Dance of the Luna

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COMPLETED. EDITED version is out now. Five seconds till midnight. Five seconds till I turn eighteen. Five seconds till I find my mate, or my mate finds me. Except, I already know who.

Romance / Fantasy
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Before You Read

w a r n i n g

This is the unedited version, therefore this book contains a lot of vocabulary and grammatical errors as well as major plot holes. If you would like to read the edited version, it is on my profile and under the name 'The Alpha's Cinderella'.

This book contains violent and gory imagery and content that could be possible triggers: physical abuse, mental health, mentions of needles, injections and blood. Please read it at your own risk.

The French used in this book is directly taken from Google translate.

This book was written over a span of almost two years. Thus, plot holes and inconsistent storylines will be present everywhere. I have decided to keep this version instead of taking it down for all the beautiful readers that were with me since the start. Once again, if you'd prefer to read the edited version, three chapters are up on my profile under the name 'The Alpha's Cinderella'.

s t a t u s

started on: January 22, 2019

ended on: December 24, 2020

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