Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 22

I knock on the door.

“Come in babe...”

he says. I open the door and step in.

“What is it was Officer Jesse rather than me?”

I ask silently laughing.

“Then, he would think I am in love with him....”

he says and we laugh. I put the porridge down. I feed him and take the glass of water. He hold my hand as he drinks.

“Oh gosh....which stupid love sick bunny am I stuck with?”

I ask.

“The bunny which in love with you.”

He answers.

“If you don’t stop these, I will run away with Josh...”

I joke. Noah chokes on his water.

“What are you talking?”

He asks shockingly.

“Then I will run away with Sarah-.”

Noah is cut off.

“-And I will kill all three of you!”

Sarah says.

“What type of 5 year old nonsense are you two talking?”

Josh asks.

“I was just kidding...”

I say.

“Yeah, Yeah.”

Noah says sarcastically.

I am in my home cooking dinner as there is a knock on the door. I open it and there is Noah leaning over the wall.

“What are you doing-?”

I stop as I realize his shirt is torn and there is a cut on his chest with blood dripping.


I ask as I feel my eyes water.


he puts his finger on my lips and pulls me in. His face is close to me and I smell


I ask.

“Noah you are drunk!”

I say.

“I am not...”

he says and the smell of beer reeks from his mouth.

“Why did you drink this much? What if something happened?”

I ask. He wipes my tears.

“Gosh, there is so much blood dripping....What happened?”

“And there’s so much tears dripping...”

he says as he wipes them. I ask and I run over to take the first aid kit. I am shocked that he is able to speak perfectly after consuming this much alcohol.

“Calm down....”

He says as I come back.

“Yeah totally. Until you die. Remove that damn shirt.”

I say.

“Oh really...?”

he smirks.

“Gosh Noah can you stop kidding?”

I ask.

“Turn around.”

He says as I realize I have been staring at him. I turn around.

“I was kidding.”

He says. I turn around and

“Wow! You are hot-!”

I stop as I realize. I feel my cheeks burning.


He smirks.

“Enough. No time for nonsense. There is so much blood.”

I say and I wipe the wound with cotton and apply medicine. It is not that deep but still.

“Aren’t you not going to tell me?”

I ask.

“Oh for that babe I can’t.”

he says.

“Oh come on!”

I say.


Noah says and I think maybe I rubbed too hard.

“Oh shit I am so sorry....”

I say looking at him.

“You hurt my hand. Now kiss me to apologize.”

He smiles and says.

“Gosh Noah....”

I sigh.

“Noah what happened?”

I ask.

“Please tell me...”

I say.

“Oh sit down first.”

He says. He seemed perfectly normal but he was surely drunk. I sit beside him. He takes a deep breath and says

“I got into a fight...”

he sighs.

“Which motherfucker?”

I ask.

“Well I was just walking outside when two guys older than me just came and bet me. I was hurt already and they tried to slash me with a knife but some people came and they ran away. I tried to fight but they were stronger.”

He said.

“Oh gosh it is all happening because of me. I put you in trouble. I am so sorry. Just leave me. I can’t see you like that. It is all my fault. All mine. That asshole had crossed his limits. It is all my fault. You deserve better than me. I always put you in trouble.”

I drop on the floor and cry. I start slapping myself.


he comes close and holds my wrists.

“Look in my eyes.”

He says and pulls my chin up.

“It is not your fault. Stop blaming yourself. And I would choose to leave this place rather than leaving you. And I deserve you and only you. You are the one. They weren’t there because of Chris. It was something else.”

He says and I stop crying.

“What is it Noah?”

I ask eyes wider. He sits there quietly.

“Noah tell me. What is it?”

I ask.

“It is my arch nemesis.”

He says.

“Who?” I ask.

“It is Jett, the leader of the mafia I was in...”

he says.

“The what you were in?!”

I ask.


he sighs.

“You weren’t!”

I say in disbelief.

“You never told me....”

“I didn’t want you to get involved in that stuff.”

He says.

“Oh gosh Noah.... why do you get involved in these stuff?”

I ask.

“He borrowed money from me and now when I ask it back he is not giving me.”

He says and moves his fingers through his hair.

“I will be in the hospital.”

He says and starts walking.

“How the heck will you walk there in this state?”

I ask.

“I will be fine, it is just here.”


I say and head to the kitchen to make porridge.

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