Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 14


I want to scream and dance happily but I am in school. You know what I felt when Noah kissed me. It was like I forgot everything. Even if it was for just few seconds it felt like ages. I felt something I have never felt, not even when Chris was with me. This was something else. I have a feeling this is the path of light. Well forget this, where did Noah go?


I call. I go in the cafeteria and I see Noah, Josh and Sarah sitting together. They are all smiling. When I go there, I almost tripped. But I didn’t fall.

“Oh look, Lettie is nervous in front of her boyfriend...”

Josh teases.


I ask.

“When is the treat?”

Sarah asks.

“Fine, go get whatever you want, I will pay...”

I sigh. Josh and Sarah go to order.

“So y-you told t-them?”

I ask.

“Yeah...shouldn’t I have?”

He asks.

“Of course, they are our best friends. But I still don’t know what I am giving a treat for?”

Noah laughs.

“Lettie, you can stop blushing now...”

Noah says and I realise my cheeks were hot from that time. I blush even harder.

“You are cuter when you blush...”

he pulls my cheek.

“You guys are acting like real couples.”

Josh says.

“They are!”

Sarah says. Noah goes and comes with the order.

“How did you know I like Blueberry?”

As I see he bought me a blueberry ice cream.

“I know everything babe...”

he smiles.

“Noah stop saying all this or this place is going to burn down form Lettie’s extreme blushing.”

josh laughs.

“And you, if you do anything to Lettie, remember this fork is really sharp.”

Sarah say pointing it at Noah. We all laugh.

We are in the playground when we see two boys punching each other aggressively. Even the teachers can’t stop them. Before we even realise Noah is in the ground in between them.

“Is he fucking trying to end up in hospital?!!”

I shriek. The stronger boy throws a punch on Noah, I put my hands on my eyes but nothing happens. I open and look that Noah is holding his hand and is twisting it more and more and at last he kicks him in the balls. The other boy runs away and the first one is lying go the floor.

“Oh darling, you’re so delicate. Don’t touch me, I am all thorns and rocks. Remember this kick before trying to punch me or someone else. And just before you ask this is my girlfriend’s move.”

Noah brushes dirt from his pants and comes back.

“Why the hell did you go there? What is you got hurt? And from when am I yours?”

I ask raising my eyebrows. I didn’t realise the crowd which has gathered from the fight was cheering and clapping for Noah.

“He is hot.”

A girl says.

“Well he has a girlfriend...”

Another says sadly.

“Which one is it?”

The first one asks.

“Probably the one who is holding him with brown hair...”

she replies and realise I had been hugging him.

“Oh Lettie, you care too much for me...”

He smiles and kisses my cheek.

“Stop giving me random kisses in front of the whole school.”

I say.

“Well for that babe, I can’t.”

He says and walks away like a star. I grab his hand.

“I didn’t get my answer: When did I become your girlfriend?”

I ask. He turns around gets really close and says-

“That’s obvious isn’t it or do you need me to give the details?”

He smirks. I let his hand go.

“Oh come on, grab me or you will get lost in the crowd.”

He says. I punch him in the shoulder.

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