The Arranged Problem

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Athena Mikail is 23 days 4 hours and 6 minutes from finding her mate. Sinai Collins has been waiting to reject her true mate for the good of her pack Athena Mikail daughter of the head warrior of the Crescent Peak Pack has been counting down the days until her 18th birthday for the sole reason she will finally find her one true mate and feel completely unconditionally loved. Sinai Collins the Beta of the Dark Rose Pack has been in a mating arranged by her older brother, and alpha, for the last three years. Three years ago she found her true mate in the Crescent Peak Pack while visiting with her brother to meet her betrohed. She fell in love instantly, she never told anyone because if she can't find the courage to reject Athena, her beloved pack will be lost to the rougues that plague both packs. The fate of these to is yet to be determined.

Romance / Fantasy
Silver Sinner
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Prolouge part 1

Athena POV

Its been exactly one week since my 15th birthday and I am already counting down to my 16th when I can finally meet my wolf. I'm currently helping my mother clean the pack house on orders from Alpha Titus, we seem to have guests from the Dark Rose pack coming to see us. I have heard that their Alpha Keelan has his mind set on power, I wonder how that affects his pack's morale.
As I am lost in thought about the possibilities with the Dark Rose, my mother loudly barks at me from the second floor "Thena I'm almost done here go start on the guest rooms." I make my way to the third floor in a sort of day dream state. I finish all four of the guest rooms requested by Alpha Keelan before sitting down with my mother and father in the pack house's kitchen.
My father looks up giving me a loving smile as he says "Everything looking sharp Kiddo?" My mother rolls her eyes at my father smiling "Carter you're going to have to stop calling her kiddo sometime, she's already fifteen years old for crying out loud." My father laughingly replied "Selene, I still call Jaxon Kiddo and he's 22 and mated with a pup on the way." My father is the pack's head warrior and is training my older brother Jaxon to succeed him when the next in line alpha, Daniel takes over in a few years, you can tell the top wolves by their pack tattoos, my pack has a moutain with a crescent moon inside it as its tattoo, which is displayed proudly on my father's shoulder contrasting against his tanned skin. My mother is the pack doctor and is training me to take over her role when I turn 18, she has a tattoo as well due to being mated to my father, but unlike my father, hers is on her forearm and not quite as detailed.
Seeing my parents still interact as if they were. newly mated despite the actual 24 years of being mated and 23 of being married, gives me hope and aspirations for my future. Even their looks compliment eachother, his pitch black hair and green eyes agaist her bright blonde hair and brown eyes, just looking at them you know they were made for each other. I'm watching my parents interact in wistful bliss when my younger brother Kade comes down rubbing the sleep from his eyes, my mother picking him up before tickling him to the point he is in tears. l snap out of the moment as I hear over the intercom on the far side of the kitchen "This is the Top 4 from the Dark Rose pack, here for the audience with Alpha Titus"
I rush over to the door and swing it open only to have my eyes land on the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. Her chocolate hair buzzed on all sides leaving nothing but the long bangs on top, the way they reached her strong jawline drawing my attention to her lips. Then she slid her bangs behind her ear and I was struck by her eyes. Her breathtaking eyes that matched the color of the storm brewing behind her. She stared at me drawing out the moment as one of her companions pushed her inside the door saying in almost a growl "Sinai move it already." Sinai, she even has a beautiful name. After the rest of the group made their way upstairs guided by my father Sinai stood there eyes locked on me.
A look I didn't recognize crossed her face as she held out her hand saying to me in a tone that hinted at something I couldn't distinguish "Sinai Collins, Beta of the Dark Rose pack. And you are?"
I almost jumped out of my skin, I'm talking to a beta for crying out loud, worried I offended her somehow, I took her hand and shook it as I was trying to figure out what I could have done. It took me a minute to remember to speak and I greeted her with "Athena Mikail, future medic to the Crescent Peak pack, it's a pleasure." I don't know why but I didn't want to let go of her warm hand. She released my hand after a long moment and walked up the stairs, my eyes following her every step until she was almost at the top of the stairs then I went back to the kitchen where my mother was, all while wondering about that beta with the eyes like a storm. I sat there hearing my mother, but not really listening. I have no idea why I can't take my mind off of Sinai. She's clearly older than me. She's a beta but I didn't see a mate mark on her neck, so she must be extremely strong to get that position for herself. I hope that maybe, just maybe she could be my mate once I'm 18. The thought makes me grin like an idiot.

My father walked in after awhile with Kade on his shoulders laughing and smiling as only a 6 year old can. Kade climbs off my father and begins tugging on my pant leg I smile warmly at him "What's up Care Bear?" He giggles and tugs on my hand and drags me along to the stairs in front of the pack house, I stare at the Dark Rose packs cars as Kade settles onto my lap he looks at me and says "watch the bolts with me please sissy?" I have never been able to say no to him, especially when he uses the sissy card on me. I look up and wrap my head around the emotions battling inside me as the lighting struck across the sky. Thats when the smell hit me, cedar and sage, the smell was coming from an open window on a Dark Rose wolf's car but somehow I knew. It was Sinai's.

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