Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 12

Noah drops me at home. I drop on my bed crying. I made the wrong decision. I want to slap myself for this. How can I even think that Chris was the ‘one’? I never had a feeling for him, liking someone for their looks is the worst thing to do. Oh god, what do I do now? I never felt anything for Chris. I lost. Everything. It is all ruined. No one will accept if I tell who I actually like. I am not sure about that person but I am sure I don’t like them for their looks and I am sure I never liked Chris. What if you could forget every bad memory, and retake a decision?


my phone lights up, it’s a message. I look at it. It’s a message from Noah. I open it and it is a picture of him in bunny ears pouting, he has tears made on with a sharpie and his hands are in front of him like a rabbit and he is pouting.

“Little bunny is sad that Violet is sad.”

I aww at that picture. The caption sad. I send a picture of me smiling and type –

“Little Bunny needs not to be sad anymore, Violet is happy and Bunny is happy too.”

I smile and put down the phone. I drift to sleep before I could even know, I thought that I would not sleep but I did.

The next I dress perfectly so I can show him that I am not dying without him, he can go do whatever the fuck he wants. Thank god I realised all this before it got even worse. I did not lose someone, I literally realised I never had them. I see the locket he gave me, I put it in my pocket. I walk to school with a real smile on my face. I meet Sarah, Josh and Noah and we are all sitting there and I am telling them about all that. I and Noah literally had to grab them from standing and finding Chris and killing him.

“Oh my fucking god, I have the most fucking amazing idea in history someone ever had!”

Sarah screams.


We all ask at once.


Sarah rubs her hands together with an evil smile on her face.

“But you guys have to promise you are going to do that!”

“But Sarah we have to know what it is before...”

I say.

“Fine, then forget it....”

Sarah says.

“Okay fine...”

Josh sighs.

“Yeah we lose, now tell us...”

Noah says.

“Fine, so....Lettie you and...Noah are going to act as a couple in front of Chris so that he can understand the piece of shit he is. You have to make him jealous, make him realise he did the wrong thing to hurt you...We will take our ‘Sweet Vendetta’!”

Sarah face had the brightest smile.

“No way....”

I and Noah say together. We look at Josh with pleading eyes.

“Sarah...look....this is....THE MOST FUCKING AMAZING IDEA!!!”

Josh screams. The smile I and Noah had for a second, vanished.


we both sigh and look at each other.

“Well it’s actually fine with me as long as I get to make out with Lettie...”

Noah smirks. My face heats up.

“You pervert!”

I shove my notebook in his face.

“So here is the whole plan, how and what you guys have to do....”

Sarah starts explaining us.

Me and Noah walk away together looking for Chris. I stop and rest my head on the wall when I see that the luck locket I gave Chris was in Noah’s neck.

“Hey B-babe...”

I stutter. Oh gosh why did I agree for this? And above of all why do I have to do this when almost no one is around?!

“Yeah, baby?”

Noah turns smiling which lights the hall room.

“How the hell do you have the necklace I gave that mother-?”

I stop clenching my fists.

“Oh babe...”

Noah thinks of something. He is so good at acting like he had done this all before. He doesn’t reply. After a minute-

“Well, I don’t even know what you are talking about but I bought it from the store because it looked nice to me...”

Noah says.

“And the truth...?”

I ask. I perfectly know he is lying, he will never like these type of things.

“Fine...I found it in the trash can! I knew it was your handwriting, I thought I would just tell you afterwards so I kept it. Sorry...”

He says.

“For what? If it’s for that he threw it then I don’t even fucking care about that and if it’s about that you took it then it looking good on you. Keep it!”

I smile.

“And I swear I will murder you and cut your body in pieces and fill it in a bottle if you ever throw it...”

I say silently laughing.

“I will have it forever close to my heart babe...”

Noah says and grabs my waist and pulls me close.

“N-Noah...everyone’s l-looking...”

I say as I look down trying to hide my red, flaming face.

“That’s the whole point and secondly you are blushing...”

Noah chuckles. We move on and I remember an old work to do.

“Hey Noah wait a second...”

I say and he turns around. I take the locket out of my pocket and toss it in the nearby dustbin.

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