Piece of Cake

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Chapter 6


“Ryleigh?” Axel’s husky sleepy voice came on the other side of the door.

My eyeliner brush slipped while I was putting it on. A huge eyeliner line ran past my eyes and to my temple. I muttered a curse and quickly moved to grab some tissues.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

My makeup bag fell all over the marble floor in my attempts to quickly wipe off the eyeliner. This was just great. I didn’t expect him to be up until after I left the room. My heart was being rapidly in my chest.

“What’s going on in there?” He sounded concern. “Did you drop something?”

“I’m fine.” I piped back before bending down to pick up my makeup but ended up hitting my head on the counter.

“Ouch!” My hand immediately shot up to touch my forehead. I hope it doesn’t swell up into a bump.

“I think I need to come in there,” Axel said.

Gritting my teeth, I shoved my makeups back into my makeup bag, “I’m great! Perfectly fine.”

It came out sarcastic and irritated. He went quiet for a while and I thought he had left. I stopped picking my makeups and listened until he spoke up again.

“Are you doing naughty things in there?” He asked.

“What?” I shouted at him. How can he say that? Oh my god, my face was heating up. I swear I look like a bruised tomato right now.

He laughed, “I’m kidding. Hurry up so I can use the bathroom.”

Quickly, I fixed my makeup and grabbed a bathrobe to wrap around me, but I thought one wasn’t good enough to cover. So, I grabbed a second and wrapped around me.

I opened the door and saw him leaning on the other side of the wall with his arms crossed. He looked up when he saw me. My eyes roamed down his disheveled bed ridden hair and his naked muscular torso and down to the dark grey sweats he had on.

“Did you want me to take off the sweats, so you can have a better look?” He asked.

Oh Jesus, please open the gates and let me in.

“No.” I managed to say affirmatively. Feeling a little more confident that it didn’t come out as weak as I was feeling in my knees, I lifted my chin and clutch my makeup bag to my chest as I turned and walked out of the bathroom.

When he was inside, I quickly discarded the robes and pulled on a honey-colored high waisted knit skirt and white cropped t-shirt to go over. I was in the middle of figuring if I should tie my hair up into a ponytail or leave it down to cover my neck and back fat. Axel stepped out of the bathroom and I can smell his aftershave when he walked back to find himself something to wear.

He pulled on a pair of straight legged khakis and bent down to pick up his plain white t-shirt. I turned back to fixing my hair but stopped when I noticed that he had turned to face me while pulling on his t-shirt. The way he was looking at me, it was making my stomach do flips like it was in the Olympics.

“What?” I asked.

“You should leave your hair up.” He said.

“What? Why?” I asked.

He pulled on his shirt all the way before walking towards me. Slowly he took my hair into his hands began pulling it into a loose bun. I watched him work his magic and he didn’t do so bad. I look pretty darn good.

“Nieces. When they ask you so much, you end up learning how to tie girls hair.” He smirked. I thought he will walk away but he remained behind me. He was so close I can feel the brush of his pants against the thinly knit skirt I was wearing. His body heat was literally seeping into my skin.

I was the first one to break our eye contact, stepping forward I gave us a little bit more room before stepping around him to go grab my purse.

“So, where are we heading?” I asked, changing the air.

“Your dad told me yesterday that they will be having breakfast again down in conference room B. Maybe we should head down there, Hermosa. Eat our breakfast and then head out to explore.” He shrugged and shoved his hands into his pocket.

We got to the elevator, but I forgot my cell phone. Cursing under my breath, I told him to wait here while I went back to the hotel room.

When I returned, he was talking to some foreign girls in Spanish. They were laughing and giggling at him. I felt a pang in my chest, but I shoved it aside and walked up to them.

"Anda, ayuda a tu compadre, por favor.” He flashed them a to-die-for smirk. He glanced my way when he saw me from his peripheral vision. The girls giggled again and a few nodded their heads.

"Gracias, chicas.” He said, and I wondered why he was thanking them.

“I see you made friends.” I tried not to sound so bitter but seeing this made me remember that Axel was a playboy and yesterday meant nothing to him. He was just teasing and using me.

“These girls don’t believe me. They think I am not taken. Lo siento, no estoy disponible." He jabbed a thumb in their direction before winking at them. I heard the girls made a few ‘aww’ sounds in response to whatever he said in Spanish.

He then turned to me and slipped an arm around my waist, pulling me into his side. He bent down and ran his nose and lips along my cheek and to my ear. A shiver ran through my body and I moved closer to him without thinking.

Immediately, I closed my eyes against the sensual feel of lips on skin. It felt good to have him touch me and feel the grazing of his lips. He turned me some more until I was pulled flush against him. His lips moved to the crook of my neck and there he did something that had my knees wobbling. He sucked on a sensitive spot, I closed my eyes tightly and held onto his body. It felt amazing—the feel of his lips, his breath, and tongue on my skin. He sucked and kissed that part of my neck like a vampire sucking blood. The worse part was I made no move to stop him. I couldn’t, and I didn’t even understand why.

When he pulled back, his eyes dropped down to my neck before a satisfied smile appeared on his face. I looked at him confused before glancing to where the girls were. They were gone.

We made our way down the elevator and to the conference room. To my surprise, Brandon was here. When he saw me, his eyes lit up before it followed over to Axel and he threw Axel a glare.

“Your brother looks about ready to murder me,” Axel mentioned. He has seen pictures of my brother in my apartment before.

My smile slipped a little when I saw that Brandon was looking at the part of my neck that Axel spent time sucking. Did he see us in the hallway?

Brandon marched over to us with a scowl on his face. His jaw clenched in silent anger. When he reached our side, he pointed at my neck.

“What the hell is that?” He pointed at my neck.

Oh no...no he didn’t. I turned to Axel who was smirking knowingly. I wanted to strangle him. He gave me a hickey and I was too into it that I didn’t even realize.

My hand slapped over the evidence, “Nothing.”

Brandon scoffed, “I’m not stupid, Ry. It’s the fucker who did it, didn’t he?”

Brandon shoved Axel. Axel’s face hardened, and he took a step forward. I stepped in between the two Alpha males, placing my hand on Brandon’s chest and using my back to push Axel away.

“You asshole better not be using her. I swear to god, I’ll fucking hunt you down and murder you myself.” Brandon threatened, his brotherly protective instinct kicking in like always.

“Brandon! It’s fine! Axel is not using me.” I tried to reason and trying at the same time not to cause a scene. “Remember where we are guys. This is a wedding.”

Brandon’s jaw worked before he threw another glare at Axel and then back at me. Instantly, his facial expression softened.

“It’s nice to see you again, Ry.” Brandon smiled. He was my big brother and protected me all the times my mother had attacked me about my weight. He was always there until he moved away. I saw him on occasions, but it became less and less when his business boomed. Last I spoke with him, he was traveling overseas to manage a company over there.

I hugged him tightly, “I’m so happy you’re here. I thought I would have to suffer through this alone.”

He chuckled, “Yea, well, mom wouldn’t stop calling me.”

Well, at least I wasn’t the only one our mother was pestering. He pulled back ran a hand through his brown hair and glanced behind him.

“Hey, so, what do you have planned today?” He asked.

“Axel and I were just going to go do some exploring around the city,” I told him. I felt Axel’s hand slip into mine sneakily.

“Well I brought someone I want you to meet, maybe we can hang out after breakfast together.” He offered.

“Someone?” I arched an eyebrow.

He laughed, “It’s not what you think. She’s my secretary but a good friend too.”

I gave him a disbelieving look and he laughed innocently, “I’m serious, she’s nothing more than a friend.”

“That’s what they always say.” I glanced behind him to see who he was looking at just a minute ago. A tall redhead stood by the bacon, picking up several pieces and putting it on her plate.

“You know what? I like her. Anybody who likes bacon, I like.” I said with a smile. Brandon laughed in amusement and Axel had a smile on while shaking his head at me.

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