Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 18

Noah’s P.O.V.

After a week, I was discharged from the hospital. I was at home. Sarah, Josh and Violet were really worried for me. Lettie was the one who was the most worried. She was 24 hours in my ward, made me porridge. Now I am on my way to school. I reach and open my locker. I am taking out my books when Rebecca comes and says –

“I was wondering how Chris could be stuck with that bitch-!”

“How dare you say something like that? Mind your language Rebecca or else I will forget we are in school and what my limits are.”

I stop as she is still smiling.

“You won’t say that when you see this.”

She says and holds up a picture in her hand. It is of Chris and Violet kissing. I freeze for a second. I shake my head to make sure it is not an illusion. I snatch the picture from her hand.

“This is photo-shop, Lettie would never do that. She is not someone like Chris.”

I say.

“Okay listen this then.”

She says and holds up her phone and plays a recording.

“Just once...”

Chris’s voice comes.

“ it soon.”

And the recording ends.

“This can’t be what you want me to think. I can’t just break my trust on Lettie and believe someone like you without knowing the other side of the story. Her side.”

I say and walk you.

“Hey Noah!”

Violet waves. I am just not in the mood of talking to anyone. I walk away. Days pass and I keep ignoring everyone. I just can’t face Lettie, every time that bloody picture comes up. I am in the hallway as Lettie comes and says –

“Why are you ignoring me?”

“Didn’t you kiss Chris?”

I ask blankly. She stops. Her eyes water.

“I-uh-that’s not what you think-!”

She stutters.

“So you did after all. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

I start walking away.


she continues.

“-You stuttered!”

I say and walk away. I am in Chemistry class as she comes and sits beside me. I am about to go somewhere else when she says

– “I did but won’t you ask why or how?”


I say coldly and start walking.

“Everyone deserves a second chance Noah. Give me mine. Let me explain. I can.”

She pleads. I stop but then walk away.

I am in the hallway next day when I hear someone crying. I peek in the room and it is Violet. She has a piece of glass from the flower vase nearby which is broken and she is violently slashing her left wrist. Blood is dripping everywhere. She has closed her mouth but I can still hear her crying.


I scream, run to her grab her right wrist, snatch the glass and throw it away.


I am literally screaming. I tear my shirt and wrap it around her wrist.

“T-that’s because I can’t bear you ignoring me for something I hadn’t done. I can’t stay away from you for a single second. Don’t ignore me. Listen to my side of the story. Please. I am innocent. I would never cheat on you. Sorry for hurting you. I- I L-Love you N-Noah!”

these are the words she says before she falls unconscious in my arms. I pick her up in my arms and rush to the nurse’s office. I sit beside her on the bed as the nurse is applying bandage.

“This is all my fault. If I had just listened to her, she wouldn’t have done this. Why did I do this? It is all my fault. I am so sorry Lettie. I promised to never hurt you...I couldn’t keep it I am sorry.”

I say to her and I can feel tears on my cheeks. I rush over to the bathroom.


I bang my fists onto he wall.

She wakes up after half an hour. I am beside her.

“I a-am sorry N-Noah-!”

I cut her off.

“Shh...Just shut up. I am sorry. I would never have thought that you would do that. Why didn’t I understand it was all Rebecca’s and Chris’s plan? Sorry for not hearing to your side of story. I really hurt you. Look at that. Don’t you dare do this next time! If you have anything to say, tell me, next time, I will listen to you. I promise. And I promise to not break this promise.”

I end.

“Well, she will heal soon. The cut is not too deep. You stopped her at the right time.”

The nurse says to me.

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