She loved him

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Chapter 10

The last two days with Hunter have been wonderful, with the exception of Hunter working. We have been together constantly. Yesterday morning I didn't see him much. He had Tim and we both decided it would be better to wait on Tim and I getting to know each other, until I came back. We also didn't want Tracy to know anything about us until then. I learned some really nasty things about Tracy lately, that Hunter has been sharing with me. I can't believe how much she uses Tim against Hunter. I couldn't wait to get this all over with and I was hoping Hunter and I would find a way out of that situation.

Today was my last day before I headed back to Florida. I was hoping to get things taken care of fast and be back within the month. Closing and reopening a business takes a little time, and I didn't want to waste anymore time being away from Hunter. I thought it would be nice to make dinner and bring it to Hunter's work. We could eat by candle light behind his shop in the woods. I spent most of the day with him, but he had a last minute car show up and needed to work this evening. I made a basket of fry chicken and a container of homemade potato salad. I grabbed a bottle of wine and a few water bottles. It was around seven in the evening. I kissed my mother goodbye and headed out the door. I jumped into my rental car and headed off to Hunter.

Like most nights the town was dead and Hunter's shop lights were on and the garage was up. I parked and could hear his music playing inside. I made sure no other cars were around when I got out and made my way over to him. Of course he was bent over a car, working his butt off. He was dirty and sweaty, just the way I liked him. I giggled to myself. He was so beautiful, dirty or clean. I walked over to the other side of the car and bent down. I just stayed quiet because I knew he already knew I was there. "What are you doing here gorgeous?" He asked without even looking up. I smiled at him.

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Surprise me with what?" He asked.

"Are you hungry?" I said. He finally looked up at me.

"I'm starving, why?" He said, with that beautiful smile of his.

"Come with me." I said and started to walk outside to my car. Hunter followed me. I opened the trunk to revel the food I made. He smiled at me.

"Did you make dinner?" He asked. I nodded at him. I pulled out the basket and grabbed a blanket. I started to make my way into the woods behind the shop. "Bubbles, where are you going?" He asked, walking behind me.

"You'll see." I said. I finally found a flat spot and stopped. I spread out the blanket and took out the candle and lit them. We weren't to far from the shop, so there was a little more light than normal. Hunter smiled and took a seat next to me on the blanket.

"This is so sweet of you." He said. He reached over and kissed my cheek. Then kissed my forehead, then kissed my cheek again.

"Hunter, how can I feed you when your doing that to me?"

"Maybe I want dessert first." He whispered in my ear.

"Who said I brought dessert?" I said, playing with him.

"Any meal with you there is dessert." He said smiling.

"Your so cheesy." I said pushing him a little.

"So, what did my girl make me?" He asked. I started to pull out all the food. I remembered he loved fried chicken and I hoped it was still true. I made my mother's recipe and Hunter was always the first one to the table when she made it.

I opened the chicken up and Hunter's eyes lit up. "Is that your mother's chicken?" He asked me. I nodded my head at him and smiled. "I haven't had this in over ten years." He said. I made him a plate and he was super hungry. I knew no one cooked for him and he did mostly take out, I hated that. It would change once I was back because I loved to cook. He then took a hold of me and laid me back on the blanket. He moved above me and his lips found mine. His hand was up my shirt and we were making out like teenagers.

Tracy's POV,

I stood in front of Hunter's shop. I was looking for him, but I couldn't see him anywhere. I stopped and got food for him and thought we could have dinner together and talk. I asked my mother to keep Tim tonight, so I could have some time alone with Hunter. This wasn't the first night I had come here to the shop and couldn't find Hunter. It was however the first night I've come and everything was still on and the garage door was up. I knew he couldn't be far. I thought I heard voices around back, so I decided to check it out. That's when I noticed some flickering lights. I stepped a little closer and that's when I saw them. Hunter and Chloe were in the woods kissing. I could feel my blood boil and my anger was rising. How could he? It's time for you to go Chloe. I said to myself, as I made my way back to my car and left.

Chloe's POV,

The next morning I woke up early. Hunter was next to me with his arms around me. I started to wake him up. I kissed his cheek and ran my fingers through his hair. He opened his beautiful eyes at me and smiled. "I've got to get ready to go to the airport." I said to him and he put his bottom lip out at me. "The faster I get back there. The faster I get back to you." I said.

"I'm still going to miss you." He said. I kissed his lips and jumped out of bed. My bags were already packed and I was ready to go. Hunter and my mother walked me out to my car. My mother kissed me goodbye and walked back inside. Hunter pulled me into his arms and held on to me.

"I'll be back before you know it."

"Do you promise?" He asked me.

"Yes, I'll always find my way back to you. You are my home Hunter. Never forget that."

"Remember you said that." Hunter said as his lips found mine. I had to drive into the city to get to the airport. I had a good hour drive ahead of me. Hunter finally let me go and with tears in my eyes I got in the car and took off. I watched as Hunter stayed in view until I was gone. My drive was going by slowly as I was alone with nothing but woods around me. It was a beautiful drive and a very cool morning. My heart felt like it was going to break. I needed to get back and take care of things quickly, so I could return to Hunter.

I noticed a car approaching behind me kind of fast. It was a large white SUV, but I payed it no attention. Most cars that were out here on this road drove like idiots. I did however, notice when it was on my ass. I couldn't see the driver. I tried to slow down some, so the vehicle could pass. Instead it slowed down. The speed limit on this road was sixty five and I was doing seventy. The other vehicle slowed down so much that it became a dot in the mirror. Weirdo, I said to myself. The next thing I knew, the car hit me at full force. I don't remember to much after that except I was upside down over and over again. Then there was blackness.

Unknown's POV,

The other vehicle took off like a bat out of hell. I pulled my bike over and ran to the car in the woods. I saw the whole thing. The car was completely totaled. Whoever was inside couldn't have survived this. I took a deep breath and walked over to the driver's side. A young woman was laying on the roof of the car covered in blood. Her long hair was everywhere and as I looked at her, I could see life still. "You must have a guardian angle watching you, girl." I said. I tried my fastest to get her out of the car. Her broken body laid limp in my arms. That's when I smelled gas. I knew the car was going to blow. I took off out of the woods with her in my arms. The car exploded minutes after that. "Don't worry sweetheart, help is coming. Stay with me now."

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