Piece of Cake

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Chapter 26

I can feel Axel’s heated eyes on me while slipping on his black sweats and an oversized t-shirt. The doctor has given me the okay to go home. Last night, I had called Brandon to tell him I was in the hospital. He freaked out and asked how I was. I told him everything was fine but it didn’t sit right with him. He was going to come but I insisted that I will be fine. He offered to tell mom and dad as I wasn’t ready to talk to them.

“You ready?” He asked walking up next to me.

I nodded, tying my hair up into a messy bun. He grabbed my hospital bag and the other wrapped around my shoulders.

“I think it’s better if I go to a hotel,” I said.

“It is fine. Don’t worry.” He assured me before we walked out of the hospital room.

Axel insisted that I stayed with him at his mom’s house. I have met his mom a couple of times but they were brief encounters. It’s been a while but she’s a sweet woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I am still a little uncomfortable with the idea of living under someone’s roof and would much rather prefer to go to a hotel, but Axel is persistent.

When we arrived at his mom’s place, he opened the front door.

"Mamá, ya llegue (Mom, I’m home.)”

His mother was a petite woman. Her head popped out from the kitchen. She looked at Axel with accusing eyes before it landed on me. The rest of her body followed her out from the kitchen. She was carrying a laundry basket.

She walked up to us and shook her head. Her eyes still glaring at her son.

"No estuviste en casa por varios días. Apenas llegas y te me apareces con una muchacha. Que hiciste? Esta embarazada? (You’ve been gone for several days. You barely came home and now you appear in front of me with a woman. What did you do? Is she pregnant?)”

Axel’s eyes widened before he shook his head adamantly.

"No! No está emabarazada! Es mi novia (No! She’s not pregnant! She’s my girlfriend.)” Axel replied in Spanish. Whatever he said had her eyes fall on me. She looked at me from head to toe, not in a rude way but to observe me curiously.

"Esta bonita. Nunca traes chicas a la casa. Que ha cambiado? (She’s a pretty girl. You never bring girls home. What has to change?)” She turned her attention back to Axel. Whatever she said had Axel rubbing the back of his neck and running a hand through his dark locks.

"La amo, mamá. Viste las noticias? Su apartamento se quemó. Se va a quedar con nosotros por un rato. (I love her, mom. Did you watch the news? Her apartment burned down. She will be staying with us for a while.)”

"Te voy a decir a ti lo mismo que le dije a tus hermanos. Mientras estés en esta casa, no van a haber nada de cochambradas. Si la amas, le darás un anillo primero. (I am going to say the same thing to you, the things I said to your brothers. While you are in this house, there will be no dirty stuff. If you love her, put a ring on her finger first.)” Axel’s mom glared once again at Axel.

This is another reason why I need to take Spanish classes. I can’t go on not understanding the conversation going on. It made me look like the oddball. However, in this situation, it looks like it is a good thing I didn’t understand Spanish. Axel looked very uncomfortable.

"En serio? (Seriously?)” He muttered.

"Te lo digo por tu propio bien. (I’m telling you for your own good.)”

"Soy un adulto- (I’m a grown man-)”

"Ya he escuchado eso antes. No me importa. Todavía eres mi chiquillo. (I heard that before. I don’t care. You’re still my child.)”

“I think we will be sleeping in separate bedrooms,” Axel admitted to me in English after his brief conversation with his mom.

I didn’t mind at all. I’m still exhausted from the lack of sleep for the past few days. Any bed will do for me.

Axel led me up the narrow stairs and down the hall. When we reached the end, he opened the door to the left.

“This is my room. You’ll sleep in here.” He turned to his right. “I’ll sleep in Diego’s room. He is still studying abroad.”

I nodded before entering. Axel stood by the door and watched me. His room had a few soccer awards and medals lined up on the dresser. I moved to sit on the edge of his bed. My eyes skimmed past him. He had his hands shoved in his pocket while he leaned against the doorway. He didn’t say anything. A few posters on the wall and a closet. It was small but comfortable. I can see that he hasn’t been back here for a while too.

“Sorry, it’s small-”

“It’s perfect.” I smiled before falling on his bed. I frowned as soon as I saw a nude magazine page that was ripped out and taped above me.

He cleared his throat and I heard him enter and closing the door behind him. He got onto the bed and ripped it from the ceiling.

I started laughing while he crumbled it up in his hands.

“Do I even want to know what you were doing while looking up at that picture?” I grinned at him while I turned onto my side to look at him.

He smirked and crawled onto the bed. His lips found my neck where he slowly sucked.

“I think you know exactly what I was doing.” He murmured.

I gulped, and my heart sped quickly in my chest. I tilted my head to give him better access to which he greedily accepted.

To be quite honest, just the thought of him touching himself had my core quivering with need.

I can imagine him, lying down on the bed with his erection fisted in his hands. Pumping hard and fast. Soft little groans passing his lips while his eyes closed tightly as his release hits him.

I moaned out loud and my hands moved to tangle in his hair.

“I think I would like to see that,” I whispered.

He pulled back to look down at me. His eyes darkening with desire. I chewed my bottom lip to grasp onto some form of control.

“I’m beginning to regret bringing you here.” He said with a regretful smile.

I chuckled and pushed him away. He sighed and got off the bed. I can see his bulge evidently straining against his jeans. He adjusted himself with a groan.

“I think we need to go out.” He grumbled.

I frowned, “Why?”

He grinned, “I need you alone.”

“Alone?” I am tired, but I couldn’t help the desire that pooled between my legs. There was an ache that I knew only he could relieve.

There was a sense of thrill at the realization that this man in front of me was turned on by me and needed me. It gave me a sense of empowerment that sent confidence running through my veins. I pushed off the bed and walked up to him.

He eyed me warily but let out a hiss when I palmed his heavy and thick crotch. His forehead fell onto mine and he drew in his bottom lips.

“My man needs a release?” I whispered huskily.

He nodded, and I swear I was dripping between my legs.

I squeezed and rubbed him until he groaned, squeezing his eyes tightly.

“What if I said no?” I teased.

His eyes flew open and in a flash he had me turned around. He grounded his bulge against my backside. I moaned and one hand underneath my shirt to cup my breast.

“You need me just as much as I need you.” He said huskily.


He leaned in and nipped my earlobes, “Let’s go out, Hermosa. I’m hungry.”

A few hours later, he and I were at a local diner. Throughout dinner, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Touching and brushing up against me. It was driving me insane. I gave him the impression that he had the upper hand, but I’ll pay him back once we are alone again.

He leaned forward while I ate another fry. His usual playful attitude gone. I can see the seriousness in his eyes.

“I want to talk about Christina.” He started.

I shook my head, “It’s okay. I should have trusted you that you wouldn’t hurt me on purpose.”

He sighed, “She was making advances and I swear I told her off many times, but the woman was determined. She thought I would change my mind. I was a little drunk that night. I didn’t understand what was happening until it was too late. I didn’t kiss her. She made it look like it but that wasn’t the case.”

I nodded with a sigh. I wiped my hands on the napkin and scooted closer to him.

“After you left, I cried and waited for you to return,” I told him.

He looked heartbroken upon hearing that, “I’m sorry, Hermosa. I let my anger get to me.”

“I’m sorry for slapping you,” I admitted. “I am ashamed of what I did.”

“I was an asshole.”

I smirked, “Yes, you were.”

He grinned back, and I averted my eyes to my food again.

“After that night, I flipped out on everybody. I yelled at my mom, Emery, and Christina. I didn’t hold anything back. I thought I would feel guilty, but I felt nothing but relief. As if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I don’t care what others think of me. I should do things that I want because I want to, not because someone thinks it is what I should do.”

I fought back tears not because it hurt but because it was liberating to talk about it.

“I realized that all my life that even when I tried to break away from what people expected of me, I never truly broke away. It was like I put my life on autopilot and allowed them to control me.” I turned to face him. “Do you know how good it felt to take back control? To grasp the wheels and know that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it?”

“Like you are standing on top of the mountain?” He replied.

I giggled, “Yes, exactly.”

He leaned in and kissed me thoroughly, expressing his love and adoration. When he pulled back we were both breathless.

“I want to go back to school,” I said spontaneously. “I want to get my nursing degree.”

He chuckled before leaning in again to kiss me on the lips, “I think I like this new you.”

“I like her too,” I replied and kissed him back.

It was supposed to be an innocent kiss, but it grew heavier and deeper. When he pulled back his eyes were dark with lust.

“Let’s get out of here.”

I couldn’t agree more. We paid the check and hurried on out. By the time we left the diner, it was well over eight and dark outside.

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