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Chapter 14

Hunter's POV,

It has been two months since Chloe went missing. I'm slowly losing my mind. The police have done nothing to help us. Keven hasn't been back since he left two months ago and he barely calls to check in on her. Chloe's mother has placed missing persons posters all over the town. Tracy has been acting concerned and has been being very helpful and kind. She knows how upset I am over all of this and has actually been a big help. I've been doing my best to keep it together for Tim. I know he knows something is up with me. I spend most of my evenings with Chloe's mother. She is just besides herself. Tracy has shown up over at Chloe's mothers a couple of times, wondering if there is anything she can do.

I feel abandoned all over again. Except this time I don't know where she is. I don't believe she is dead and I don't believe she has taken off on her own, but I've got nothing to go on. No leads, no nothing. I was sitting outside my shop. Looking at the stars.Where are you bubbles? I don't think I can do this with out you. I said to myself. That's when Tracy came walking around the corner. I looked over to her. I really wasn't in the mood for her at that moment. She went inside the shop and grabbed herself a chair. When she returned, she sat next to me and reached into a paper bag and handed me a beer and a sandwich.

"Where's Tim?" I asked.

"He with my mother." She said. Tracy always made good over stuffed sandwiches. "We need to talk." She said.

"Okay, talk." I said.

"I know you want out of this marriage. I know you wanted Chloe." She said. I looked over at her.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"Come on Hunter. I'm not stupid. I see how all of this has affected you." She said.

"Tracy, she is my best friend. Has been since I was a little boy." I spit out.

"Was." Tracy said.

"What?" I asked.

"I said was." She said very confident.

"You want to clarify what you mean by that?" I asked her.

"Oh calm down Hunter. Do you really think that if she was still alive, she would still be missing? I mean how do you even go missing in this world anymore. She is either dead or left on her own. She don't care abut you like I do." She said, just as calmly as can be. I never in my life wanted to hit a woman, but I was about to make that exception.

"Your wrong Tracy!" I yelled, getting out of the chair and walking back inside my shop. I knew if I didn't go, I wasn't going to be able to control my anger. I took one look at her and closed the garage door in her face.

"Hunter wait, I wanted to talk about us!" Tracy hollered from the outside.

"There is no us!" I hollered back. I turned all the lights off in the shop and headed upstairs to my bed.

Three months later.

Things are still the same. It's been a total of five months now and there is still no news. The only thing that has happened. I s hat Chloe put her mother down as a reference for her car rental. They called about three weeks ago. The car still hasn't been returned and they were now going to put out a police report on the car. It took them this long to finally do something. Come to find out the reason why, they just kept charging Chloe's credit card. Once the money was gone. hey started to try and find their car. I was so pissed off. I started to become hateful. Even Tracy was staying away from me. I stopped going over to Chloe's mothers house. Because the pain was to much for me. I called her every once n a while to check in on her, but other then that. I did nothing but work.

I drove the route that Chloe told us she would take that day at least three times a week. Trying to see if I can see anything that might help, but I come up empty every time. I refuse to believe that she is dead, but the idea of her disappearing on her own. Started to look more like the cause then anything. I just have a hard time believing that after everything we said and did, that this was her choice. I just didn't know what to think. My mind was so messed up. I was working on a car when one of my friends Seth Johns came walking in.

"Hey man, how are you doing?" He asked me. I just looked up at him and nodded. "Still no news on Chloe?" He asked.

"Nope, nothing." I said still not looking up.

"And the police are still not doing anything?" He asked.

"Because she is an adult and there is no evidence of there being anything suspicious. She has every right to disappear. They won't do shit." I said. Seth had become so quiet. I thought maybe he left. I looked up to see him quietly sitting in a chair drinking a beer. "Why are you still here Seth?" I asked him.

"Because, I'm your friend man and you deserve a break. Come, sit and have a beer with me." He said. I took a deep breath and sat my tools down and took a seat next to him. He handed me a beer. "Have you thought about hiring a private investigator?" Seth said. I never thought about that. I said to myself.

"That might be a good idea." I said.

"Good, you think about that. It would be nice to have the old Hunter back. So whats going on with you and Tracy?" He asked me.

"I'm going to just throw in the towel with her. I don't love her, I don't want to be with her." I said.

"What about Tim?" Seth asked.

"What about him? I'm a good father and if we share him I wont owe her shit. I swear dude, I'm done." I said, taking a sip of my beer.

"I think that's a good idea to. It's about time you get yourself out of that." Seth said. Abut a week later. I met with a private investigator. It was going to cost me a lot of money, but damn it. I needed answers. He promised he would do everything in his power to find something on Chloe. I haven't had a chance to talk to Tracy about my decision for us to get divorce. She has still been trying to figure out a way to work things out between the two of us. The only problem with that was the only thing between the two of us was Tim. Our friendship used to matter to me, but after everything that has gone down. I just don't care about that anymore. I'm having dinner tonight with her alone to discuss my choice with her. I think ever since I asked her to dinner. She thinks I'm going to try and work things out with her, but it's going to be just the opposite.

Its been about a week since I hired the investigator. He still has no news for me, but he hasn't given up. Tonight I'm having dinner with Tracy. After I showered and got dressed. I jumped in my truck to go pick her up. Her mother is keeping Tim for us.

"Tracy we need to talk." I said and she smiled up at me. "I want a divorce." I said. Her face became hard to read. I waited for her to respond.

"But, I. I thought if she was. I don't understand. I thought things were getting better between us?" She said.

"Tracy, you have always known I've never been in love with you. That hasn't changed. We both need to move on with our lives. We both deserve to be happy." I said.

"Bullshit!" She shouted. "I saw you two in the woods behind your shop. I know this is all about her, but she is dead Hunter. When are you going to except that?" She said.

"You don't know what your talking about. This is over Tracy. I'm done! I said and got up and walked out of the restaurant. I turned back and saw Tracy still sitting at the table. I took a deep breath and got into my truck and headed out to Chloe's mothers place. I pulled in front of the house and turned my truck off. I placed my head on the steering wheel and started to cry. I don't cry. I never cry. I could feel the anger building inside of me. "Where the fuck are you Chloe!" I hollered out. I heard a soft tap on my window and turned to see Chloe's mother standing there. I opened the truck door and she wrapped her arms around me.

"Come inside Hunter."She said. I followed her inside and she handed me a bowl of soup.

"I'm sorry." I said to her.

"For what?" She asked me.

"For failing at finding her." I said.

"Please Hunter, this is not your fault. Don't blame yourself for things that are not in your control. She said. I just closed my eyes and wiped my tears away.

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