She loved him

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Chapter 2

I can't lose you. Because if I ever did, I'd have lost my best friend, my soul mate, my smile, my laugh, my everything.-Quote

I walked in the door and sat my things down. I found my parents sitting in the kitchen together. They both looked up at me when I walked in. "Hey honey, come and have a seat." My mother said. I walked in and sat down.

"Is everything okay?" I asked. Both my parents smiled at me.

"Yes, things are actually great, but you might not think so. See your father's company has given your father a really big promotion." My mother said. I smiled.

"That's great you guys, but why would I not think that was great?" I asked. They both looked at each other.

"Well, it means we have to move." My father said. My eyes got wide and I looked at both of them.

"Move? Move where?" I asked.

"Florida." My father said. My mouth dropped open.

"Florida? Are you crazy? That's clear across the country." I hollered. "You can't be serious, I've been here in Oregon all my life. How am I supposed to leave everyone and everything I know? How am I going to leave Hunter?" I felt the tears start to roll down my face. "Please, please daddy. Don't make me go." My mother came over and wrapped her arms around me.

"It will be okay Chloe, you'll make new friends and Hunter will be just fine." My mother said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My world was coming down on me and they didn't even care.

"I'm not going!" I shouted. I've always been a good girl, but I was so upset that I started to yell.

"Chloe, you stop that right now." My father said.

"I'm not going!" I kept yelling out. My father stood up and slammed his hands down on the table.

"Your going young lady, and that's final." He said. My tears were still falling. I took off and ran to my room. I opened my door and slammed it behind me. I looked up to see Hunter laying in my bed. He had his hands behind his head. He looked up at me and I know I must have looked horrible. He sat up and looked at me again. Then I ran over to the bed and flung myself into his arms.

"What's wrong?" He said. He wrapped his arms around me. I couldn't stop crying long enough to tell him. "Chloe, tell me what's going on." He said while he rubbed my head.

"I'm moving." Was all I could say. Hunter pulled my face up to him.

"What do you mean, you are moving?" He asked. His face looked pained.

"I mean my father was promoted at work, but the promotion means we have to move to Florida," I said. Hunter moved away from me and stood up.

"Florida? But that's too far." He started to pace the room and shake his head. I knew this was going to be hard on him. Where would he go to get away from his home life? Who is going to be his personal cheerleader when he needs support? Who will be his best friends? I knew these things were running through his head. I continued to cry as I watched him."It's okay, we can figure this out. When are you leaving?" He asked. I realized I didn't even ask that.

"I don't know, I didn't ask," I said sniffling. He came back over to me and held me again.

"They can't take you away from me." He said, rubbing my head again.

"What am I suppose to do Hunter?" I felt him take a deep breath.

"I don't know." He said.

We both fell asleep in each other's arms. We had been best friends forever. We grew up together. Always had each other's back. I don't remember life without Hunter. How was I going to move on without him? How was I going to have the high school experience without him? My mind hurt and so did my heart. My feelings were so much deeper for Hunter than his feelings towards me. I loved him and I had loved him for the last year. In all the years we have known each other, I only realized my true feelings for him almost a year ago at a party we both went to.

Our friend Tracy decided to put together a small party one night when her parents went out of town. Everyone thought it would be fun to play truth or dare. People were kissing and flashing and doing all sorts of goofy stuff. Then it was my turn and Tracy felt the need to be an ass. Hunter and I have never been more than friends. She knew it and so did everyone else, but she decided that night to mess with the two of us. It was my turn and she asked me, truth or dare? I picked dare not knowing what she was up to. She scratched her chin for a moment and then her eyes went to Hunter and then back to mine. "I dare you to kiss Hunter." She said. We both laughed because we have been friends for so long. We have kissed before. I mean nothing but a peck on the cheek, but still, we both laughed.

"No, I mean full on french kiss, tongues and all." She said. My heart skipped a beat and Hunter's smile left his face. I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Tracy, why would you do that?" I asked her.

"Because I can." She said. "Now come on, you picked dare. You have to do it." She said. I looked over at Hunter. He smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders. I rolled my eyes at Tracy as I moved closer to Hunter. I had never kissed a boy like that before and I was very nervous. Hunter, on the other hand, had already kissed like this before. I sat next to him and he leaned down to my ear.

"Don't be scared." He whispered to me. "Close your eyes." He said. I did as he told me. The next thing I knew his lips touched mine. Have you ever watched a movie and seen fireworks go off when the two characters kiss for the first time? That's how I felt. His lips were soft and felt like they were made for me. His tongue slipped past my lips and found mine. Our tongues dance together perfectly. All sounds and movements around us stopped and I was lost in him. He pulled away from me slowly and my eyes stayed closed.

I opened them slowly and he was looking down at me. I blushed like an asshole and turned away from his face. I moved back to my spot and touched my lips with my fingers. That night I started to look at Hunter differently. Not only was he my best friend, but he was now my crush and I had to keep it a secret. Because I knew he didn't feel the same way about me. In fact, the rest of the night he seemed to be avoiding me. I had to admit I was worried about how he was going to act, but the next day he acted as he had always acted. So, I knew he didn't feel the same. I did my best to keep my feelings hidden. Now I was moving away from him, far away from him. This broke my heart. I always knew I would never tell him how I felt and I was okay with that. As long as I was part of his life in one way or another, but now that I'm leaving him I had to tell him how I felt. I didn't even know how much time I had left with him.

The next morning my alarm went off. Normally, Hunter jumps up and runs to the bathroom, but this morning we stayed in each other's arms. "Good morning," I said.

"Good morning bubbles." He said. We both moved slowly and sat up. "I'm going to run home this morning. I'll see you at school." He said. I felt the changes already starting to happen. I took a deep breath.

"Are you sure?" I asked him. He just nodded at me and crawled back out the window. I sat there for a moment just watching the curtains move with the wind. I picked up my phone and sent Hunter a text.

"I'm sorry." I hit send and tossed my phone across my bed.

I got up and went into the bathroom. After I got dressed I went out to the kitchen. My mother had breakfast made and all I did was make a cup of tea. I sat down and drank it quietly. "Aren't you going to eat?" My mother asked me. I just shook my head at her. She frowned at me.

"When do we leave?" I asked her.

"In one month." I just hung my head. "Your father has to go down there and find us a home first. Once he has done that, then we will put this place up for sale and we will fly down there." She said. It hurt even more when she said sell this place. I was born in this home. I stood up and grabbed my car keys. I didn't say a word as I left the house for school. I didn't see Hunter all day. I stood at the gym doors when the football coach placed the paper on the wall to let people know who made the team. Hunter's name was at the top. I was so proud of him. Then again I knew he would make it.

I only wished he was here, so I could congratulate him and we could be happy together. It was great news for him. I had to try and convince him, that even though I was leaving he needed to keep going for his dreams. Hunter didn't show himself the rest of the day and I was worried about him. When I got home my parents weren't home. I grabbed some junk food and headed to my bedroom. I plopped down on my bed and turned on Netflix. I found a sappy romantic movie and turned it on. I felt my eyelids getting heavier and I fell asleep. I rolled over and opened my eyes about two hours later. I grabbed my phone to check my messages, but there were none. It was starting to get dark and Hunter still wasn't here. I decided to send him a text.

"Where are you?" I hit send. I tapped my fingers waiting for him to respond.

"You can't hide from me forever, you know." I hit send again.

"Hunter White!" I hit send again. Then my phone went off.

"What?" That was all he said.

"Really Hunter? Where have you been all day?"


"Are you coming over?"

"Not tonight."

"And why is that?"

"Because I'm busy."

"Busy? Doing what?"

"None of your business."

"Hunter, cut it out and get your ass here. I'm not going to tell you twice."

I hit send and tossed my phone. I heard it go off, but I ignored it. If I didn't answer him, he would show up. I got up and went to take a shower. When I was done I pulled my bathrobe on and pulled my hair into a towel. I walked out of the bathroom. Hunter laid on the bed. I stopped and looked at him. "There you are," I said.

"Yeah, yeah." Was all he said.

"Come on Hunter, are you really going to spend the last month we have together being mad?" I said as I walked into my closet. I took my robe off and went to grab my pj's when Hunter came walking in. "HUNTER!" I hollered out.

"Shit, sorry." He said turning his back to me. "Your leaving in a month?" He asked.

"Yes," I said.

He walked back to the bed. I followed him. "Hey, you made the team," I said to him with a smile. He rolled his eyes.

"Who cares?" He said.

"Hunter, if you don't knock it off I'm going to punch you," I said. He just looked over at me.

"Yeah, you think your big enough." He said.

"I know I'm big enough." I said and jumped on him. I started to playfully punch him and of course like always he tackled me down and started to tickle me. "Please Hunter, I can't breath." I yelled out. He stopped and looked down at me.

"How am I suppose to do this without you?" He said. I felt my tears sting my eyes.

"You can do it Hunter. Your stronger than you think. Besides I'm only a phone call away. I'll always answer for you." I said. I saw the pain on his face. I reached up and tucked some hair behind his ear. "Please stay strong for me and make your dreams come true." I smiled at him.

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