Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 17

I open my eyes and feel a soft bed. I look aside and see doctors. I am in the hospital! I see beside me and there is Noah in the bed beside me. I stand up quickly and rush over to his bed. I feel dizzy but this is not the time to feel dizzy. He is wrapped in bandages everywhere.


I choke on my own tears. A tear of mine falls on his cheeks and he opens his eyes.

“Lettie, you are not allowed to cry. Not in front of me.”

He says. His voice is feeble.

“W-why did y-you do t-this?!”

I cry.

“For you.”

These are the only words that he says.

“Y-you could h-have-!”

I stop clenching my fists.


He keeps his finger on my lips and continues

“I would!”


I ask again.

“Oh don’t understand! I would do that for you!”

He says matter-of-factly.

“Promise me you won’t do it again.”

I ask.

“Oh, for that babe, for you, I can’t. I will always and forever think about you first.”

“Um...I don’t want to hurt your feelings but-!”

He cuts me off and says –

“-You are my feelings!”

“What I was saying is that this is really cheesy...”

I say.

“And this is also true!”

“Stop being a love-sick bunny.”

I say.

“I am a love-sick bunny.”

He smiles.

“Why did you do it? See, now I can’t even kiss you....”

I say pouting and we laugh.

I ask the doctor

‘how much time would it take for him to heal’?

He says his body is working quite fast and it would take a maximum of a week.

“What the hell is he made up of?”

I ask myself.


Sarah and Josh say together as they come in smiling. Sarah and Josh go to Noah and I go outside for some fresh air. The park just beside so I go and sit on a bench.

“Can you hear me once?”

A voice comes. I look up. It is Chris.

“Again?! After all the insult? Proves that you have no self-dignity.”

I stand up angrily.

“Just once...”

he pleads.

“ it soon, I don’t have time to waste on people like you.”

I say. He comes near me and puts his lips on mine. I realise just then what he is trying to do but he had done it. I push him away and slap him with all my might.


I am bursting with anger.


I say.

“I won’t come near you darling but I will sure make your life a living hell...I will take your "everything"away from you”

he says and goes away. I sit there controlling my anger. My nails are piercing my skin in my fist and I clench it. I go home make porridge and come back to hospital. It was a five minute journey as the hospital is really close to our house.

“Noah, I made porridge.”

I say and sit beside him on the bed and Sarah and Josh go outside to talk with the doctor. I help Noah sit up and give him the bowl.

“I can’t lift my hand, feed me...”

He says. I sigh and dip the spoon in porridge.

“Open your mouth or do you want me to shove this in your nostrils...”

I say laughing silently.

“Easy with that beast-mode of yours Lettie...”

Noah smirks and opens his mouth. I feed him with a burning desire to shove the whole spoon down his throat. I control myself as he is already suffering. For me. After he finishes –

“You got some on your lips.”

I say.

“Told you, I can’t lift my hand, it is paining. Ouch!”

He acts as his hand is paining. The third desire to hit his arm with a hammer. I wipe it with my fingers as he holds my hand and kisses my finger.

“Someone just told me their hand is paining.”

I say looking at him.

“Yeah, Ouch!”

I lightly smack him with the magazines nearby.


I say.

As I am going out there is a smile on my face.

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