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Two best friends since they were five, He needs her and she loves him. Forced apart for ten years. Now she is back and he needs her again. Chloe Banderfield and Hunter White have been best friends since elementary school. The two of them have done everything together. Both sixteen now and starting high school. Chloe has started to notice Hunter in a new light, but Hunter hasn't seem to notice her. Other then Chloe being his best friend. Then the worse thing happens that threatens their friendship. How will they both cope with not being together anymore? Will Chloe confess her true feelings for Hunter before its too late? Will Hunter open his eyes and see her for the first time in a new light? He needs her and she loves him.

Romance / Erotica
M.K. Rissen
4.8 166 reviews
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Chapter 1

I've known Hunter White since first grade. We became best friends right away. I'll never forget his first day of school. He was bullied all day long for being the new kid. I thought he was cute and he looked sad eating alone at lunchtime. So, I joined him. I sat next to him and shared my fruit snacks with him. Ever since that day we were the best of friends. We did and shared everything together. Our first heartbreaks, our first kisses, our first dates. I mean, none of that was with each other. We were to close of friends for that.

Hunter has been sneaking in my bedroom window since elementary school. Now that we're both starting high school, I'm a nervous wreck, but Hunter is as cool as a cucumber. See the one thing that did change between us was Hunter became a heartthrob. I, well, I didn't. He became very popular and all the girls drooled over him. Most of the time, I found myself rolling my eyes at how these girls would act.

He seemed to find it funny. Even though our statuses at school changed, we stayed the same best friends. I had a hard time making female friends because most of them were to busy pondering over Hunter. I did, however, have one good female friend. Her name is Tracy and we have been friends for a good while. Even though Hunter was friends with all the beautiful people, he was still running around with Tracy and myself. Oh, and he still sneaks in my room almost every night. Hunter's home life wasn't the best. Even when he was a little boy, it wasn't good. His stepfather worked a lot and his mother drank most of the time. I've always been his escape. My family, on the other hand, has always been the Brady family. My mother and father have been married since the dawn of time and were still, to this day, very much in love. I had no brothers or sisters. Hunter was like a son to them and they loved him.

Tonight was no exception. I watched him as he laid on my bed in his sweats and his tee-shirt pulled up just enough to see his hard stomach. I knew we were best friends and would never be anything more, but god damn if he wasn't hot. My hormones were on overload. "What are you looking at Chloe?" He asked me. I got a hold of my thoughts again.

"Nothing I, I was just thinking about our first day of high school tomorrow," I said. I hope that he bought that.

"Your so weird bubbles." He said. Ugh, I hated it when he called me bubbles. Back when we were kids, I wanted to do something nice for my parents. Hunter was with me and my parents were gone for the day. I asked him to help me clean the house up for them. I had never done laundry before and we were both stumped.

"I know where the soap goes," I told Hunter, who looked just as confused as I was. What I didn't know was what kind of soap.

We both filled the washer with clothes and started to look around. That's when I saw the dish soap on the kitchen sink. I ran over to it and picked it up. "This has to be what they use. Its soap and soap cleans everything, right?" I asked Hunter. He kind of shrugged his shoulder.

"I don't think that's the right stuff." He said.

"Well, it's what we got so we're going to use it," I said. I've always been a bit stubborn. I filled the soap up in the washer and started the machine. Hunter and I went back to cleaning the house. About twenty minutes later, I heard Hunter holler for me from the kitchen. I came running in only to find the laundry room and half the kitchen covered in bubbles. "Oh my god!" I yelled. I tried to run into the laundry room and stop the washer, but instead, I fell and slid all the way past the washer right into the back door. Hunter tried to help me, but he ended up falling as well. All of this happened, as my parents opened the back door, and Hunter and I both fell out of it with bubbles following us. Needless to say, he has called me bubbles ever since. We were both only ten at the time.

Hunter is older than me by four months, but my parents have always thrown us two birthday parties together. Hunter's family never really did anything for him, but maybe toss some money his way. So, my birthdays were always his birthdays as well. I never minded it too much, till my mother put together a Disney princess party with a superhero party. I wasn't too happy about that, but we were only six. So yeah, I punched him. That was my gift to him that day.

But now we were both sixteen and starting our first year of high school. "You know things are going to be good this year," Hunter said.

"Yeah, for you," I said, smiling as I put both our backpacks together.

"Did you happen to get more highlighters?" He asked me.

"Yes Hunter, I got you pink ones." I giggled.

"Very funny, but I'm not scared of pink." He said. "Come on bubbles, I'm tired. Let's get to bed we have to be up at six a.m." Hunter wined. I just shook my head at him as he removed his shirt and crawled under the covers. I have to admit, that even with his home life being as bad as it was, he was a very bright and outgoing person. He kept good grades and promised he was going to make something of himself. I was always very proud of him. I also became his biggest fan. I crawled into bed next to him and fell asleep.

The next morning, we were up and ready to go. I picked out a simple blue sundress with a pink sweater and I pulled my hair into a braid. Hunter dressed in his usual black torn jeans and a tightly fitted tee-shirt. He looked good. I just felt invisible next to him. Don't get me wrong. I liked it better that way. "Damn bubbles, your hair is getting long. When are you going to finally cut it?" Hunter said.

"Your crazy, I've not cut my hair since third grade. There's no way I'm cutting it now." I hollered at him.

"Your hair is beautiful." He said and smiled at me. I finished up in the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen. Hunter was already in there with a mouth full of waffles. My mother was smiling and kissing my father goodbye. It's not like they didn't know Hunter snuck in the house almost every night since we were kids.

I walked into the kitchen and made myself a cup of hot tea. For my sixteenth birthday, my parents got me a car. Nothing fancy, just a new Honda Accord. I had gotten my license over the summer and I was super excited to be driving to school now, instead of us riding the bus all the time. Hunter's home was right by the high school and mine was on the other side of town, but Hunter would always be here with me to ride the bus. He didn't like me to ride it alone. But now we were driving to school. We also had to pick up Tracy. I punched Hunter in the arm when he went for more food. "Come on you pig, we have to get to school," I said. He looked offended.

"That really hurts bubbles, you know I've got to bulk up for football. I need to eat." He said shoving a waffle into his mouth.

"You're so gross," I said, giggling at him. Hunter made some gross pig noise at me.

Hunter has never been big into sports, but being on the school's football team would look good on his college applications. So he was trying out for the team this year. He would make it, I had no doubt about that. Anything Hunter has ever wanted to do, he did, with no problems. It was just who he was, and of course, I'd be his little cheerleader like I have been for years. We got to Tracy's house and she came running out of the front door. "Hey bitches, you ready for high school?" She yelled as she made her way to us. Both Hunter and I just laughed at her.

We pulled up to the high school and I found my parking spot. Students with driver's licenses had to sign up for parking spots. Once we got out of the car and Hunter's groupies saw him, they came running up to him like lost puppy dogs. I just rolled my eyes. Hunter looked over at me and smiled. I just nodded at him and he took off with his minions, including Jazmine Frank, one of the school's most popular girls. Nothing but a bitch if you ask me. She has been after Hunter for as long as I could remember, but according to him, he is not interested in her like that.

If she had half a brain he might be. She was very beautiful but dumb as a box of rocks. Tracy and I had the first-period class together. I'm smarter than Tracy, but it was nice to have a friendly face in the same class together. I always helped her with her work. Tracy was what you would call girls, girl. She was very much into makeup and hair products. Today she was dressed in skinny jeans and a tight red tank top that showed her belly. The two of us walking down the hallway together looked like complete opposites, but we were good friends. I saw Hunter by his locker putting things away. I watched as Jazmine couldn't keep her hands to herself. I just shook my head. "Chloe." I heard Hunter yell out. Thank god he never called me bubbles on purpose at school. Tracy and I walked over to him. Jazmine turned to look at me.

"So Chloe, are you going to be Hunter's little shadow this year?" She said and her little group of girls just started to giggle.

"What's wrong Jazmine, jealous because you want the job?" I said. Both Tracy and Hunter laughed.

Jazmine just crossed her arms at me and walked off. "Your bad bubbles," Hunter whispered in my ear.

"Are you turning over a new leaf Chloe?" Tracy asked as we all walked down the hallway. Normally all I ever did was stay quiet when someone put me down or talked bad to me, but to be honest, I was really sick of it. It was high school now. Time to move on from the bullshit.

At lunchtime, I found a tree and sat under it to have lunch. Tracy found me and took a seat. "How's it going so far?" She asked me. I nodded at her.

"Things are good. I like my classes so far." She smiled at me.

"Your such a nerd." She said. I threw a chip at her. "Have you seen Hunter?" She asked me.

"No, not yet." Just as I said that I felt him sit down next to me. He reached over and kissed my forehead.

"Hello ladies, how's it going?" He asked. I smiled at him and Tracy went to town talking about some boy she saw that she needed to get at. Both Hunter and I just laughed at her. "Listen, they are doing tryouts after school today for football," Hunter said. I looked up at him.

"Already?" I said. "But it's only the first day of school." He smiled.

"I guess so, I've got to be there." He said. I nodded at him. "You will be there right?" He asked me. I smiled back at him.

"Of course silly, where else would I be?" I went to take a bite of my apple, but Hunter beat me to it. "Jerk," I said, slapping at him.

After school got out, I went over to the football field. I took a seat in the bleachers. I looked out on to the field. I found Hunter among a ton of guys trying out. I knew he would make the team, but I still kept my fingers crossed. We must have been there for about two hours when my cell phone went off. It was my mother.

"Hello, mom."

"Hey, baby, where you at?"

"Sitting on the bleachers, watching Hunter try out for football."

"Oh, I hope he gets it. Listen I need you to come home soon. Your father and I need to talk to you."

"Okay, I don't think we will be here much longer."

"Okay, I'll see you soon."

We said our goodbyes and I looked up to see Hunter running towards me. I smiled at him. He was sweating and covered in dirt. He still looked good. "How did I look out there?" He asked me.

"Real good, I don't know why you're worried about it, Hunter. You know you are going to get it." I said. He smiled. "Look, my mother called and I guess she and my dad need to talk to me. Are you going to be much longer?" I asked him.

"No, we're done, but I've got to go home tonight before my mother has an aneurysm." He said.

"Okay, well you know where I live," I said, standing up and starting to move down the bleachers.

"Yeah, I think I've got a pretty good idea." He said. I giggled at him. He hugged me and I told him I'd see him later.

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