Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 19


I open my eyes in my bed. I sit up. I look at my hand. It is not paining.

“How the heck did I get here?”

The last thing I remember, I was in nurse’s office. Well, whatever I feel hot so I am getting ready to shower when there is a knock on the door. I quickly grab the towel and I didn’t even completely wrap it as the door opens.

“Oh Shit!”

Noah says and closes his eyes and turns away. I throw a pillow at him.

“Did I fucking tell you to come in?!”

I ask as my face is red and I am searching for my clothes to wear.

“Well, you didn’t tell me to not come in so I thought you must not completely be naked-!”

I throw another pillow at him. I have worn my loose T-Shirt by then.

“Open your damn eyes.”

I say and sit on the bed. He comes near.

“Is it okay if I sit?”

He asks hesitating.

“Well...yeah...after you literally saw me-.”

I stop. I can see his cheeks red.

“Oh, someone’s blushing.”

I tease. He sits down and drops a small package. It has medicines. He removes his jacket and sits down.

“Well Noah, I have to shower. You can sit into the drawing room until then.”

I say.

“Not here?”

He smirks. I throw another pillow at him but he dodges it.

“This is why I call you a pervert. Fuck you.”

I say.

“Sounds interesting....where?”

he asks as I realise what I have done. I have stepped in the lion’s cave. He comes closer.

“Oh god...get the fuck out now. Take whatever is yours and get out of here.”

I say with my eyes closed as I know I will die of embarrassment if I see him. I feel his hands around me. He picks me up.

“What are you doing?”

I ask.

“Well...taking what’s mine!”

he says.

“Oh gosh...”

I sigh as he puts me down. He smiles and goes in the living room. I quickly shower and change and go in the drawing room and sit beside Noah. He is reading my books.

“Well, how did I come here and how are you here?”

I ask.

“So you mean, you would have stayed in the nurse’s office after school ended and I would have let Josh carry you here? You are wrong in both cases. Only I have the right touch you.”

He finishes.

“Fine, but I wonder how exactly did you carry me?!” I ask.

“I’ll show you!”

he says and picks me up in bridal style. I put my hands around his neck to stop me from falling.

“You see how?”

He asks. My cheeks are already flushing.

“Well am not I heavy?”

I ask.

“You are light as feather babe.”

He says.

“P-put me down.”

I say as I am already blushing profusely.

“Well for that babe, I can’t!”

He says and locks his lips with mine. My left hand’s fingers were winded in his blonde locks of hair and the right hand was on his chest. His hands are lingering over my waist. He sits on the sofa with me in his lap. He caresses my cheek with his hand. I have never felt what I felt right now. It was like firecrackers. I felt the electrical rush through my whole body. He lips were in most perfect sync with mine. His breath was minty and lips soft as velvet. I have kissed him before but none kiss of ours was like this. His hair smells of almond. He bites my bottom lip, I let out a moan and he slips his tongue inside.

He kisses my collarbone. He finds my weak spot on the neck and sucks it. I let out a moan.

After few minutes we break apart. I rest my forehead on his. There is a knock on the door.

“I will get it!”

I say as rush over. As soon as I open the door, Sarah and Josh jump on me.


Sarah asks.

“What? Am I not allowed to kiss my boyfriend?”

I ask.

“Don’t fucking kid with me....”

Sarah is so angry, I have never seen her like this. Noah comes and steps beside me.

“What is wrong Sarah?”

he asks.

“What is wrong? Everything is wrong you asshole!”

Josh screams on Noah.

“Calm down guys...why are you screaming at us?”

I ask.

“Why are we screaming? Then tell me, what the fuck is that?”

Sarah says pointing at my hand. I look down.

“How did you fucking dare to do that.....Lettie I swear I will kill you if you do that again?”

Sarah is on the verge of tears.

“Come here.”

I hug her.

“Sorry...I can’t stay away from Noah. There is no reason to live if it isn’t with him....”

I say.

“Then if you do something like that, I will kill both of you!”

Josh says and we all laugh.

"Well well well my dear, what is that reddish mark on your neck?"

Sarah smirks and asks.

Oh shit I forgot to cover it.

"I g-got bitten b-by a mosquito..."

I stutter.

"Or got bitten by 'someone'?"

Josh teases.

"Oh gosh guys, leave it...."

I say as I can feel my cheeks heating. Noah is blushing hard.

"What was happening before we were here?"

Sarah asks.

"That's our concern, you tell me what’s up between you two?”

I ask Sarah and Josh.

“Well, he asked me for dance and I agreed and that’s it.”

She blushes.

“Well, we will get going. We just came to give Lettie a piece of our mind. You guys continue whatever you were doing.”

Josh teases and goes out.

“Well now I know how it will feel like, carrying you on our wedding day!”

Noah says and pulls me on his lap.

It’s evening so we decide to take a walk out. We are walking in the backyard holding hands.


I say.


He looks at me.

“You really like me?”

I ask.

“Is there a doubt?”

He asks.

“Can you prove it? Scream it to the world!”

I say.


he sighs. He comes near my ear and whispers

“I like you!”

I am shocked for a second. I am blushing. He is walking silently like nothing happened.


I say.


He turns around.

“Can I hug you?”

I ask.


He says. I stare at him for a solid minute when he comes close and says

I will hug you!”

and pulls me in for a hug. After we pull apart

“Hey, why are you crying?”

Noah asks.

“I don’t know...”

I say wiping the tears.

“Oh dear....”

he says and pats my head.

“If you don’t stop crying, I will shove you in the bushes...”

Noah says.


I ask before I realise. His lips turn in a grin.

“You pervert!”

I smack him on his cheek.


he says.

“Oh gosh, I hit too hard...”

I say as I realise his cheek is red. I lean over and kiss his cheek.

“Now it will be fine...”

I say. I continue walking.


he says.


I ask.

“My lips are hurting too...”

he smirks.

“Oh gosh, stop or I will kick you in the wall.”

I say. We both laugh.

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