his chest and I found myself growing hotter-needier. I love everything about him and couldn’t wait for it be pressed up against me. I couldn’t wait to feel skin on skin.

Our breathing and lust were in sync. I ached to feel him again and he couldn’t wait to fill me to the hilt. He leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom. Ripping it quickly between his teeth before slipping the condom on. One finger playing with my wet slits before dipping inside as he pulled the condom on with one hand.

He wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and then replaced his fingers that were hot on my core with his cock. He slid the tip up and down my slits in a slow tantalizing manner that had me arching my back for more friction. When I didn’t get it, I moaned and raised up my hips for more. He listened this time and he thrust deep inside me. My eyes literally rolled back in ecstasy. My lips parting in relief and happiness now that I had him fully embedded inside me. My walls clenched around him welcoming him back.

This was not like our first time. It was all pleasure no pain and I couldn’t stop meeting him on each thrust. My hands clung to his back. His hands were above me, grasping onto the bed rail above us as he fucked me hard and roughly. His cock filling me and hitting me deeply that had my eyes rolling back.

“Fuck, Ryleigh.” When he felt me clench around his cock. His hands dropped from the bed rail to grasp onto the pillow underneath me. His hands curling the pillow tightly as he increased his pace. The bed shook. Our moans were getting louder. I felt the coil inside me tightening with each thrust. My boobs were bouncing with each pummel of his cock. Sweat beaded his forehead. His eyes were dark with lust.

Just when the coil inside me was about to snap, he pulled out completely. Flipped us over and I was now straddling him.

“This is what I imagined.” He said hoarsely. His voice thick with need and desire.

I swallowed hard when I recalled him telling me how many nights he had dreamt of me riding his cock while I slept like a baby down the hall from him. Slowly, I began to rock on his cock. Pulling him out and in at a tantalizing speed. He groaned and his eyes rolled back. His fingers gripping my hips, digging deep. I propped my hands on his chest and began bouncing slightly.

“Ah, fuck.” He hissed.

A small gasped escaped me at the new sensation. It made me feel powerful. In control. The speed was slow, almost torturous but it was so good. I could feel him filling me slowly with growing desire.

“Faster, baby.” He groaned. “I need you to go faster.”

I can see how hard he was fighting his control. I increased my speed, bouncing on his cock like he was my very own trampoline. He moaned in pleasure and relief. His eyes opening up to look at me.

“Fuck, I love it when your tits bounce like that. You are fucking beautiful. Sexy as fuck.” He bit his lips.

Those words were hot and such a turn on. I found myself fucking and riding his cock faster. My ass bouncing as I controlled both our incoming release.

He made a guttural sound deep in his throat, his teeth biting his bottom lips hard as he can. The coil tightened and tightened.

“Axel,” I gasped.

His thumb touched my clit then, rubbing and pinching it hard. The coil snapped and I shattered above him, riding his cock and clenching around him like a greedy girl. He hissed and wrapped an arm around my waist, pinning my body to his as he took control. His thrust was hard and rough. Grunts and guttural sound escaping his lips as he released inside of me into the condom.

When we both came down from the high, my boobs were in his face. He latched onto one of them and sucked.

“Axel,” I breathed and got off his body.

He chuckled and moved to give me a quick rough heated kiss before jumping out of bed to dispose of the condom. A second later, I heard the shower run. My body was completely satisfied with hunger. The dessert totally was forgotten. I fell into a sated sleep.

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