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A secretly obsessed ceo , an oblivious secretary and an orthodox family. What will happen when your love will have to leave you for her family. Pearl my love my obsession my smile my reason for happiness. She had been my secretary for past 4 years. I don't know from when I started falling for her. But slowly it started getting stronger day by day. I couldn't think of any other female other than her from the day she entered my life. Pearl is sweet shy and calm person. She have been working for Andrew for 4 years now. She is very good at her work. An ideal worker who try her best so that her boss never get a chance to complain to her. Andrew CEO of ElectoPro limited. Rich and eligible bachelor in NYC. Girls are throwing themselves for him. But he had his eye on his secretary for a long time now. He is in love and he is soon going to confess this to her. But what will happen when she decided to get married to someone else .

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Andrew POV

It is not easy to work 16 hours a day, being the CEO it was necessary to work hard to maintain the reputation and position of the company. But I was not the only person who worked but my employees to but out of all who handled me well and kept me sane was none other than my secretary Pearl.

Oh Pearl had been my secretary for past 4 years now. But everyday looking at her give me peace of mind. She is quite and shy but very efficient. She is always on business mode, doing her work, helping in my works. Giving me company when I am in bad state.

She is so sweet and lovable but she is not aware of how beautiful and sexy she is. Although most of the time I have seen her in nothing but business attire but once during our office party she came wearing beautiful mermaid dress. Oh god no one could take their eyes off her but I have the upper hand because she is my secretary and I didn’t allow her to leave my side.

I was always protective for her. From the day she joined my company I have always fascinated her. And what fascinated me even more about her is her dedication for her work. Even when all the workers left , she stayed . She even worked with me till mid night but never complained about it. She never showed her problems while working. And that’s the reason I always keep check on her because she doesn’t take care of herself.

You must be thinking who does this for his secretary but she is not only my secretary but the love of my life. Yes, its was like the first time I saw her, something about her attracted me but as the the went it started increasing from attraction to love. I have been in love with her for long time now. But I couldn’t confess my feelings to her.

I always feared what if she rejects me. What even astonish me even more is that , girls worship me, they just fall on their knees to get my attention . All my secretary before her were just slut who wanted to sleep with me but she was different. She worked hard everyday , but I knew that she was doing that so that she could keep her job. She knew that my past secretary didn’t lasted longer and that’s why she tried her best so that I don’t resign her just like I have done to my previous secretary.

But what she didn’t knew was that in no way I am going to allow her to leave her work. I will not allow her to do that. I love her and soon I will make her mine. And she will accept me with open heart.

And that time will come soon, very soon.

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