Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 16

We are at the dance and we see Chris and that girl. I realise only today that the girl is Rebecca.

“Goodness, what kind of fucker is he? He just yesterday asked you to dance!”

Sarah says.

“I don’t care.”

I say and go to the table. Noah comes and sits beside me. Sarah and Josh come too.

“Well, you guys enjoy each other. We will get moving. Right?”

Sarah asks.


they smile and go away.

“Give me your hand.”

Noah says.

“What? Why?!”

I ask.

“Oh just do it...”

Noah says. He takes my hand in his hands and says to close my eyes. I close my eyes. I feel something like a cold chain on my wrist.


he says. I open my eyes and look at my wrist. It is a silver chain with a blue gem in the shape of a half-heart with silver linings is dangling around it and blue beads are threaded.

“Oh my god...this is sooo cute...Thanks you so much Noah.”

I hug him and he whispers in my ear

“Can I now?”

I smirk and say


he smiles and says


He rolls up his sleeves and I can see the other bracelet with the half heart on his wrist.

“You wore it for me?”

I ask.

“Who said that? You wore it for me because I gave it to you and that proves you belong to me!”

He says quite confidently.


I sigh. You can never win when it is with Noah.

“Let’s dance!”

I say and grab his hands and we head to the dance floor. I can see Chris and Rebecca laughing at something and looking at us mysteriously. We are slow dancing with Noah’s hands on my waist and mine around his neck. As the music is about to end I lean in and say

“The wait’s over!”

and am about to kiss him when he pushes me away with a great force but Sarah grabs me stopping me from falling and just then the lights hanging on top of us break and fall on him and crash with a loud noise. There is glass everywhere. Noah is bleeding and there is glass everywhere piercing his skin. Everything flashes before my eyes. I fall on my knees and can’t even cry. I am frozen from the shock.


is the only thing I could say before I fall unconscious.

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