She loved him

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Chapter 5

Chloe's POV

The next morning my mother and I were up bright and early. Today was the day of my father's funeral. My mother was having a hard time and I was doing my best to keep it together. I had so many different emotions running through my mind. I got my simple black dress on and did my hair and makeup. My mother was really having a hard time getting it together this morning. I helped her dress and helped her with her hair. We got to the church and I helped her to the front and we both had a seat. The minister came over and was talking with my mother. I excused myself and walked outside. I needed some fresh air. I found a bench behind the church and took a seat. I could hear voices and I knew people were starting to show up. I was enjoying the fresh crisp air and I didn't want to move. I didn't even want to go back into the church. I knew I was going to have to, just to be there for my mother, but I just wanted one more minute.

"Hello bubbles." I heard that familiar deep voice behind me.

"You know I hate that name." I said in return. I turned to stand up and look at him.

"Wow, your breath taken." He said. I blushed immediately. The truth was, he was the one who was breath taken. I didn't think it was possible for Hunter to get any hotter then he already was. I remember the boy who was muscular and full of life, I remember a kid. This person in front of me was a man. He was much bigger and more muscular. He had a five o'clock shadow and tattoos. He was even more sexier than I had remembered. I stood there and all I could do was smile. The wind blew and my hair flowed in front of me and I could smell him in the wind. It was the same smell that I grew up with. A smell I knew very well.

Seeing Hunter again was both wonderful and sad at the same time. I had missed so much of his life and all I wanted to know was everything. I had missed him so much. I wanted to run and hug him and make him tell me all about his life, but before I could even take a step forward. A small boy came running over to him.

"Daddy, daddy. Mommy is looking for you." I looked down to see a beautiful little boy. He came over and jumped into Hunters arms. I caught my breath as I realized what I was witnessing. Hunter was a father and he must be married with a family. I smiled as Hunter looked back at me. Hunter took a deep breath.

"Tim, you get your little butt back over here." I heard the other familiar voice shout. I looked over to see Tracy come around the corner. I started to put it all together. The look I got from her wasn't a friendly look at all. It was a shocked one, a pissed off one at that. I tilted my head at her and then looked back at Hunter. I wasn't ready to process this. I walked up to Hunter and touched his arm.

"It was good to see you." I said and started to walk away.

"Chloe, please don't walk away." He said. It broke my heart, but I had to walk away. I could hear Tracy saying something to him, but I kept moving away. She didn't sound to happy. I got back into the church and sat next to my mother. I didn't really understand why the sight of Tracy being with Hunter and being the mother of his son was so upsetting to me. Did I expect him to not move on with his life? Was it because it was Tracy who had him? I didn't really understand it. Right now I needed to focus on saying goodbye to my father and being here for my mother.

After the funeral, we had a large reception outside in the old park by my home. A park that was full of memories. I saw a lot of friends and family, but the one person I kept my eyes on was Hunter. I watched as he acted like a father and a husband. Tracy kept flaunting herself all over Hunter. It was almost like she was putting on a show. Their son played on the play ground with all the other children. Tracy wasn't leaving Hunters side. Tracy grew up just the way I imagined she would. She was beautiful with her dark black hair and bright blue eyes. She caked on the make up, just like she did in high school. The only change I noticed in her was her personality. At one time we were best friends, but now she looked at me like I was the enemy. I really wanted to know why she hadn't said a word to me. So I grew a pair of balls and got myself up and walked over to them. Hunters face was priceless as I approach them.

"Hello Tracy, its really nice to see. I figured I'd come over and say hello since you haven't said a word to me. I remember we used to be friends. Not really sure what happened , but thanks for coming to my fathers funeral." I said as I watched Hunter try to hide his smile. All of a sudden Tracy's whole personality changed. She rushed over to me and wrapped her arms around me.

"I'm so sorry Chloe, I just didn't want to bother you. With everything going on. I'm so sorry for your loss." She said. It all sounded very fake to me, But I didn't want to cause a scene. I hugged her back and I think I rolled my eyes, I also think Hunter seen that too. He still had a smile on his face. I really wanted to punch him. "Come Chloe, I want you to meet my son." She said. She took my hand and lead me over to the play ground. I watched as Hunter stood up. I took a deep breath when Tracy called the beautiful child over to us. I bent down and took his hand. "Say hello to Chloe, Tim." Tracy said."

"Hello Chloe." He said. I smiled at him. He looked so much like Hunter.

"Hello Tim, how are you?" He smiled up at me. "How old are you Tim?" I asked him.

"I'm six." He said.

"It's very nice to meet you Tim." I said. he smiled up at me.

"Your very pretty." He told me. I smiled back at him.

"Thank you." I said. He smiled again and ran off. "He is beautiful Tracy." I said as I stood back up.

"Thank you, he looks just like him don't you think?" She said. We both stood there watching Tim play.

"Yes he does, how long Tracy?" I asked her. She turned to look at me.

"What do you mean?" She asked me.

"How long have you and Hunter been together?" I asked her again.

"Since high school," She said.

"Is that why you stopped talking to me?" I asked her. I was starting to feel pissed off. Not sure why, but it was happening.

"Well maybe." She said.

"Why Tracy, why couldn't you just tell me? you told me to back off of Hunter so he could move on. Was that because you wanted him to move on to you?" I couldn't believe what I was saying, but here I was saying it.

"You know Chloe, I don't owe you anything. You left us and I did nothing wrong." She spit out at me.

"Your right Tracy, but your also wrong. We were friends and you could of just told me. Not cut me out." I snapped back and walked off. Hunter was still watching us, but I didn't even look at him as I made my way back to my mother.

"Hey hunny, how are you?" She asked me.

"I'm okay mama, but I've got a headache. I'm going to go back to our motel and rest some." I said. I kissed her and grabbed my bag and left. As I drove away my eyes met Hunters and he looked sad. I just closed my eyes and took off. Truth was I was sad, but I was also happy that he had something good in his life. I also realized that I hadn't thought about Keven this whole time. What did that mean? Was I still in love with Hunter? Did I even love Keven? Damn it, I hated all these feelings. It wasn't like I could have Hunter. He was married with a child.

All I wanted to do at that point was go back to Florida and forget everything I saw here. It didn't even feel like home anymore. I was hurt and very jealous. I also really needed to rethink my own choices in life. I just shook my head and jumped into the shower. When I was done I felt hungry and realized I hadn't eaten all day. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I brushed out my hair and put it into a side braid. I walked out of the room and started to head down main street. I realized it was threatening to rain, but it was still kind of warm. I just knew I was going to get caught in it. I came a pond a new deli in town. Well it was new to me. I went inside and ordered myself a sandwich. I took a seat and watched the people walking around outside. As I was finishing up my food and starting to head out. I saw the same old truck from earlier pass by with Hunter inside it alone.

I walked out and seen him pull into an automotive shop. I looked to the sign and it read Hunters Automotive. He owned a car repair shop. I smiled, but I realized he never went off to school. But I was still proud of him. I decided to take a walk over there and check it out. I walked around and found the large garage door open. Then he stepped out from behind a car with out a shirt on. I almost fainted at the sight. I took a deep breath., as I watched every muscle move with perfection as he worked on the car standing between us.

"This is very nice Hunter." I said. He jumped a little as he looked up at me. He took a deep breath.

"You think so?" He said.

"I do." I said as I started to walk around and look at the place. It was very large and very messy. I guess that's what garages look like. There was a room of some sort on the second level. I couldn't quit see inside it, but I did see a small bed. It couldn't be his office because that was clearly on the first level. I found a couple stacks of tires and I hopped on the top of them and had a seat. Hunter was leaning back against the car and watching me. Our eyes met. "Tell me about your life Hunter?" I asked him. He turned back to the car and went back to work.

"There's not much to tell really. You left, mother got sick. Tracy was there. Graduate high school. Got Tracy pregnant and then married her and had a baby." He said sounding upset. I took a deep breath.

"Hunter, you know I didn't have a choice." I said sounding sad.

"I'm not angry at you bubbles." He said.

"But you are angry." I said. He just look at me and then turned back away. " Don't you love her?" I asked him. He dropped a tool on the ground that made a loud noise and then the thunder hit. I jumped and he turned to face me.

"You have no right to ask me these things." He spit out. I knew that was my Que to leave.

"I'm sorry Hunter, your right." I said, and I got up and headed out of there fast. Of course it was now raining and coming down pretty good. I felt the tears sting my eyes, as I walked off behind his garage and started to cut into the woods. I felt like there were foot steps behind me, but I din't look back as I moved faster thought the woods. That's when I felt the arm go around my waist and pull me into his arms. It was Hunter and he was soaking wet and still without a shirt. I placed my hand on his hard chest as a way to push myself away from him. His eyes were dark and the braid had fallen out of my hair. We were both wet and just standing there in each others arms. He was very strong and wasn't letting go of me. He fell to his knees in front of me and wrapped his arms around me and laid his head against my stomach. I stood there for a moment until I ran my fingers in his wet hair. I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Whats wrong Hunter?" I said softly, as I tried to comfort him.

"I don't lover her." He said. My heart started to race.

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