Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Will my past ever leave me? Why did he chose me? I was happier there. But now I have to fight. You won the last battle but I will fight this time. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY, NONE OF THIS HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE WITH ME. EVERYTHING IS FICTIONAL AND MIGHT OFFEND THE READER. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. How can you tell a beautiful and well-structured story when that and your life is all messed up and is in pain? I don’t know what happiness is? I just know what pain is .People think I am mad when I say that I love sorrow. Can you all please stop judging a person without knowing the whole story? Someone made me smile in my painful life. Someone promised me to be my light. Someone gave me strength to write this story. Someone gave me hope. Will they keep their promises? Or promises are meant to be broken. Maybe they are… I Violet Jess Blake, am just like all other people. I am happy. I am in peace. I am beautiful. I am used to a really good life. Or am I? An innocent girl A missing father An abusive mother Three Best Friends A really cocky boy An epic tale♥♥♥♥♥

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I was ready to go to the school: Red High School. It was my first day. It was hot but I was wearing full sleeves.

“Bye Sweetie…”

My mom said with a smile on her face.

Not usual smile but the smile she gives… I did not say Bye, I went out.

She grabbed me and grabbed my face, “Won’t Violet reply her mom?”


I said and went out.

My school was close to my house so I just walked over there. It’s very funny to me how I am so used to the sorrow, it’s like my friend, and it’s a part of my everyday life…. Why does everything happen to me? Why the hell is my dad away on a trip for years? Why the hell can’t I talk to him? Why the hell did we move here? Why the hell don’t I have friends? Why the hell am I even here in first place?

As I was in my thoughts I reached the school gate. I was about to enter the gate when I saw a girl in front of the gate with panic on her face. I went to her.

“Hey why are you so worried?”

I asked.

“Oh…The gatekeeper says that there is a rule of our hair being tied and I did not bring a freaking hair tie with me…”

“Oh girl, that’s it, take my hair tie….”

I said laughing at her dumbness and handing her the hair tie.

“I am Violet, I have no friends and I am freshman here.”

I said taking my hand out.

She took it and laughed.

“I am Sarah with an ‘H’ and it’s kind of same here, I am a freshman too and I had no friends but now I have one…”

We both laughed as we entered the school gate together.

“Hey Sarah we have History and English together!”

I said as we took out class schedule.

“Amazing, at least I won’t feel awkward alone as I am an awkward potato….”

“Oh my god Sarah we both are the single and awkward potatoes!”

I laughed as tears came from my eyes from excessive laughing.

“Why are you wearing full sleeves, its hot outside and inside…?”

Sarah asks me.

I stop laughing.

“Uh… Just, I am feeling cold.”

I say hiding my hand which had a burn mark on it.

I went to my first class which was Calculus. What will I do in a whole class without Sarah? Anyways I sat on the bench in the middle row. Professor was teaching but I HATE calculus so much. I was in my thoughts when Professor Parks suddenly said:

“Violet right?”

I stood up.

“Yes ma’am.”

“What is the answer to the second equation?”

She said eyeing me. I stood there nervously as I did not know the answer, I don’t want to get in trouble on the first day.

“It’s -43 by 12, speak fast, Professor Catherine has a bad temper.”

A voice came from behind me. I said without hesitation

“-43 by 12!”

Even if it was wrong it was better than just standing there.

“Good, but Miss Blake, pay attention in class.”

She said and turned to the blackboard.

“Yes Professor, I will”

I said and sat down. I turned around to see who the generous person who helped me was. It was a boy with Black messy hair and electric blue eyes.

“Name’s Chris.”

He said half-smiling.

"T-thanks, Chris.”

I said. Why did I stammer? I don’t usually until I am nervous or something. Anyways I left the class as it was lunch break. I went to the table where Sarah was sitting.

“Hey Lettie, how was the first class?”

She asked.

“Oh it was calculus and you know how much-.”

“-you hate it!”

She said smiling.

“Yeah, Professor Catherine Parks asked me a question and I didn’t know but a boy names Chris sitting behind me told me the correct answer, thank god he helped me.”

“Really?!!! How does he look?”

She asked excitedly.

“This is why we both are single…..”

I laughed and tried to remember the appearance.

“Um… he has messy black hair and blue eyes, freckles and pale skin.”

I finished.

“I am going to get some food, what will you eat?”

I asked.

“I brought food from home, thanks.”

She said. I went to the canteen.

“One grilled cheese sandwich with no tomatoes and extra onions.”

(Weird I know) I said but the same thing came from beside me just at the same time. Now this is weirder. I was shocked at how someone can have the same preference like me? Anyway, I look in the direction and find Chris looking at me.

“Hey we meet again. You got to get used to meeting me every day, we have Calculus and Arts and so many classes together, like almost all of them. ”

He smiles.

“Sorry guys but I have only one sandwich left.”

The woman in the canteen says.

“Y-yeah, you can t-take the sandwich….”

I said.

“No, it’s okay, take it I am not that hungry…”

He said.

“No Chris, you h-helped me at c-calculus anyways, take it as a t-thank you, I will buy s-something else."

I said. He took the sandwich and I just bought a burger.I came to our table and sat on the chair, no I actually was just about to sit when I felt someone was already sitting there.

“Wow!!! Who are you man?!!!”

I asked in shock. Sarah was just smiling at me.

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