She loved him

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Chapter 26

BEEP, BEEP. Was the only sound I heard as I sat next to Hunters bed in the hospital. After six hours in surgery. I finally got to be next to him. He hasn't opened his eyes yet, but the doctors say he is going to be okay. He saved all of our lives. Poor Cooper has been with the police for that last three hours. My head is spinning all over the place. The thing we faced right now is Hunter waking up. I've got no idea where Tim is and my mother is trying to figure that out. The doctors say it's now up to Hunter to wake up. They don't have him in an induced coma, so waking up is up to him. I've done nothing but cry and lose my mind since all this went down. I can't believe Tracy has been trying to kill me. I knew she had issues, but I never thought she would take it this far and now she is dead. My heart ached for Tim losing his mother.

Cooper came walking back into the room. He looked tired and stressed out. "Hey sweetheart, any change?" He asked me. I just shook my head. "Baby, we need to get you some rest. Let's head back to your mothers and rest and drop Sam off. I promise to bring you right back. They know to call me if there is any change." Cooper said. I took a deep breath and stood up. I reached over and kissed Hunters head.

"I promise I'll be right back." I whispered in Hunters ear. I didn't really want to leave, but Cooper was right. I couldn't have Sam here in the hospital with us. Cooper put his arms around me as we started to leave the room. That's when I heard Hunters voice.

"Chloe?" His raspy voice said. I shot out of Coopers arms and ran back to the bed. Hunter turned and opened his eyes at me.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to take Sam to your mother. I'll be back later." Cooper said. I turned and looked at him with this thank you look on my face. I saw the pain on Coopers face, but I couldn't deal with that at the moment. I took Hunters hand in mine and sat next to him.

"Your okay?" Hunter said.

"Of course I am. You saved our lives." I said to him. That's when I forgot everything and slapped his arm. "What the hell were you doing out there Hunter?" I said.

"Ouch Chloe, hello car accident here." Hunter said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said. Hunter tried to sit himself up, but it wasn't working out for him. "Do you want me to call the doctor in?" I asked him.

"No, I'm okay. I'm just uncomfortable. Listen I followed you this morning cause I needed to make sure you got there safely. The last time you left to go to the airport I lost you. I had to make sure you got there okay. That's when I noticed the car was following you. I stayed behind to make sure it wasn't going to hurt you. I don't know who was driving the car Chloe, but when I saw the car smack the back of your car I had to take it out. " he said. I took a deep breath when I realized he didn't know it was Tracy. How the hell was I going to tell him? I also knew the cops wanted to speak with him as soon as possible. There was no other way but for me to explain to him what had happened.

"Hunter, there's no easy way for me to tell you this, but for me to just come out and say it." I took a deep breath. Hunter placed his hand down on mine. "Tracy was driving the SUV. She was also the one that ran me off the road that morning. She has been trying to kill me. When you hit her you made her flip her car and it killed her." I said looking down at the ground. Hunter sat himself up immediately, but not without causing himself a lot of pain in the process.

"What are you saying Chloe? Your telling me that I killed her?" He asked. I nodded my head at him.

"The police have been talking with Cooper because Cooper saw her the last time. They are waiting to speak to you." I said. The look on his face was one to hard to read.

"I can't believe she has been trying to kill you. This is all my fault." He said. I cocked my head at him.

"How do you figure any of this is your fault?" I asked him.

"If I had never pulled anything with her. We wouldn't be in this position." He said.

"Hunter please, None of this is your fault. Even if you hadn't done anything with Tracy. You still don't know what kind of mind set she was in. Besides if you hadn't of then you wouldn't have Tim. Oh god, where is Tim?" I asked him.

"Don't worry a buddy of mine has Tim. I will need to give him a call." He said.

"I can get Tim for you if you need me to. I can keep him while your in here." I said. Hunter nodded at me. He looked like he was in some pain. "Please Hunter let me get the doctors for you." I said.

"Okay, but come here first." He said. I went closer to him. He reached out for me and I bent down and kissed his lips.

"Thank you." I said to him. He smiled at me and I went out and got the doctors. A few days later I was getting breakfast together for Tim and rocking Sam in my arms. I stayed here at Hunters house with the kids and Cooper. Till Cooper had to get back to work. The hospital said Hunter couldn't go home for at least a week. I decided to just stay here and help with Tim till he was up and moving around. Cooper was being so understanding and I hadn't had to think about my choice for awhile. Regardless who I decided to be with. Hunter would always be my best friend and I will always be here for him whenever he needs me. That was one point I had to make clear to Cooper. Right now the most important thing was the kids and Hunter getting home. I really enjoyed being here at Hunters place. His home was always the type of home I had dreamed of living in.

After I got Tim dressed and off to school. I dropped Sam off with my mother and headed back to the hospital. Hunter was feeling better and ready to get out of the hospital. Of course he was being moody, but they still weren't letting him go. I stopped on my way there and grabbed him some food. The thing he hated most about the hospital was the food. I thought it was pretty good. "Bubbles please tell them to let me go home. If I have to higher a nurse I will. I don't want to spend one more night here." He moaned. I just rolled my eyes at him.

"You know your a pain in the ass right?" I said as I stood up and went to look for his doctor.

"Yeah, but you love me." He hollered out as I left the room. I found his doctor standing by the counter. I walked over to him. He turned and looked at me.

"What can I do to get him out of here today?" I asked with the most annoying look on my face. The doctor smiled at me.

"Are we at this again today?" He said and I just nodded at him.

"He is offering to get himself a nurse and I wont leave his side until he is ready to be on his own." I said. The doctor looked at me for a moment while he was thinking.

"If you can promise me to have a nurse and you can promise not to leave his side. I can discharge him today in your care, but its not going to be easy. He's going to need help for at least a week or more." The doctor said. I took a deep breath. If Cooper tolerates this. He is going to win husband of the year.

"I promise." I said. He told me alright and that he would get the process started. I went back to Hunters room with the good news.He was sitting in the bed eating his burger. He looked over at me as I came back into the room. "Your going home today, but you stuck with me and a nurse till your better. "I said. Hunter just started to smile.

"I think I can handle that, but what about Cooper?" He asked me.

"He understands, you let me worry about that." I said. "Let's get you ready to go home." I said. After about an hour we were leaving the hospital.The staff had to help us out to the car because Hunter was still not walking on his own yet. His one leg was crushed in the crash. Hunter got a nurse ready and she was going to be there at the house when we got there.

"I'm so damn happy to be going home. Thank you so much Chloe." Hunter said. I smiled at him and we headed back to the house. We pulled into the drive way and there was two cars park there. "Oh great." Hunter said.

"What's wrong?' I asked him.

"Joey's here. I'm not in the mood for this." He said.

"Give me a second to find the nurse." I said. I got out of the car and found Joey and the young looking woman sitting next to her. "You must be the nurse?" I said. She stood up with her dark brown hair in a bun and approached me.

"Yes, hello you must be Chloe. I'm Blair Cooks. Hunter said you were in charge." She said and reached out her hand to me. I took her hand and told her Hunter needed help to get out of the car. Joey just stayed quiet and sat on the porch. Blair and I went out to help Hunter. He had himself sitting with his leg out of the car. Blair went right over to him. "Mr. White, what do you think your doing? She asked him. I just smiled and watched.

"I'm trying to help. I'm not worthless you know." He said. I laughed. It was good to see that she wasn't a push over. Because Hunter could be a stubborn ass when he wanted to be. She pulled his wheel chair out of the back of the car and got him in it. It was very funny to watch him try to do it himself and then give up. I just smiled as he stuck his tongue out at me. After we got him in to his bed and Blair and I went over his schedule and her duties. I realized that Joey was still sitting on the porch. Blair went back into Hunters room. I went out and headed to Joey.

"I'm sorry Joey, but what can I do for you?" I asked her.

"Nothing, I'm here to see Hunter." She said. She was full of attitude and I really wasn't in the mood for her shit.

"He is very busy right now. Why don't you come back tomorrow." I said. She stood up.

"Why don't you just let him know that I'm here and let him make that decision." She snapped. I took a deep breath and went back inside. Blair was tucking Hunter into the bed.

"Joey wants to see you." I said. He looked over at me.

"Is she still out there?" He asked.

"Yes and she is being rude." I said crossing my arms. He smiled at me.

"Your so cute when you pout." He said winking at me. I rolled my eyes. "Fine, send her in. You might as well. Or she is just going to keep showing up." I said fine and went out to get her. I told Hunter I was going to get Tim from school and go get Sam. Id be back shortly. I was glad I wasn't going to be there while he talked with Joey. I know I sounded like a selfish ass, but she didn't have to be so rude about it. I know her heart was hurting, but I couldn't help how Hunter felt about me. I got back about thirty minutes later. Joey's car was still parked outside. Blair's car was gone. I took a deep breath and got the kids out of the car. I went inside only to find Joey's sitting alone at the kitchen counter. I looked at her for a moment and headed off to Hunters room. I found him fast asleep. I laid Sam down and checked on Tim. He was playing his video game in his room. I took a deep breath and went back into the kitchen. Joey looked over at me.

"I'm sorry I've been such a bitch to you. It's just I really care about him and before your return. Things between us were starting to go good. Put yourself in my shoes." She said. I took a deep breath.

"You know what Joey. I have been in your shoes, but you should put yourself in my shoes. I didn't ask for any of this to happen, but guess what it did. I'm sorry if this messed up your plans. I'm not sorry for the way I feel about Hunter and I'm not sorry for the way he feels about me. I don't mean to hurt anyone, but I'm also not going to keep apologizing for it. I don't owe you shit." I said. I was really surprised that all came out of my mouth. She just looked at me. I took a deep breath.

"You know what, I'm sorry. Your right. I don't know what has come over me." She said. We both just kind of smiled. I knew what has come over us and that was Hunter. He had a way of doing that. Making girls crazy. "Why don't you let me help you out with Hunter. I know your husband must be going crazy with everything that's going on."She said. I made some tea and took a seat next to her.

"Let me talk with Hunter and find out how he feels and then go from there." I said. I knew I looked tired. She handed me her number and said good bye. I grabbed my cup of tea and headed to Hunters room to check on him. I slowly opened the door and he was awake. "Hey you." I said as I came into the room. He smiled at me.

"Come here Chloe, I want to talk to you." He said. I walked over and sat down on the bed next to him. "I think you need to go back to your husband." Hunter said.

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