Forbidden Love

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What will happen if the person he falls in love with is someone who's out to take his life? Living in the shadow's for centuries, Derek has finally learned to move on after spending his life hating himself for being a creature of the night. A bloodthirsty beast. Finally, he has found someone to care for, to look out for... and to Love! But what will happen if the person he falls in love with is someone who's out to take his life? Derek is forced to hide his deep feelings and try to move away from her to keep himself safe and his kind. But will he really be able to? Is his love so weak, he's able to walk away? Will the centuries old war between the Slayers and vampires stand between Derek and Saera or will they be able to overpower ancient conflicts and fight for their love?

Romance / Drama
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New to Town, a complete stranger, Derek Ryder sat high above the branch of a tree watching everyone pass by. He made sure he was not within their vision.

Everyone called him strange, mysterious, weird and a loner. He had no friends and didn’t care about it at all. Even though they tried so hard to make friends with him he just ignored them or walked away. So they just gave up.

He liked being by himself. But from a distance, one could see he had loads of female admirers in school.

With his messy strawberry blonde hair, golden eyes, lips as pink as roses, the type all girls dream about and what all guys want and perfect muscular abs, he was certainly god-like handsome. But unlike other guys with a perfect tan, Derek was paler than usual. His pallor made it obvious that he had a habit of avoiding the sun, and he had super natural strength far greater than a regular person.

He did his best to stay away from everyone and declined all proposes and confessions that came his way. This was the only way he could live in peace among the humans. The only way he could keep himself safe from hunters. And the only option he had so he was able to keep his secret.

Derek Ryder was a VAMPIRE...

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