Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 21

Violet’s P.O.V.

There is a knock on the door.

“Violet Blake?”

someone asks as I am sitting in the chair besides Noah’s bed. I go and open the door. I meet a pair of green eyes.

“Officer Jesse.”

He says as he shows his ID.

“Can I ask you some questions?”

he asks.


I say. He does some questioning about Chris and stuff but I have a strange feeling that I know him.

“Have I met you before?”

I ask.

“No. It must have been that you saw me in newspapers or stuff.”

He says. I agree.

“Well Violet, we will tell you about Chris when he is caught.”

He says goodbye and goes out. I head to home. I reach to open the door which is already open. I go inside and mom is sitting there.

“Hey, when did you come?”

I ask.


she says as she is polishing her knife. I hesitate and step back. She looks at me and laughs.

“Don’t worry, it was just blunt.”

She says. How did she become this good? There is something wrong....

“I heard you have a boyfriend...”

she says.


I say. Now don’t tell me she is going to kill him. I won’t tolerate that.

“Well I would like to meet him...”

She says.


I ask.

“Oh, just want to see how your future husband looks like.”

She smiles as I blush. She is acting too well.

“Well Tom proposed me.”

She says. Oh this is the reason!

“Oh really?”

I act happy.

“Yeah, we are getting married in two months....”

she says.

“Oh my god, congratulations! I can’t wait.”

I say as I have a volcano erupting inside. How can she marry a man when she is already married to my dad? Isn’t it illegal? Well anyways, I have to work on my plan right now. I think it is the time as she is acting too well right now. I am taking a shower as I hear mom call me.

“Come down Violet”

I quickly change and go down. I see Officer Jesse sitting on the sofa.

“Oh, we meet again.”

He says. Mom is sitting bedside and looks really nervous.

“How are you here? Did you get anything about Chris?”

I ask.

“Not actually, but somebody brought me here.”

He says.


I Ask.


Noah says who is standing at the doorway.

“What are you doing here? How did they discharge you?”

I ask.

“Hospital can wait but not this.”

He says and comes in.

“Have a seat Mrs. Blake.”

He says.

“Now Violet will you please tell us what she does to you?”

He asks.


I ask.

“Oh come on, please don’t defend her after all what she did.”

He says.

“I did not do anything. What are you talking about?”

mom says.

“Knifes, candles, water....remember anything?”

He asks. How does he know?

“Did you physically abuse her like that?”

Jesse asks.

“No. Tell them Violet.”

She pleads.

“Yeah she didn’t do that...”

I say looking down. Noah and Jesse are shocked.

“Lettie please it’s now or never. Do you want her to keep doing that?”

Noah says.

“It’s not that. It's worse!” I say clenching my fist.


she asks.

“Oh look who is acting innocent....”

I say.

“Well you have any proof?”

Officer asks. I look at her smiling. “If my scars aren't enough then I have something else too.” I say and head over to our mantel piece and take the clock, smash it on the wall and break one of its needles. I remove a mini camera from it. I take out a chip and hand it to him.


I say. He takes it and plays it.

“What’s is that?”

She asks.

“The “project” I was working on. can’t get any dumber.”

I say.


I say. I don’t want him to look at what all she did to me. He will kill her not caring that he would end up in jail.


he says.

“Don’t look at the video.”

I say.


I ask.

“Just don’t.”

I say.

“Oh come one.”

He pleads.


I look him in the eyes.


he sighs and comes to me. Jesse watches everything that takes hours and she sits there while it all happens.

“Well Noah good job and Violet you did a better job and Mrs. Blake get ready to go in prison.”

He says and handcuffs her.

“I will have a small talk to you and Noah in a few weeks after Noah recovers.”

He says.

“Well Rose Blake, this is how my future boyfriend looks like.”

I point at Noah. Jesse smiles as my so called mom goes to police station.

“ one is home...and what was that future husband thing?”

Noah says and comes closer.

“You get straight to the hospital and don’t even think about anything until you get better. It is a punishment. Go!”

I say as my cheeks are hot. He sighs and starts walking away. I wipe my tears before he sees them.


I say.


he asks. I hug him from behind.

“I don’t know how to thank you? You have done so much for me. Accept my thank you. And just for once when it is a life or death situation, put yourself first before me.”

I say crying.

“Well for that babe, I can’t. You can’t say thank you to me and I did that for myself not you. And stop crying. How many times do I have to tell you? Now go make me porridge.”

He says and goes to the hospital. I make porridge and go to the hospital.

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