Piece of Cake

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Chapter 27

I felt pumped, feverish, more alive than I had ever thought possible. For the first time in a long time, I had no worries. I should feel the opposite because I now have no home but even that couldn’t dampen my mood. I felt giddy. I don’t know if it will be shortlived but at this moment, I was happy.

A small playful smile playing on my face as we passed the hotel lobby and headed up to the elevators. I’m pretty sure the check-in lady knew exactly what we were up to as Axel can never keep his hands off me.

I released Axel’s hand and quickened my steps toward the elevator. He made a move to grab for me and I let out a small sound before giggling and entering an elevator that was opened and ready for us. He followed me in seconds later just before the elevator door closed behind us. I saw him quickly pressed our floor just as he entered.

He pressed me up against the wall with his body. My hands landed on his shoulders just as he captured my lips. He took immediate control. The kiss was full on, open mouth, hot and heated.


I moaned and ran my hands up his neck to tug at his hair slightly. He pressed his hard arousal against my stomach and desire stirred inside of me. Axel’s hands cupped my ass and ground against me.

The elevator chimed and slowed down to our floor. He broke away the kiss and took hold of my wrist. He leaned forward and brushed aside my hair to whisper in my ear.

“I’m going to fuck you until you can’t stop screaming my name.” He declared huskily.

My core quivered and pulsed in anticipation. He pulled us out of the elevator. I laughed softly when he took us in the wrong direction. I had to put my heels down to direct his attention back the other hallway.

Growling, he moved to touch me again but I sidestepped him. I removed his hand around my wrist and started towards the room. He was hot on my heels. By the time I reached our door, he spun me around and pressed me up against the wall.

We were both breathing hard. His eyes were dark and fiery with lust. The door clicked and I realized he had slipped the key card in. The door swung open and we both entered. His lips crashed onto mine just as he swung the door closed.

Now that we were alone, I was just as eager. I met him stroke for stroke, suck for suck. He pressed me up against the wall. One leg between my legs. He moved it up and down my core and I moaned into the kiss.

I pushed him back and his knees hit the bed before he fell down. His eyes wide with surprise. I chewed my bottom lip. My eyes dropping to his bulge.

“I want to see you touch yourself.” I breathed.

I saw him physically swallow before his hand reached to his belt. He unbuckled before unbuttoning. I watched with clear interest and when he finally freed his shaft. My core clenched at the large size of it.

When he made no move to do anything else, I cocked an eyebrow while meeting his eyes. He smirked before fisting his erection. Slowly he stroke it up and down. The small bead of pre-cum spilling just over the top. I licked my lips.

I moved to strip off my t-shirt. His eyes dropped to my breasts that were safely protected in my bra. He bit his bottom lip as his stroking increase. He likes what he sees.

“God, Hermosa." He said huskily, dropping his head back while biting his bottom lip.

I stripped off his sweats that I have on. I removed his hand from pumping his cock. He watched me with dark lustful eyes. I flicked my tongue over the seam of the tip of his cock. He hissed and his hands fisted the sheet.

This is my first time giving a man head. The instant salty taste of him was addicting and I couldn’t wait. I wrapped my mouth around the head of his erection and suckle it like a popsicle.

“Fuck!” He groaned. “Ryleigh, god, baby.”

Encouraged now, I took him in more and more with each suck. I made sure my tongue swirled around his head when I pulled back. It was more than enough to drive him mad and he didn’t even last a minute.

He flipped me onto the bed and straddle my hips. He took off his shirt before leaning down to pull down my bra, popping out my breasts for him to feast on. He sucked and licked them like it was dripping sticky honey.

I can’t think with his mouth on me like that. Its heat was driving me insane. I moaned his name and dug my fingers into his shoulders.

Axel was whispering in Spanish. The huskiness in his voice and the roll of his tongue ignites a fire in me.

“Axel, please,” I begged unable to wait much longer. I needed something and he was making me go crazy.


He didn’t stop. He kissed his way down my body, appreciating every curve. When he reached my core he pulled down my panties. Spreading my legs he blew on my already throbbing clit. My head rolled back and I arched my hips seeking relief.

“Axel...” I panted.

“Want me to lick you, baby?” He knew I did and it irritated me. I looked down at him and saw the devilish smirk appear on his face. I bit my bottom lips before my hands tangled in his hair and I brought my core to his mouth in an offering.

He groaned the minute his mouth touched me. I, on the other hand, died. He sucked and licked me clean. Left no drop to waste.

“Oh god. Oh god.” I panted, feeling something inside me coil tighter and tighter.


He cursed before pulling back. He stripped out from the rest of his clothes. Fumbling in his pants to find his wallet. He pulled out a condom, tearing it with his teeth before slipping the rubber on his thick twitching erection.

He moved back onto the bed and between my inviting open legs. Grasping onto my hips he thrust in one move, entering me completely to the hilt.

I gasped in awe of how beautiful he filled me and how amazing it felt. It sent tingles all over my body to my very toes. I grabbed onto his hands that were on my hips, holding me prisoner.

“Ah, baby, you feel so good.” He groaned.

He pulled back all the way before thrusting hard inside me.

“Oh, God.” My eyes rolled back in ecstasy. “Keep going!”

He chuckled before increasing his thrust. He drilled his cock into me over and over. It stretched and touched me in ways I know no one will ever be able to.

It didn’t take long before I knew I was close to the edge of no return. I moved to grab the pillows behind me as I ready for my earth-shattering orgasm but he pulled out.

I whimper in frustration but let out a yelp of surprise when he flipped me over to my hands and knees.

He thrust back inside of me and I snapped. My orgasm rippled through my body. I clutched the sheets as I cried out his name repeatedly as I came.

I thought we were done but I quickly realized he didn’t have his release yet. He pushed my torso down to the mattress before sliding his hands back to my hips. One grip it tightly while the other slapped my ass hard. I clenched around his cock.

He groaned and continued to piston inside me. Each thrust hit me right on the spot. I’m already on my way to my second orgasm of the night.

“Axel...” I moaned. “God, you feel so good inside me. I want you to fuck me hard, Axel.”

I didn’t realize how much he liked dirty talk until I saw how sporadic and crazy is thrust were. He was almost there and I love it.

“I love that dirty mouth.” He hissed as he moved me down completely to the mattress. His propped himself up with his hands on either side of me as he used his hips to thrust inside of me.

It was hot, sweaty, and crazy. I felt my world spinning again. Muffling my moans into the mattress. My hands flew to grab hold of his wrists that were propped next to me.

“Axel, ” I cried out as I am once again swept off my feet and into ecstasy again.

He let out a guttural throaty sound before I felt the short hard trust as he released inside the condom. His forehead dropping to my shoulder. His heavy body on top of mine.

I can feel exhaustion wrapping around me. My eyes fluttering closed. I felt him shift slightly and the brush of his lips on my temple.

“I love you, Ryleigh. I have always loved you.”

My heart swells with happiness and my eyes stung with tears.

“I love you too,” I whispered back. He turned me around in his arms and pinched my chin.

“Say it again.” He demanded.

“I love you, Axel.” I smiled at him

He grinned and captured my lips to give me a long heated kiss before releasing me to get cleaned up. When he came back, he pulled me back into his arms. By then I was almost asleep.

“I love you.” He said again just before I fell asleep.


A few months have passed. A lot has happened since the fire. Axel and I moved into our own apartment together. I have placed an application to begin my nursing degree.

One of the most important things I have learned after all this is I needed to love myself in order to be able to be stronger. I needed to realize that I am born with flaws but it doesn’t necessarily make me not beautiful. True beauty isn’t on the outside. It is what is on the inside.

With Axel by my side, I have learned to build my self-confidence.

I’ve realized that I am stronger than I perceived myself. Strength comes with battle scars. There will be people who will tear me down, but it isn’t me who is weak. It is them.

Why do I say that?

The truth out of all this is that they are the ones who are insecure. They are the ones who needed to change to fit society’s image of perfect. I never attempted but it didn’t mean I didn’t let it affect me. What I did was simply turned that part off and took control of what I wanted.

Emery’s last words resonated in my mind and I realized that forgiveness is a strength, not a weakness.

Holding the grudge will not make me stronger. It will hold me back. It will make me just like them.

I am learning to look at things on the other side where there isn’t judgment, grudges, hate, or the need to fit into society. That love and forgiveness can conquer the darkness in this world.

I sat in the middle of the queen size bed that Axel and I got for our apartment, my fingers hovering over my mother’s phone number. Brandon has been insisting that I call her. That she has been worried sick and needed to hear from me. It took me a while, I am not going to lie but this is another step in finding myself. Inhaling, I hit the call button.

To my amazement, she picked up immediately.

“Hello?” Her voice sounded on the other end. She doesn’t realize it is me because she doesn’t have my number.

“Mom?” I said in a whisper.

The line went quiet but I can hear her breathing in the background. After a moment she spoke up.

“It took you long enough to call me.” She started, her voice cracking as she spoke. “Do you realize how worried I was? How I felt when your brother was the one that told me that your apartment was on fire? That I am not the person you would call if you ever needed help?”

I didn’t reply. After a moment she sighed and I can imagine her pinching the area between her eyes.

“But...” She started and once she started she didn’t stop. “I realized that it isn’t your fault. It is completely mine. I am your mother. I should be protecting you. I was but not in the way that is right. You are completely right, Ryleigh, what you said back in Spain. I should have your back.”

Tears started streaming down my cheeks as I listened to her.

“What I did...I am ashamed of. I lost myself along the way and I end up hurting you. Those words you said to me in Spain, it hurt. It hurt to realize that I was the one that caused you pain. I was the culprit and there was nothing I could do to shield you from it. I couldn’t protect you. I know you don’t believe me after all the damage I have done but I want you to know that I love you. I truly do.” There was a sad lightness to her voice. “In my own sick way, I did it because I thought it was best for you when I should have realized that you are perfect the way you are. I am sorry, Ryleigh.”

God, it felt like someone was clawing at my chest. Peeling my skin slowly until I was crying out in pain. I know she loves me. She wouldn’t buy me things, wouldn’t push things on me if she didn’t. She cares. The only thing she did wrong was loving me in the wrong way.

“I love you too, mom,” I whispered through my tears. “And I forgive you.”

She inhaled sharply and after a minute she spoke up again, “Your father and I would like to visit you...”

Her voice dropped at the end. I realized she was hesitating, afraid that I will decline but I can’t say no to her. She was my mother and I love her regardless of what she did or who she is.

“I’ll like that,” I whispered.

I can hear smiling on the other end, “Maybe we can do something together. Go shopping or go get pedicures.”

“I’ve started school again, mom. I probably won’t be free until the weekend.” I told her.

We continued talking for another hour. It was the first time, we had a real conversation back and forth. She didn’t push anything on me. She simply wanted to spend time with me.

After I hung up the phone with her, I changed into some dark denim skinny jeans and an off shoulder oversize white t-shirt. I slipped on a pair of white lazy sneakers before heading out of the apartment.

Although my chest still ached and my eyes are puffy, I walked a few blocks to the fire station. I have become more active than usual not because I want to fit into what society believed is a weight a woman should have but because I wanted to be healthy. I see a future and I want to be the first one to grasp at it and in order to do that I needed to turn around and look at myself once again.

My hand shoved in my pockets, I took in the sunny and warm blanket of today’s weather. It helped alleviate the pain in my chest and by the time I got to the fire station, I felt a lot better. Walking lightly, I found Axel outside talking to his buddies. They were still dressed in their work suits. A few had on their jacket and the others had only the yellow work pants on.

Axel was in his yellow work pants and a tight black t-shirt that hugged his torso like a second skin. He must have caught me coming from the corner of his eyes because he turned to face me. A smile appearing on his face. His buddies that he was speaking to shoved him. A joke passed between them and Axel shoved them back before meeting me halfway in the driveway.

"Hermosa." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me flush against him. “What are you doing here?”

I glanced behind him and caught a few of his buddies regarding us. I flash them a smile before returning my eyes back to my man.

“I had nothing to do. I finished my assignments and figured I’ll come to hang out around here. You know, where all the hot men are at.” I grinned.

His scowl deepened, “I’m sorry but there is only one hot man you should be eye fucking.”

“Oh, you mean Javier?” I played dumb.

He growled and leaned down to bite my cheek. I cowered away from him with a giggle and he supplemented his attack by running his lips on my neck.

“Don’t tease me. I’ll go big bad wolf on you right here, Hermosa.” He murmured huskily.

I pushed him away so that we can talk properly. If I didn’t, he would probably take me right here in the driveway. He pulled back but one hand remained around my waist properly. He looked down at me with those smoldering deep-set eyes that seemed to crawl right into my soul, shaking me to my core.

We walked over to his buddies. His buddies know who I am-well as his best friend but in the last few months, they knew whatever was between Axel and me has changed.

Still, that didn’t stop them from riling Axel up. Wolf whistles and winks shooting my way. Axel threw them all a good glower that told them to back the fuck up or he will throw a few punches.

Javier stepped out from behind the firetruck. His eyes lighting up when he saw me. He sauntered over.

“Hey baby, here to see me? Can’t get enough of Javier?” He flashed me a panty dropping smirk. It has no effect on me but I know Javier. It works every time he meets a girl. All he needed to do was twinkle those green eyes and flash that smirk.

Axel pinned him with a warning glare. His hands tightening on my waist. Axel has become my Alpha male-possessive and demanding. I don’t mind it because it is always steamy in the bedroom and sometimes even out. The man has powerful stamina that is basically unquenchable when it comes to me.

I knocked Javier back with a retort that had him chuckling and the rest of the buddies near laughing. Axel grinned down at me and planted a kiss on my forehead. We continued for the next thirty minutes, bantering back and forth. Axel had to throw a few punches to Javier who was laughing harder each time he teased Axel.

Another woman stepped out from the station. She had on a white tank top and was rocking a pair of yellow work pants just like Axel. I have never seen her before. She must be the rookie that Axel was talking about. The one that has Javier throwing moods from left to right. She had long red hair that was tied into a ponytail. Her physique was toned which told me she worked out quite a lot. She tossed Javier an indifferent look before joining the circle and conversation.

After a while, Axel pulled me away and into the empty break room. He pushed me up against his locker and locked me with his body pressed against mine.

One hand on my waist and other cupping my cheek as he crushed his lips onto mine. I can feel his arousal pressing against my stomach. He groaned against my lips.

“Damn, baby, I can’t get enough of you. You got me thinking about all kinds of dirty thoughts.” He muttered.

I chuckled and snuck my hands underneath his shirt.

“What’s stopping you from taking me now?” I whispered.

“Well, we are at my workplace.” He retorted huskily. His breath hitching as I inched higher and higher.


He smirked against my lips, ”Hermosa, you are so bad.”

I grinned when I saw his lips captured mine and his own hands sneaking underneath my jeans to cup me. Axel never fails to follow through when I needed him. He always leaves me satisfied and loved. He makes sure to shower me with words and encouragement. He has always been my pillar. His fingers made quick work and soon I was screaming out his name in the break room.

When I came down from my high, he was licking his fingers. Damn, he will be the death of me.

He crushed his lips on me and I could taste myself on his lips.

“I love you.” He said once he pulled back enough and we were breathing hard again.

My heart soared and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Wrapping my arms around him, I pulled him close.

For what was suppose to be a piece of cake, turned my whole world completely around.

“I love you too.”

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