Where I Belong

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Wondering what the cops sirens were for, my Mom peered outside and then turned to me confused. The confusion made my blood run cold. Whoever said High school days are carefree? All Amelia ever wanted to do was escape from reality. The trauma she faced gnawed at her, eating up her soul day after day. Locking herself up and starving herself wasn't enough to make the pain go away. All it did was hurt those around her. And so she decides to escape to another country. A place where no one knew her, nor could bother her. A place where she would be left alone without people constantly worrying over her. A place she could start anew. What she did not expect is to actually find salvation. A reason for her to continue living. Friends as important as her life. At long last, she's found a place where she can breathe. ***** Amelia takes in her surrounding. She smiles at the people around her. The ones she considers more close than family. An arm wrap's around her waist, looking down at her lovingly. She could not wish for anything, or anyone more precious than the man holding her. Finally, at long last, she can say out loud, "This is Where I Belong."

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Chapter 1

I open an empty notebook, twirling my pen in my hand, thinking of what I need to write as my final work. I’ve been a writer for quite some time, but I decided to put an end to my writing career and concentrate on my family. I place the tip of the pen at the top of the page; still unsure. Looking around, my eyes fall upon a photo frame seated neatly on my study table. It was from back in the days, when I was in high school, with people most dear to me; Especially a certain someone.

With a smile, I look back to the empty page that I’ve been staring at all this time. I’ve decided.

My final masterpiece is going to be My story to the world.

I stood in front of a noisy classroom. The teacher seemed to be struggling with quieting the students in order to announce to them a new student has transferred; Me.

I moved to Lyon, France all the way from America. I was born and raised in Miami Florida, and a year earlier I wouldn’t have imagined myself in a country where English isn’t even spoken much, but a language I barely know. I always got a C+ in French class.

But after an Incident, I needed a change. I needed to get away from my school, friends, and family to get a breather. My Dad studied in France during his college days, so he had quite a few friends he could get help from. One of them was the principal of the school I’ve enrolled in.

Not that, it was necessary. In France, it seems, Studies is compulsory only till the age of sixteen. High school is but an option for teens. If you are interested in getting into some kind of apprentice/study program, the kids were allowed to do so without entering high school.

However, one condition Dad made me agree to, was to enter his friend’s high school.

The principal, Camille Andreas, is the younger brother of my Dad’s best friend whom he had tutored while living in France. He was more than willing to take me under his care and have me enrolled in his school. Camille was only thirty-six and was living with his twin sister Felicity, who was married and had an obnoxious, rude son a year older than me.

A sudden loud noise brought me back to my senses. Looking around for the source, I saw the homeroom teacher holding a steel ruler. She must have banged it on the table to get everyone’s attention. It worked like a charm. Every single eye in the room strained on me. Sighing, the teacher turned to me apologetically.

“Please go on dear,” she said motioning to the class.

It was weird seeing a class full of kids with Uniforms; White and blue checkered skirt, pants in guy’s case, short white sleeved shirt, navy blue blazer with the school’s badge on the left side and navy blue and white tie. My previous high school allowed casual wear; thus it being such an annoyance to wear one of these uniform first thing in the morning.

"Bonjour.” I start, flinching at my own greeting. “I’m Amelia Brooke. I’ve just transferred. Nice to meet you all.” I said monotonously. I was never the dull kind. However, I had no intention in getting along with anyone in the class. I’m just here to pass my days and try to forget what happened.

There is no response from anyone, except one kid who was grinning goofily from ear to ear, rocking back and forth on his chair. A baseball cap was plopped sideways on his head, slightly revealing his strawberry blonde hair.

“Why did you transfer to our lycee in the middle of the year Amelia?” the goofy kid asked, his eyes gleaming.

Lycee? He must mean school.

“I had personal reasons,” I replied to him in the same tone as my introduction.

With a clap, Miss Valerie stood up from her seat which she had taken while I was introducing myself. She faced me with a smile.

“Now that introductions are out of the way, why don’t we assign you a seat?”

Saying so, she turned to the class scanning every nook and corner.

“How about over there? Next to Pierre? He seems to be willing to be best buds with you.” She gently pushed me towards the class. Tugging my school bag strap, I stare at the class. Who’s Pierre?

The guy with the baseball cap motioned to the empty seat in front of him. Guess he’s the one.

I drop my bag on the desk and sit down. I could feel the stares from every direction but ignored all and faced the whiteboard in front.

“Psh. Psh! Amelia!”

Turning around I was closely facing the goofy guy. A wide grin still plastered to his face. I wasn’t sure if it was fake or genuine.

“What?” I asked him quite rudely trying to make it clear to him I was not here to play friends.

“I’m Pierre Thomlinson. Ravi de Vous rencontrer Amelia.” He says extending his hand. He sure loves saying my name a lot. Not sure what he meant, I just shook his hand, gave a nod and turned.

“Amelia. Amelia!” He was calling my name again. I clenched the strap of my bag tightly. If he doesn’t stop, I’m gonna hit him with my bag.

“Ame...” a whiteboard duster came flying and hit Pierre straight on the face, his cap dropping down revealing the most ridiculous bed hair I’d ever seen.

“Leave Amelia alone, you moron!” Miss Valerie yelled, hands on her hips. Pierre gave her a grin, to which she groaned earning the laughter of the entire class.

“Forget about him. He’s always been a bird-brain,” a girl, sitting next to me, said, pointing her thumb to Pierre.

“I’m Ninnon. Nice to meet you.” She said with a vague nod. I gave one in return. She wore glasses, but behind them, I could see large chocolate brown eyes. Her hair was bluish black done in a high pony-tail with bangs covering her forehead. She faced the class once more, and so did I.

The classroom was filled with laughter and teasing, and I tried my best to zone out of it all.

Unlike back in America, where we had to shift classes, here in France the respective subject teachers came to the classroom. Which was a disadvantage to me. I was hoping to bunk a few and go find a spot I could call my own.

After what felt like forever, the bell rang signaling break time. Everyone around me sighed in relief. Pierre dashed out of the classroom even before the Math teacher had left. What’s with this guy and his way of living?

Everyone in the class formed cliques and began eating home-made lunchboxes while a few walked out in groups to the cafeteria. I was on my own, so I decided to head out and look for that personal spot of mine. Ninnon turned to me, and at the same time, Pierre arrived, panting aloud as he stood in front of my desk, holding a wrapped hotdog, looking at me expectantly. What? He ran all the way to the cafeteria and back just so we could eat together?

“Am...” He started but was interrupted.


I’m called Mia back home, but the only person who calls me that here in France just to irritate me is that jerk. Even before I saw his face, I scowled.

Standing by the doorway, leaning on the wall with a bored and arrogant expression was none other than Adrien Valentin, aka Principal Camille’s rude nephew.

“Yeah, it’s bad to see you too.” He says looking at me pointedly.

The class grows silent as they exchange glances from Adrien to me. What? They’ve never seen opposite sex interaction?

“You know the Vice Prez?” Pierre whispered to me, but his shock must have been as enormous as his voice, cause he was practically yelling. A look of utter shock replaced his goofy grin.


“The Vice President of the student council. You seem to be acquainted with him.” Ninnon said nodding her head in Adrien’s direction.

The guy in my vision had his shirt untucked, tie loosely hanging around his neck, blazer unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up. How in the world can such a person hold the vice president position? More like school’s number one delinquent if you ask me.

“Are you coming or what?” Adrien asked his voice laced with annoyance. What’s the big deal? I never asked him to come fetch me for Christ sake. The fuck is he acting so arrogant?

Unzipping my bag, I grab the lunchbox rude-boy’s Mom generously prepared for me and get to my feet.

“The only guy I know in this school is my Dad’s friend’s arrogant jerk nephew.” Saying so I follow Adrien who had already started walking away not waiting for me.

“Isn’t Adrien Valentin the nephew of the Principal?” I heard Pierre asking Ninnon. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her give a nod.

“SHE’S FRIENDS WITH THE PRINCIPAL!?” Was what I heard last. Pierre’s yell was most likely heard by the entire school. I’m going to whack that ass!


Bonjour: Hello

ravi de vous rencontrer: Nice to meet you

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