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Wolves, Cats, Rats, and more. In a world where the game of cat and mouse peeks for your survival. Who would you rather be the underdog? Or Alpha king? This is a story of a girl. She's a shifter not a wolf but a cat. She is raised as a human and knows nothing of her true world or the major role she is to play in it. Follow her story as she finds her greater self, her crooked cruel past, and figure out why a mysterious gorgeous man is following her around like a sick puppy. After she saves his life, though of course, she did so without knowing it was him.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Catherine (Tori) Pov

I stared up at the moon. Watching as it fades in and out behind the clouds. Seeming to always push its light past to shine its light down on those of us below. The moon. It’s one of the greatest things I love.

It’s always there even when we can see it, even when the sun leaves us in darkness for the other side of the world, the moon stays.

I feel like its always watching over me, till its almost personnel. Everyone else thinks I’m weird but it’s okay with me. I’ve always felt out of place.


Oh well, everyone’s got to have something, right?

I’m an only child, though my parents have been trying to have kids forever, my mother Amelia keeps losing the pregnancies.

My dad’s name is Garen, ya I know laugh it up but he didn’t choose it, it’s been a family name forever.

My names Catherine Tori Avantika (Cat-her-ine, Tor-ee, Avan-tie-ka), I live in St. Louis. Ya, I know. Welcome to my world.

I began walking home from work, stopping just outside my condo, I drop my stuff and run into the small backyard.

The house had a small opening of grass before there were only trees, with a small river running through the edge.

Running over I ripped off my shoes and threw them away from me before wading in the cold water; that stopped just before reaching past mid-shin.

Sitting on one of the protruding rocks I relaxed and let my mind wander, taking me away.

Sometime later I heard a shuffle, then a pained whine. My eyes shot open as I jumped to my feet. Six feet away from me stood a pure black wolf.

It held its front left paw in the air, it was dragging the opposite back leg, and swaying unsteadily on its feet. That’s when I noticed the blood.

“Oh, you poor boy!” I said softly, noticing it was of the male species. He gave another painful whine before collapsing hard on the floor.

Forgetting all pretense of my own safety, I rushed over to his still form. Leaning over him, I found his pulse but it was unsteady.

Kneeling I slowly pushed my arms under him and stood. Though under his weight I had to rebalance multiple times I could carry him.

Thank goodness for swimming, weights, and dancing. I started slowly walking back towards my condo.

But not before realizing how big the wolf truly was. It was up past mid-thigh on my five-nine frame.

Wow, I didn’t think wolves could get this big. Shit!

Please stick with me, I promise it will get better. Anyways. . . !!!THANKS FOR READING MY BOOK!!! !!!PLEASE COMMENT!!! !!! NO COPYWRITING !!! !!! THANK~YOU !!!

(PS: This is not edited)

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