Dominant Biker

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What did her mother get her into? Bikers, Bikers and more Bikers Ohh my!!! Before Lily's mother Sarah passed away, she​ confessed​ to Lily that her biological father is Jack Douglas the president of the strongest biker mc and she ran from him when she was pregnant with lily. After the reading of her mother's will. Lily moves out to L.A. into the condo her mother wanted. What happens when she meets Damien Black, the next president of her father's mc? And the son of her father's enemy?

Romance / Action
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Here I am in the women's bathroom outside of my mother's hospital room in shock of what she just revealed and confessed to me.

Looking in the mirror, my ocean blue eyes & nose were all puffy from crying and my long blonde hair in a fucked up looking ponytail needing to be fixed. My clothes were all wrinkled from falling asleep in the chair next to my mothers bed. I really needed a shower and a good night's sleep.

All my life I grew up without a father, always thinking my mother had a drunken one night stand. Just to be revealed she knew exactly who and where he was my whole life. A man named Jack Douglas from a dangerous motorcycle club out in L.A.

She ran from Jack when she found out she was pregnant with me. Not wanting him to have problems for his club or find out she was a very wealthy lady pretending to be an average woman, so he'd like her and not for her money, if people knew the truth I could've been in danger from his enemy's or people wanting to get me for her money. She didn't want to take any chances or wanting me to grow up in a dangerous life style like that. So, all in all she disappeared and Jack doesn't know I exist.

Well, now that my mother is on her deathbed from leukemia at the age of thirty-nine. She told me her story how she regrets ever leaving. She really loved my father, but they lived two completely different life styles & her father would have disowned and took all her money away at the time. My mother grew up in a strict life while my father lived a care free dangerous life. I will now inherit all of her fortune since her own mother passed away when she was born and her father died a year and a half ago. There were no other family members she knew of, now my only family will be Jack.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I fixed my hair the best I could. Then splashed water in my face to feel a little better. Straightening my clothes I walked out of the restroom, accidentally bumping into the Dr caring for my mother.

"I'm so... sorry! I didn't see you there" I said, getting my balance back.

"Its quiet all right, I'm fine it happens all the time" Dr. Long said, looking down at me.

"I'm glad I ran into you, but I have some bad news I'm afraid" He said in a grave tone.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I was just in checking your mother, her body is starting to shut down on her. She's getting more tired by the minute and may not make it through the night. I am so sorry I have to tell you this."

My heart literally felt like it dropped out of my chest right there and then. I love my mother and the thought of so little time left has me shattered.

"Thank you for telling me," I say before I turn, walking away with tears rolling down my face.

For the rest of the night I sat by my mother's bed holding her soft fragile hand telling her how much I loved her, and how she loves me, and I was the best thing that ever happened to her. Later on in the night my mother fell asleep and I got that kind of feeling in my heart she wouldn't wake up again.

I woke up hearing a beeping noise, I looked up from the chair I fell asleep in to see it was my mother's machine. The nurses came rushing in asking me to leave the room.

After about 10 minutes a nurse comes back out to tell me what I already knew.

My mother has passed away.

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