Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 2

“Watch your way Violet…”

The boy who was sitting in my place said and smiled.

“W.T.H man, how do you know my name?!!!”

I was literally shocked.

“Um…there’s this person called Sarah with an ‘H’.”

The boy said pointing towards Sarah who was now grinning.

“Sarah, W.T.H is happening?!!!”

I ask her.

“Sit down girl, I am not running away.”

She smiles and pats the seat beside her. I sit down and she says

“As you were in the canteen, Josh came to me and asked if he could sit with us, I agreed. He is a freshman and he is just as awkward and single potato as we are…”

Sarah finished and I laughed, this potato phrase always gets me.

“You already know me, welcome to the “Awkward ‘n’ Single Potato Squad!”

I say taking my hand out. We shake hands.

“Hey Lettie, wasn’t it Chris in the canteen?”

Sarah asks me.

“Y-yeah it w-was….why?”

I ask.

“You stammered….”

Josh says.

“So what?"

I ask.

“You don’t until you are nervous…”

Sarah says looking at me with a half-smile just like Chris’s.

"Leave it guys, Josh are you new here?”

I ask changing the topic as I was becoming uncomfortable.

“Yeah, I live on the B-4 street, house no. 34.”

He says. “O.m.g, what a coincidence. Me and Lettie, live on the B-4 street too.”

Sarah says excitingly.

“I live in House no. 30 and Sarah lives on 28, we are pretty close.”

I say happily.

“Wait Lettie, is that a burn mark on your hand?!!”

Josh asks me.


I say hiding my hand under my sleeves.

“It is...!”

Josh says and grabs my hand carefully trying not to make it pain.

“I j-just got burned b-by the frying pan”

I say looking down.

“Take care and cook your potatoes carefully.”

Sarah says and we laugh again. This potato thing was now a universal joke for us now. Soon I, Sarah and Josh become best friends. They were the two people who made me forget about my worries and sorrow. I felt happy and safe around them, I am not awkward when I am with them.

One day when I was walking down the school corridor with Sarah and Josh, Chris stopped me.

“Hey Violet, can I talk to you for a second?”

He asks smiling.

“Y-yes of c-course, excuse me guys.”

I say and go to Chris.


He hands me a packet.

“W-what is this?”

I ask.

“Your favorite grilled sandwich with no tomatoes and extra onions.”

He smiles at me. I notice today that he smells so nice.

“Thanks C-Chris you s-should not h-have done t-that, it w-would have c-cost you so m-much!”

I say.

“No it didn’t, I made it myself. Tell me how it is after you eat it.”

He smiles again.

“Oh you cook?!! I love guys who cook-.”

I stop as I realize what I have said and I did not even stammer into that sentence once. I feel my cheeks burning because I have never said something like this to a guy, but hey, I do love guys who cook. I quickly change the subject.

“T-thanks Chris, that’s s-so nice of you…. Today we have c-calculus right?”

“Yeah, after lunch break. Bye Violet talk to you later.”

He says and as I say Bye, he starts walking away. I go back to Sarah and Josh.

“It’s a surprise that we are not old and dying after your long conversation. “It was not THAT long guys…”

I say.

“What did he give you?”

Josh asks.

“He cooked me my favorite sandwich.”

I say.

“Lettie, you can’t eat that?!!!”

Josh says.

“Why can’t I?”

I ask.

“He might have mixed something in that…”

Sarah says.

“Why would he?!!! He is NOT like what you guys think, let’s eat it at lunch and see if something happens…You guys are suspecting him for NO reason....”

I say, I was sure that Chris would never do something like that.

We were sitting at the cafeteria at lunch. I finished my sandwich.

“See, nothing happened.”

I say.

“Yeah, you were right…”

Both of them say.

I go to my Calculus class and sit on my usual spot. As I put down my bag, I see there’s something written on the table.

“How was the sandwich?”

I smile as I see it. I write

“It was awesome, I loved it. Thanks!”

I turn around to say something to Chris but I am shocked that he is not there. Professor Parks is already teaching and he is not here.

“Miss Blake, what is the answer to question no. 5?”

As she asks me this-

“May I come in Professor?”

Chris is standing at the door.

“What took you long Mr. Rogers?”

Professor Catherine asks Chris.

“Sorry professor, I went to the washroom.”

He says.

“Okay come on in.”

She allows him and asks me.

“Professor, it’s 29.”

I say.

“Correct, sit down.”

Chris smiles at me as I answer the question correctly. Thank God I studied some calculus before class. I really need to take classes from someone. Sarah? No she is really busy as her mother passed away lately. I wish I did not have to live with the person I call ‘mom’ every day. Josh? No, he is weak at Calculus too. Chris? He is the topper of calculus. Shall I ask him? He would help me right? I will ask him someday.

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