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Chapter 27

I can hear the song "Broken." By Seether ft. Amy Lee. while I wrote this chapter.

"What do you mean?" I asked him with a shocked look on my face. Hunter sat there with obvious looking pain on his face.

"Chloe, I love you so very much, but I've got to do the right thing here. Sam and you need Cooper. Being with me gets you hurt and I can't live with knowing you could be in danger. Plus Chloe, he is your husband and he loves you very much." He stop talking and looked down.

"Hunter, why are you saying all of this now?" I asked him. I felt my tears sting my eyes. I was doing my best to hold it together.

"It's something I've been thinking about since the accident. What kind of man would I be to take you away from your husband and you son?" He reached out and touched my hand. "Chloe, you will always be my best friend. No matter what we are to each other in life. We will always have each other. That's never going to change between us, but you have another life Chloe. You have a husband that loves you with every inch of his being. That's very obvious and a beautiful new son. How can you not give that life a chance?" His words were crushing me. Not because I had made a decision to be with Hunter or Cooper, but the simple fact that I know Hunters words were true. It was killing me to know that I would be going home without Hunter.

"If I do what you ask of me and I give my life with Cooper a chance. You have to promise me that we will still be in each other lives. Because you are my very best friend Hunter, you always have been. I don't want to live my life with out you in it." I said as the tears ran down my face.

"Something always seems to stand in our way." Hunter said. I took a deep breath. "I do want one more moment with you Chloe, before you leave to be with him." I just sat there looking at him and he reached his arms out and pulled me into his body. I reached my head up and looked into his eyes and his lips found mine. The kiss was deep and intense and I could feel it in my heart that it would be the last one between us. As our lips parted. I cried into his chest. I had to get it out. Hunter held me and stroked my hair.

"I'm not leaving till your better. I promised you that." I said.

"Chloe. it's time for you to go home. I have a nurse and Joey is going to help me. You need to go now." He said.

"Joey?" I said. Her name came out of my mouth before I thought about it.

"It's not like that Chloe. She is my friend and she offered to help. I'm not in love with her and she knows that." He said. "I need to get my life straight before I can even think about a woman being a part of it." He said. The thought of some other woman in Hunters life hurt to think about, but I understood.

"I've got to call Cooper and get my things together. I Love you Hunter I always will." I said before I got up I bent down and kissed his cheek. Hunter and I decided that some time apart would be good for both of us. Even though we promised to stay in each other lives. I needed the time away to focus on my husband and my son. I love Cooper. I love him just as much as I love Hunter, but I knew in the back of my head that my love for Hunter was just a bit stronger. I don't know if it was stronger because we have been friends for so long. I don't know if the love was stronger in the fact that I was in love with him more then Cooper. I just didn't know what the stronger part meant. I did however at that moment feel that my choice to go to Cooper was the right one. It just took Hunter pointing it out to me. I had all my things packed and just got off the phone with Cooper. He was on his way to get me. I didn't tell Cooper over the phone what my choice had become. Because I felt it needed to be said in person. I needed him to know that it was real and that I loved him. I also needed Cooper to understand what Hunter meant to me. He needed to know that I was always going to be a part of Hunters life and Hunter was always going to be a part of mine.

I sat out in the living room watching out the window for Cooper to show up. When I saw his truck pull up I stood up with Sam in my arms and I looked down the hallway towards Hunters room. I decided that I wasn't going to go back in there and say good bye. I picked up my bag with my son and walked out the front door towards Cooper. I knew that there was a sadness on my face that I just couldn't hide. I tried my best to smile when Cooper approached us. He wrapped his arms around me and took my bag and put it in the back of the truck. He also took Sam and put him in his car seat. Cooper reached his hand out and wiped a tear from my face. I just smiled at him as he pulled me into his arms for a big hug. We both didn't say anything as we climbed into the truck and pulled away from Hunters house. I stared out my window in the mirror and watched Hunters house slowly fade away. I looked over at Cooper and he was staring straight ahead with no expression. I took a deep breath and reached out and placed my hand on top of his.

"Cooper, you are my choice. I love you with all my heart and I want to spend my life with you and our son." I said. I watched as Cooper closed his eyes and the car slowed down. He pulled over on the side of the road and reached over and pulled me into his arms.

"I was so worried, I thought for sure Hunter was going to be your choice and I was going to have to let you go. These last couple of months have been driving me crazy." He said. I looked up at him and saw tears in his eyes. I had never seen Cooper cry. It moved me to know that this man loved me so much. In that moment I was happy and content with my decision.

"But Cooper, I need you to understand what Hunter means to me. He is my best friend and I want him to be a part of our lives." I said. Cooper kissed me on my lips and I kissed him back.

"I would never ask you to give up Hunter. I know what he means to you." He said. Somehow I already knew Cooper would say that. "I can't wait to get you home and make more babies with you." Cooper said smiling. I smiled back at him and was anxious for my life to start. Even though I had made a life with Cooper, becoming his wife and having his baby. I felt like I've always been lost. There was always something missing. Something just was never quite right. I don't feel that way now. I feel like I have found my place and I intended on making this the best life I could ever live.

Two months later...

Hunter's POV,

"When are you going to give it up?" I said, as Blair was putting my shoes on.

"I'm not gong to give up on you until you walk again. Now I know that you have been sad, but it's time to move on. Get your ass up out of that chair and start walking. You want to get rid of me? Then you start to walk." She said. The last two months with this woman have been hell. She is so persistent. All I want to do is stay in bed and sleep, but not with nurse hatchet here every day, all day. Ugh, she could back off just a little. I just rolled my eyes at her. "Now stand up and move." She said.

"You know I could fire you if I wanted to." I said.

"Yeah? Well how come you haven't?" She said. I took a deep breath. Joey was coming around almost every day in the beginning, but I knew she had other motive's with me then just trying to help me. I wasn't going to go thought that again and I had to get her to understand just how I felt and it would never change. Once I got her to understand that she started to come less and less. The only person I truly had around to help was Blair. Even though she was a daily pain. I'm still grateful she is around. She helps me and Tim more then I could of asked for. It's been over two months and I still haven't heard from Chloe. Even though we agreed that time was what we needed. It still hurts. I do however know that she has talked with Blair. I know she has been checking on me. "Come on Hunter, just a few more steps and were out in the living room. I know you can do this." The only reaction I could give Blair was to stick my tongue out at her. I have nothing else to give her. She just smiled that beautiful smile at me and kept trying to motivate me. I shook my head and made it out to my chair. I took a seat and Blair handed me the remote for the television.

She went into the kitchen and brought me out my breakfast. I've started to realized that in the last couple of weeks. I've been noticing a lot about Blair. She is a very beautiful woman with a very big heart and she was very caring, but the things I was noticing about her today weren't about her personality's. It was about her body. Normally Blair shows up in hospital scrubs. Today she was in leggings, tennis shoes and a tight fitting shirt. I can see the shape of her body perfectly and I have to say it was turning me on. Blair had a slender built and very large breast. She had long brown hair and a beautiful set of brown eyes. Things I never really noticed until now. She took a seat next to me on the couch.

"What are you looking at?" She asked me.

"You." I said.

"Why?" She asked.

"Have you always been this sexy?" I asked her. I had to laugh when she turned and look at me with a shocked look on her face.

"That's not funny Hunter. I'm your nurse and its inappropriate." She snapped.

"Oh please, so I'm not allowed to tell you that I think your sexy? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." I said and shoved food into my mouth. Blair just shook her head and went back to watching TV. I smiled because I got a reaction out of her. Then I saw her smile.

"Your not so bad looking yourself." She said. I just continued to watch TV with a smile on my face.

"I know." I said. That's when the couch pillow smacked me in my face. "Oh sure beat me when I'm down. I hollered out.

"Your so annoying." She hollered.

"Yeah, but you like it." I said. Blair stood in front of me with her arms crossed.

"The hell I do. I'm not falling for the Hunter charm." She said.

"Then why do you keep coming back?" I said smiling at her. All she could do was stand there with her arms crossed. I knew she wanted to smile, but she wasn't letting it show.

"You nothing but a punk Hunter White." She said. Then she did something I never thought she would. She bent down and kissed me. I pulled her body into my lap and kissed her back. I reached around and grabbed her ass and pushed her even closer to me. As I started to place kisses down her neck. I whispered in her ear.

"I knew you wanted me." I said.

"Jesus Hunter, way to ruined a moment." She said. She tried to pull away from me, but I prevented her from moving.

"I was only kidding. Don't go." I said. She eyed me for a moment. Then she pressed her lips back to mine.

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