Dance of the Luna

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Five seconds till midnight. Five seconds till I turn eighteen. Five seconds till I find my mate, or my mate finds me. Except, I already know who.

Romance / Fantasy
Tori C.
4.8 77 reviews
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Dance of the Luna

s u m m a r y

At some point, life decides to play with you. Most people call it fate; I call it a cliché fairytale.

The cheers erupt on the dot of midnight as I run down the marble steps of the pack house. “Shit!” I mumble, cursing at myself for tripping on the black, silky train of my dress.

I have to quickly get out of here. Before—

The scent of the woods and fresh rain invades my sense of smell, confusing my wolf and I for a moment to turn around, run back up the stairs and collapse into the arms of my mate.

But I can’t do that.

My wolf is angry at me for running the opposite direction but she understands why I must do what I did. I need to get out of here.

Now it begs the question, why am I running away from my mate to live a Cinderella’s tale?

It’s because I have been played right into fate’s twisted hands.

My name is Cassandra and this is my story.

c a u t i o n

- There will be a fair amount of profanities and grammatical errors as this is my first draft of my very first book.

- The updates will be slow as a chapter is released here Monday every fortnight.

- There might be possible bloody and gory scenes as well as references to syringes and needles. Make sure to read at your own risk.

- If there is another language involved, there is a high chance it is directly taken from google translate, therefore the possibility of horrible translations.

[ you have been warned ]

s t a t u s

started on: January 22, 2019

ends on: —

c o p y r i g h t

Plagiarism is not appreciated. Any form of plagiarising—meaning copying down word for word—of this story without the author’s permission is highly unacceptable.

@All Rights Reserved 2019

I hope you would see to this and respect my decisions. Enjoy.

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