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Image you just move to a new town with your mom and sister to be close to your mom new boyfriend. Things start to change for the better or worst. Zoey, her sister and her mom just move to LA to be close to her mom's boyfriend when she end up falling for the bad boy, who's also a vampire prince.

Romance / Mystery
Felicia Gordon
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Chapter 1

Hi!! My name is Zoey Zania Romano. I am 17 years of age. I have a very light complexion and my hair is red that reach down all the way to my butt. I am 5'0. Wow I'm really short right. Yeah I got my height from my mom.

I graduated school at the age of 13 and did online classes at Yale University. I have a IQ score over 200. My sister and dad don't know about it. I own a famous modeling Company call "Moretti modeling Agency", I also own a famous fashion company call " Z & Z Fashion" with my mom and I own a chain of hotel "Dream's" with my best friend Jake Mendez. My sister believe that my mom alone own the businesses.

I have a twin sister.Her name is Asia Zaria Ramano. She is eighteen year old and she a hoe, with a capital H. We really don't like each other. She's your typical blonde ( I don't have a problem with blondes). My sister got our dads hair colour while I don't have any of my parents hair. My mom hair is dark brown.

My mom is name is Ariana Mia Moretti and my dad name is Marco Diego Romano. My mom and my dad got a divorce one year ago cause my dad cheated on my mom with her bestfriend. Now my mom is seeing this guy for six months and we never meet this guy before but we can see that he makes our mom happy. Mom says his name is Collin Filippo Rossi and he as a son our age. moving us to LA from New York to be close to Collin.

Twelve hours in a car with Asia is going to be hell. Thank god I have my tech with me. All our things is already at the house. We are driving there so we had to be up by five to be on the road by six. LA here we come.

I can't wait to reach at the house its so beautiful. Its a three story house. It as a lovely garden at the back and a two story guest house. It has a basement I'm which we turn it into a game room and movie room. You have the first floor, it have a living room,dining room and the kitchen. You have the second floor that my mom and sister is sharing and then you have the third floor that's my floor. Mom gave me a floor all to myself because she know I need privacy to do my work and stuff. My sister don't know yet but mom plans to tell her before we reach.

(3 hour in the car)
"Asia. Zoe gets the third level all to her self." Mom said with her eyes still on the road.

"What mom? noo!! Your joking right?." Asia ask with wide eyes looking at mom.

"No sweetie. I have decided it for a while now but wanted to tell you when we were on the road." Mom side looking at her before going back to the road.

"Its unfair!! I'm the bigger one, so I should have get it. Why mom? Why?"

"By five minutes and do you really want to know why?" I asked her

"Yes!!" She screamed

"Too bad you won't know." I said with a sweet smile

"You better tell me you bitch!!!"

"Asia its already been decided and that finial. Call your sister that one more time and you will see what happen next." Mom said with a angry look on her face. Asia close her mouth quick. I just snicker and put on my head phone and start listen to music.
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