Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 10


I am waiting for Sarah as she comes.


she screams and hugs me.

“Thanks, Sarah...”

I smile. She is wearing red top and blue jeans. She insists that first I should get ready and she will handle the decorations. I head up and she comes after a minute. I wear the dress and Sarah puts my hair in a braid and puts a blue gem in it. She gives me the final touches with blue eye shadow and lipstick.

“Do I look fine?”

I ask.


Sarah says.


I am shocked.

“Gosh Lettie, you look awesome....”

She says and I laugh. I see the time. Its 8:P.M.


I freak out.

“Calm Down, Lettie, wait here I am coming.”

She says and goes down. I sit on the bed. I look over at my Teddy ‘Jack’ from my childhood... I loved it and the blue color of him... I always used to sleep with it and one day its right eyes fell off and I couldn’t stop crying but when I woke up it was in its place.

“Okay it’s time to go down...”

She says and holds my hand. We go down. As we reach the bottom she says –

“I present to you, the queen of smartness and beauty and tonight’s birthday girl, AWKWARD n SINGLE group’s leader, my B.F.F. VIOLET!”

I blush as I see the guys just staring at me with their mouths wide open. Josh is wearing a leather jacket, Noah in his usual black outfit and Chris looks damn hot in that blue shirt....


They all jump on me.

“Thank you guys....”

I smile. I look around and the room is perfectly decorated. Balloons, Glitter, Blue Ornaments and a table with blue marble cake and hats.

“You guys did this in the time I was getting ready?! And this is what you guys were planning yesterday in the cafeteria?”

They all smile. I cut the cake and proceed to Sarah then Chris and Noah and Josh. I apply some on Noah’s cheeks and he does the same on my nose...

I blush as Chris takes a bite from the cake by holding my hand.

“Oh, you got cream on your lips...”

I say and wipe that cream from Chris’s lips. Gosh...they are so soft.... He blushes as I wipe it. They hand me my gifts. Sarah gifted me a blue top. Josh gave me a tote bag with a quote on it. Noah gave me two books and Chris gifts me a freaking antique pendant. Gosh, it’s so nice of him....

"Thank you so much guys....”

I say and hug them. I immediately wear the pendant.

“Oh, it suits you...”

Noah says.

“Everything does...”

Chris says.

“Guys it’s time for some food, I am hungry.”

Josh says. We eat sandwiches made by Chris and hot chocolate made by Noah and Josh.

“Now it’s time to play ‘TRUTH or DARE’!"

Sarah says and we all cheer.


We start playing. Violet spins the bottle. It lands on Noah.

“Okay Noah, Truth or dare?”

I ask.


He says.

“Tell us one time you really fucked up....”

I ask and he starts –

“There was this time when we were in the mall, I was like 7 years old or something and I saw a woman with her tummy sticking out and I asked her ‘Hello Miss, when are you expecting it?’ and it turned out she was just fat. She freaked out and started screaming and the guard had to kick us out....”

He finishes and we all laugh. I spin the bottle. It lands on Josh.


He says.

“Josh, do you have a crush on someone, or had one? Who?”

I ask. He is silent for a bit and then he answers –

“I had one....A few months ago....It was Lettie, but then I realised we can’t be together so I got over it and now I am fine.....”

He finishes and I can’t think of anything to say. I look at Violet. She is shocked just as I am. Everyone is. I am a bit angry and sad but the fact that he got over it is the fact that stops me from punching him.

“Let’s move on...”

Sarah says. The bottle lands on Violet.

“Truth or Dare?”

Sarah asks.


she says calmly. Sarah has a smirk on her face.

“Lettie, kiss the most hot, cute and handsome boy in this room on the lips...A.K.A. the boy you like or have a crush on....”

She is smirking. I am shocked. I look at her. It is probably going to be her first kiss. I can tell by the looks.


She says with pleading eyes.

“You have to...”

Sarah shrugs. She stands up and heads to Josh. My god.....No. She sits down. I close my eyes but no, she says –

“Sorry Josh....but you’ll always be my best friend.”

and stands up. Josh smiles and nods. He accepted it already. Thank God.... I just want her to....

She goes to Noah, oh gosh Noah...I thought they were B.F.F.s.... But they look awesome when they are together. I am jealous of him. She heads over and kisses his cheek and he blushes. But wait Sarah said on the lips.... She then comes to me. She sits in front of me. She pulls me by my collar and puts her lips on me. My mind goes blank. I feel the tingling but this time it’s so strong, it’s like an electrical rush in my whole body. At first I cannot believe what’s happening and I am sure it’s a dream but then Sarah, Noah and even Josh start to cheer then I believe that this is real. I kiss her back. I close my eyes and pull her closer by her waist. My heart is rushing fast as I feel her body touching mine. Her one hand is on my chest and one on in my hair. I caress her cheek with my left hand while the right is around her waist. I do not want to be harsh as it’s her first kiss so I keep it slow and gentle. It’s my first too and I am happy it’s with someone I like. Finally we pull away. We both smile as our noses are touching each other’s. I see her blushing furiously. My cheeks are hot too.

“For my luck....”

she whispers in my ears which gives me Goosebumps.

“I like you Vie....”

I whisper back. She smiles.

“*cough* we are here too....”

the three say. Gosh these dumbos....

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