She loved him

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Chapter 15

Chloe's AKA Lily's POV,

I've been here about a week now and I love it. I couldn't explain the episode I had the first night I was here. I passed out and Cooper put me to bed. When I woke up I had a bit of a headache and I dreamed about a beautiful little dark haired boy. Cooper wanted to take me to the hospital, but I talked him out of it. I let him know that I was okay and I think I had just had a flashback. A memory maybe. I didn't recognize the kids in my vision and I didn't understand why the boy was in my dreams. I didn't understand what triggered it. It's nice and quiet out here in the middle of no where. Both Cooper and I like it that way. I spent most of my days reading by the fireplace. Cooper stays busy most days with collecting wood and cooking.

Hank and I have become best friends. Nine times out of ten if you couldn't find Hank. You just needed to look for me. At night during dinner. Cooper and I would turn on a dvd and enjoy dinner in front of a good movie. I would always clean up the kitchen when we were done. I kept waiting for more memory's to come in, but I haven't had one since the first night. Cooper has been talking about going into town for supplies. He has been trying to talk me into going with him, but I'm just not ready.

I was still having the same dream about a man who’s face I could never see. Sometimes the dreams were sad and other times they were so very happy I could almost feel him. The problem was I felt like the dreams were trying to tell me something. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I was starting to feel board and restless. Like there was something I needed to do, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Cooper could feel it as well. He was sitting on the couch reading and I was just pacing the room.

"Lily, what are you doing? Your driving me crazy." He asked me. I took a deep breath.

"I don't really know. I just know I'm board." I said. Cooper sat up and closed his book.

"So let's do something." He said. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me.

"Like what?" I asked.

"I don't know. Do you want to go into town with me? We can shop and get something to eat?" He said. I bit my lip and looked to the ground. Was I ready for people? I asked myself. "Look we can start to head for town and if you start to get uneasy. We can leave." He said.

"I don't know."

"Well you think about it and let me know." Cooper said. I went back to pacing the room again. The problem was I did want to go, but was I ready? I said to myself.

"Okay let's go." I said. He looked up and smiled at me.

"Really?" He asked smiling. I nodded at him. "Good girl." He said.

"Just let me get ready." I ran upstairs and I put on some warm clothes and headed back to Cooper. We walked out onto the porch. I went to take a step down the stairs and my foot went out from under me. I let out a whimper as I felt Cooper catch me in his arms. I wrapped my arms around him and held on. He smelt amazing and I, for some reason never noticed just how muscular he truly was. This was the most touching that has ever gone on between Cooper and myself. I know Cooper has held me before, but I was always unconscious. This time I was wide awake. All I could feel was his heat. Neither one of us let go of the other.

"Lily." He whispered in my ear.

"Yes." I whispered back. I could hear his deep breathing.

"We should get in the truck. It's cold out here and I don't want you to get sick." He said in my ear. We both turned our heads and were face to face. My legs started to shake and I felt like jelly. Our faces were so close that if I moved just and inch. Our lips would meet. Cooper closed his eyes and took a step back. I took a deep breath.

"Sorry, I'm so clumsy." I said and smiled a little. He just looked deep at me. I bit my lip and looked to the ground.

"Come on Lily, let's go." He said and I followed him down the steps. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me, but my mind was full of nothing but naughty thoughts about Cooper. He drove in silence all the way to town. I kept glancing over at him. Trying to dig out what was on his mind, but I couldn't read him. I didn't think about Cooper in that way until now. He has been a wonderful friend to me and he didn't even have to be. I just hope that he cares and he isn't doing all of this out of pity. We started to pull into a town. I sat up and looked around. It took us a little over an hour in a half to get here. Something about this place felt familiar. I couldn't put a finger on it. Cooper parked in front of a grocery store. People were walking all over the place. I started to feel nervous. Cooper looked over at me. "How are you doing?" He asked me. I didn't answer him right away I just kept looking around. "Lily, its okay sweetheart. We don't have to do this." He said. Cooper is always so understanding and sweet to me.

"How about I just stay out here in the car?" I asked him.

"Are you sure? We can just head back home." He said. I smiled at him.

"No really I'll be okay. Just go do the shopping." I said. He smiled at me.

"I promise I wont be long." He said.

"Thank you Coop." I said. He stopped and looked at me.

"For what sweetheart?" He asked.

"For just being you." He smiled and closed the door. He left the keys in the truck so I could listened to the radio. I continued to watch the people outside. I was hoping Cooper wouldn't be to long. After about thirty minutes, Cooper returned.

"I'm sorry it took so long." He said, as he got into the truck.

"It's okay, everything was fine." I said.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. "Don't worry we can just go though a drive though." I smiled at him and nodded. We got our food and headed back home. We were both quiet again. "Lily can I ask you a question?" Cooper said.

"Of course." I said.

"Are you happy at the house with me?" He asked. I cocked my head at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Just what I said." He said looked straight ahead.

"Yes Cooper, I'm very happy there." I said. He smiled and continued to look out at the road.

"Why did you ask me that?" I asked him.

"Because I wanted to know." He said. We pulled up in front of the house and I jumped out of the truck. I was happy to be home and I missed Hank. We got all the food out and put away. I went to follow Cooper and at the same time he stood back and we almost hit each other. He grabbed my waist and I reached out for his chest. To stop ourselves from falling. "I'm sorry Lily." He said. Our faces once again were only inches from each other. I felt my heart rate speed up and I didn't know what to do. Cooper just kept his eyes on mine. He was breathing heavily. He then closed his eyes and I could tell he was trying really hard to maintain himself.

"Cooper, what are you thinking about?" I asked him in a whisper. We were still holding onto each other.

"I'm trying really hard here sweetheart." He said.

"Trying what?" I asked.

"Trying to be a gentleman." I giggled a little.

"Whats so funny?" He asked.

"Your always a gentleman Cooper, why is this so hard for you?" I said. He took a deep breath. "Do you want to kiss me Coop?" I asked him. He opened his eyes and looked at me, but he didn't speak. Instead all I could see all over his face was lust. He was still breathing heavily. "You can kiss." I started to say, but before I could get the words out. His lips crashed into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he lifted me up and sat my down on the counter top. Our lips never separating. I felt the need for him to be so powerful, like I had been longing to be touched for so long. I couldn't believe how hungry I was for this. I lifted my arms and he took my sweater off. I pulled at his shirt and removed it. He was beautiful and smelled heavenly.

"Are you sure you want this?" He whispered in my ear with his lips on my neck. I just nodded at him and his lips found mine again. He picked me up and took me into the living room. He had a hug rug in front of the fireplace and he laid me down on it. I felt his hands all over my body and I could tell he was skilled. I ran my nails up and down his back as he kissed my lips and neck and down my chest. He gently took one of mine nipples into his mouth. I moaned out some and I felt him smile. He continued to kiss down my stomach. He took a hold of my leggings and pulled them down my legs. I lifted up so they would come off easily. He then started to kiss up my leg to my thigh. To the inner park of my thigh. I closed my eyes when he nuzzled himself between my legs. I felt him pull my panties to the side. I heard him growl. Then I felt his soft wet warm tongue slip its way past my lips and found my clit. I reached up and took a hold of the rug in both hands. I tried to bite back my moans, but I failed badly.

We made love most of the night. Cooper was so gentle and loving it was almost too much. I got so lost in him and he was amazing. Cooper was sleeping soundly next to me. When I opened my eye. I laid there staring at the flames of the fire that was slowly starting to burn down. All of a sudden I felt a sting inside my heart. Like as if something was wrong or off. I couldn't put my finger on it like always. I felt like I had just done something wrong, but at the time it felt so right. Everything about Cooper felt right. Here I was laying next to a gorgeous perfect man. Who has done nothing, but go out of his way to take care of me and I'm feeling like I was in the wrong. I wish I knew why. I crawled up onto the couch and looked out at the night sky. I just laid there wondering who I was? Where did I come from? Who tried to kill me? Did I have anyone? All these questions kept coming to my brain. How come no one came for me? I felt the tears start to sting my eyes. I was very lost, but also found at the same time. Cooper was all I knew. He was all I had. I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me. I looked back over at him. Hank crawled in next to him. My last thought before I fell asleep was, who am I?

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