It's A Cliche Love Story

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Thinking back, that could be Steve and me, while I subconsciously touched the scarf around my neck. Three new men, one old flame. Things are starting to become complicated. He never noticed her before, he never met her before, he wasn't planning on falling in love, and he regretted ever leaving. But they had one thing all in common. They couldn't get enough of her. Like a cliche love story, she is the center of attention.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Dragging my feet up the stairs of my second storey apartment. My keys clinked together as the lightning flashed behind me. My long coat drenched in water and my umbrella dripping wet by my feet. I fumbled with my keys and swept my wet hair aside. This was not my night. Finally, the door opened and I pushed my way in. kicking my shoes off my feet I shuffled past big brown boxes filled with my things from my move earlier this week and slumped on the couch. Staring into the dark, my eyelids started the grow heavy. Finally, I fell into a deep slumber.

Sunlight streamed in from the window onto my face. I groaned in protest and squinted my eyes. Turning my head, I looked at the clock hanging on the wall.

“Six... fifteen? Oh my god! SIX FIFTEEN?” I jumped out from my couch in shock.

Scrambling through the brown boxes, I quickly grabbed my towel and some fresh clothes and took a quick shower. Throwing on my shoes and grabbing my keys, I dashed out of my house. Reaching the bus stop, I took out my phone to check the timing and groaned, realising my phone was not charged at all.

“Thank god I have a cable at my desk.” I thought.

Finally, my bus arrived and I boarded it. Looking around I realised that there were lesser people than usual. Shrugging, I sat in silence, staring out of the window. I watched cars and buildings pass by until I reached my stop. Getting off, I started to walk to my office. Passed the big grey metal statue in the middle of the fountain by the plaza, a minute walk from the bus stop. I stopped to take a look and smiled, recollecting my first day of work. Remembering a girl in black formal skirt and a blazer walking in circles around the fountain, feeling nervous and queasy about her first day of work. The girl will later throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish as a way for her to keep calm and to tell herself that everything will be okay. I smiled and chuckled slightly before continuing hastily towards my office building.

Reaching my office building, I took the lift up to my office floor. I took a huge breath and braced for myself for an embarrassing scolding before realising that there was nobody in the office.

“Did I look at the time wrong or is this a prank?” I thought before going to my seat and settling down. I plugged in my dead phone and turned on my computer. As I was about to start on my work, the door to my right opened.

“Must be the cleaner in the morning.” I thought and shrugged, continuing my work.

“Ms. Chen? What are you doing here?” a voice asked. I turned around and was met face to face with a confused man.

“Boss? What do you mean? I am working.” I asked with a confused look. His shocked face turned into a joking smile.

“Although you are my secretary, I don’t pay you to work on weekends though.” His words shocked me as I turned back to my desk and stared at the little box at the comer of my screen.

“Oh my god! It’s Saturday!” I gasped in horror. It all made sense! The lack of people! I slowly turned my head to see my boss holding back his laughter and my face turned red with embarrassment. I quickly saved my documents and turned off my desktop. Grabbing my phone and plugging it out, I quickly picked up my bag.

As I head for the door, my boss said, “Ms. Chen…” I quickly turned around and saw my boss holding my coat in his hands smirking.

“Mr. Fujimura, I am so sorry about this. I… I don’t know what else to say. I know it is my first month here and I am making so many mistakes. I am so sorry.”

I apologised, before looking down in embarrassment.

“No worries Ms. Chen, I just came into the office today to pick up some documents. You just surprised me, that’s all. Here is your coat, you had almost forgotten about it.” Mr. Fujimura smiled, before passing me my coat.

“Do you need a ride home? I could send you.” I smiled at him and shook my head.

“Thank you for the offer but I think I will take the bus home. Thank you.”

I bowed my head before making my way to the door. “Wait!” Mr. Fujimura called after me. I held the lift door open as he rushed in with his documents and his coat, fumbling a bit. I quickly helped hold his pile of documents as he opened his bag to place the documents in. as he started to zip up his bag, his coat slipped from his arms and fell to the floor. I bent down with him at the same time and almost bumped into his head. Blushing a little, I quickly picked up his coat and stood up. Passing his coat to him, I walked out of the elevator. I turned around and waved goodbye to him before speed walking away to the closest mall.

Reaching the mall, I sighed in relief, “Well that was awkward…” I thought, smacking myself and trying not to remember that embarrassing moment. As I walked past the shops, I window shopped for a while, looking at the beautiful and exquisite designs of dresses the boutiques have to offer, knowing I could never afford one. My office was situated next to the city’s biggest mall that was not only famous for its size but also the fashion and brands that does their business there. In the mall, they have stores from big departmental stores to small independent designers who sell their products and designs with a steep price tag. The usual customers are usually rich tourists or office workers like me who come for food and window shopping. During the weekends like today, some families do also come down to the mall for the environment as there are playgrounds and play jungles for kids to enjoy while their tired parents rest by the coffee shops nearby.

Slowly as I walked, I found myself wandering into a café across the road. It was located at the corner of the street, a quiet place with very little traffic. It looks really simple and comfortable with a relaxing feel that was accompanied by bamboo trees and a beautiful Sakura tree growing at the side of the shop. The store had two lion statues at each side of the entrance.

The store name was written beautifully, “Season’s Dream.” It hung at the side of the store, behind the lion statue, big enough for people to see, small enough to not affect its other decorations, giving a balanced look. I felt drawn to the café and I walked towards the brown wooden sliding door.

As I slide open the door, I heard a chime of a bell and a voice that said, “Welcome to Season’s Dream. How may we help make today a dream for you?”

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