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My eyes lock onto his deep grey eyes, captivating me. Everything around us disappears in that moment, it's just him and I. She is the light He is the dark They were destined to be together but will that be enough to keep them together Mates are for life, will they survive all that is thrown at them.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The wind brushed through my thick light grey, as my paws pounded at the ground below me. The adrenaline pumping through my body, pushing me on as I leapt over fallen logs and ducked under branches.

I could hear my best friend, Haley, behind me, panting as she tried to keep up with me as I ran. We ran until we reached the edge of the forest, coming into the clearing in front of the pack house. I slowed down as Haley caught up with me, panting heavily as she came to a stop beside me.

I chuckled at her, before trotting off to find the tree that I tied my clothes to earlier. I shifted back into my human form and walked back out into the clearing. Haley joined me after shifting back also, shoulder bumping me before saying,

“Don’t laugh at me.”

I chuckled again as we started walking back to the pack house, chatting about the latest pack gossip.

“So, how’s Johnny?”

I asked, giggling as her face heated up when I mention her most recent admirer. With Haley’s jet black hair, baby blue eyes and gorgeous figure it’s no secret she attracts plenty of admirers. A fact she hates, her shy nature never liking all the attention.

“Shut up Lucy,”

She jokes, swatting me as I chuckle, shoulder bumping her.

We walk into the pack house, making our way to our rooms, which are next to each other, for a well-needed shower. I could feel my light brown hair sticking to the back of my neck due to sweat from our run. It doesn’t help that it is hot outside as it is the middle of summer.

“I’ll see you in the dining hall for dinner later, yeah?”

I asked Haley, as I reached my door, holding the door handle.

“Yeah, save me a seat will you?”

She with a small smile, the look in her eyes tell me she knows full well that she will be late.

That girl is always late, my wolf, Ivory, states, making me giggle.

“Of course, like always,” I say.

Stepping into my room, the smell of lavender and the sight of fresh laundry sitting on my bed welcomes me. I sigh before grabbing a towel from the wardrobe on my right and entering the bathroom. I could feel my muscles aching from the long run today, but it was a good ache. The piping hot water soothes them as I stand under the spray, steam filling up the bathroom.

After what feels like forever, I step out of the shower and dry myself off before leaving the bathroom. In search of something to wear, I grab a cute summer dress. The outfit is a short, forest green dress that flows from the brown belt at my waist with some simple wedge sandals to match. They make my tiny five feet two inches seem a little taller, god knows I need the extra inches.

I stand in front of the mirror, staring at my appearance. My hips, a little too wide and my height a little too short. I twist and turn my body in the mirror trying to build the confidence up that disappeared a long time ago.

Stop it, Lucy, you are beautiful and you mate will know so.

Ivory says, getting annoyed that I do not appreciate my beauty. I ignore her as she mentions my dreaded mate once again. I am turning 18 this weekend. On my birthday I will be able to tell who he is and the fact that I am not looking forward to it is an understatement.

I sigh, dragging myself away from the mirror. I grab my light blue denim jacket for later and leave my room. I make my way to the dining hall, where all wolves living in the pack house can join for meal times. It’s generally only the young wolves and unmated wolves who live there. Those who have found their mate generally prefer to live in their own cabin with their pups.

Our pack is a decent size, with around 500-600 members in total. Alpha Lucas is like a father to us all and Luna Avery is one of the kindest, most caring women you could ever know. Haley and her brother Grayson are their children.

As I get closer to the dining hall, Ivory starts to get restless in the back of my mind. For some reason she is pacing back and forth, mumbling under her breath.

Ivory, what on earth has gotten into you?

I ask, yet, she doesn’t reply. All I get from her is a huff before she blocks our mind-link and continues to pace.

When I enter the main dining hall. The long rows of tables are about half-way filled. I look around for my parents and see them sitting up the top. As betas, they are at the long table reserved for those who hold high positions in the pack.

I make my way up to them, greeting pack members as I walk by with smiles and small waves. I can see some of the pups chasing each other at sections of the tables, bringing a smile to my face. They see me and wave, bright smiles on their chubby little faces.

I take my seat next to my elder sister Bree, exchanging a brief hello with my parents and the alpha couple. Bree turns to me with her head resting on her hand, her piercing green eyes analysing me.

“Hey, Lil’ sis, what ya been up to?”

She greets, a large smile across her face. Bree is the pretty one in the family, she inherited mum’s fiery red hair and dad’s height. Have I mentioned that she is one of those positive people who never seem to frown? We chat amicably together as the hall slowly fills up with pack members.

Eventually, I spot Haley looking flustered, making her way to the table, she was late; once again. I snigger to myself, as she passes. This causes her to send me a glare when she hears, resulting in more laughter. We were all used to her great timekeeping by now, it is often the topic to laugh about, annoying her to no end.

Not long after, Alpha Lucas stands up and a hush falls over the hall,

“Good evening women and gentlemen, I have a couple of announcements to make. Firstly, I hope everyone has had a good day. Secondly, last-minute arrangements mean that we will be having very important guests staying with us for a few days, and they will be arriving next week…”

I zone out as Alpha Lucas continues his speech, looking down at my hands. I get lost in my thoughts, thinking about ice cream for some reason. I know I will definitely be getting some after this dinner. I mind-link Haley,

“Wanna watch a film after this with some ice cream?”

“Hells yeah,” she replies, “I’m thinking The Fault In Our Stars.”

“It makes me cry buckets every time but obviously,” I answer.

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