Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 13


After a few days of acting we are perfectly fine when I and Violet are in the hallway and I look over and I see Chris and a girl eating each other’s face. Before I could react-


she says.


But before I could finish the sentence Violet’s lips are on mine and she is kissing me. I freeze and couldn’t even react. She pulls away. She looks up and whispers-


as her face is red as well as mine and she runs.

“Wait, Lettie...”

I run behind her. She gets in a classroom and tries to close the door but I reach just in time.

“See, Lettie, I am stronger than you, there’s no use and no way you can close this door.”

I say and she gives up. She stands there and I enter the classroom. She has tears streaming down her face.

“ don’t need to say sorry, I understand-!”

I am cut off by her.

“No Noah, I can’t just use you like this to make him jealous, I don’t want to play around with you and hurt you and you probably like someone, this is too wrong.”

She stops.

“No Lettie, you really don’t have to apologise. Okay let’s play game I will ask you three questions and you will juts nod or shake your head, please just play along...okay? Just so we can make all this easier for you and me.”

I ask. She nods.

“Okay ever liked Chris?”

I ask. She violently shakes her head. She stopped crying.

“Do you like someone?”

I ask chewing my lip. She looks down and quietly nods.

“Well last question, did you kiss me just to make Chris jealous and there wasn’t any other reason for it? It was all unintentional?”

I look in her eyes. She shakes her head and a tear falls down.

“Noah, I-!”

she starts.


I put my finger on her lips and kiss her. I had hidden this for so much time, not more. I can’t see her crying anymore. I can’t see her with anyone else. I sound selfish but I want to be with her so bad. She freezes but then kisses back. We pull apart just after few seconds. This is school dude. I wipe her tear and say –

“There’s only one rule, you can’t speak in the game...”

I smile.

“I swear, I don’t fucking like pervert!”

Lettie laughs and lightly hits me. I hold her hands, pin her to the wall. Go really close to her ear and whisper –

“I like you too!”

Then I start walking away like nothing happened.

“What was that?”

She asks.


I say without turning back.


She asks confused.

“Revenge, you stole my first kiss, I stole your second....”

I say and exit.

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