Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 15

The school dance is coming. Me and the dumbos standing at the table arguing if Josh should go with Sarah or not when Chris comes out nowhere and says–

“Um... uh, Lettie.... I want to talk to you, I can explain-!”

Noah steps in front of me and says –

“Stay the fuck away from my Lettie or else you would know how much it hurts hurting someone.”

Noah is clenching his fists. I step beside him as Sarah and Josh are ready to punch Chris in his face.

“Noah, calm down, let me talk to him...”

I say, put my hands on his chest to stop him and turn to Chris.

“Oh dear, look who it is? You know what Chris, I don’t want to hear a word from you and what exactly can you have and explanation for after eating the girl’s face out in front of me? You just wanted to use me right? Well thank god I realised it and don’t you DARE call me Lettie, the right is only for my friends and my boyfriend Noah. What about the necklace I gave you? You know what you are a douchebag and an asshole and please don’t show your face to me after all you did and if you came to apologise then no, please go and fuck yourself! Leave us alone! And one more thing- don’t live in the misunderstanding that I like you or have feelings for you, I like Noah!”

After all this Chris just walks away with an emotionless face and I lean in to Noah and hug him. I wanted to cry but I felt so good in his arms that I didn’t. Noah pats my head and Josh and Sarah hug me.

“Will you go out to the dance with me?”

I asks still hugging him.


Noah asks.

“Why do you want to go with someone else?”

I ask.

“Yeah, babe I have already planned on going with Lettie...”

He says and I sigh and kiss him on his cheek.

“You Dumbo. That’s what I love about you.”

I smile.

“Not me?”

He asks looking at me. I feel my cheeks getting hot.

“Um...Sarah, Josh let’s get some coffee...”

I say and Sarah Josh head to the canteen and I start walking away.

“You are leaving me alone babe?”

He grabs my hand and pulls me.

“Oh Noah, this is school....”

I say, he leaves me and asks –

“Then where do I-?”

“Don’t you dare, complete that sentence!”

I laugh and we both walk to the canteen.

“Hey Violet, do you mind if I take a minute?”

I turn around and Steve is standing there.

“No. Absolutely not.”

I say and step aside.

“Um...will you go to the school dance with me?”

He asks with his cheeks red.

“Oh Steve, I am so sorry....I am going with Noah....I am so sorry.”

I say.

“Oh, it’s fine. Well see you.”

He says and walks away.

I am getting ready with Sarah and she wore a Red dress with black gemstones. I wore an off-shoulder gown which was white at top and the descended in a light blue hue with a frill and gathered tight at the waist. We are finishing our makeup when there was a knock on the door.


I say and open the door. There is Josh and Noah both looking at me. Noah is wearing a black tuxedo and Josh’s is brown. He is also wearing the luck charm. He is in awe.

“Hey, Josh can you pinch me?”

Noah say keeping his eyes on me. I blush.

“I really want to kiss you...”

He says and comes closer. I look down.

“Come on dude...”

Josh says and closes his eyes.

“But the problem is....”

he says.

“I won’t be able to stop if I do...”

He says and pins me to the wall holding my wrists. I look up and his smiles gives me butterflies.

“Come on Noah...Josh is here!”

I say looking at him.

“Well...who cares...Josh, Sarah is waiting for you inside...”

he smirks and Josh goes in.


he holds my chin and pulls my head up.

“Josh is not”

He comes close. I put my hands on his lips.

“Can’t Noah wait a little?”

I ask.

“Oh, come on....”

he says as I smile and go to my room and I stop as I see Sarah and Josh are kissing each other passionately.

“Oh Shit! I am so sorry...”

I say as I put my hands on my eyes and turn away.

“No, it’s okay...”

Sarah says.

“Yeah after you just made out with Noah...”

Josh teases.

“I didn’t!”

I say as I feel my cheeks burning.

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