Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 23

I head to the hospital. I see his door is open. I peek inside and at the exact moment I wished I didn’t have. Rebecca was sitting on Noah’s lap passionately kissing him. He didn’t push her away. Rather than that, he was going all with the tongue. I drop the bowl as I feel anger rushing down and tears streaming. There is a loud smash. Noah opens his eyes and looks at me. Then he looks at Rebecca. Then he pushes her away slowly.


is the only thing I could ask in a choked voice. I never thought he would do something like that. I thought he liked me and only me but I was wrong.

“Told you Noah was mine...”

Rebecca smirks and walks out.

“Babe I-!”

he starts but I cut him off.


I scream.

“You did the same thing like Chris....”

I say tears streaming.

“It is not what it looks like!”

“Yeah it is not what it looks like. You shoving your tongue down Rebecca’s neck, passionately, enjoying it. It is not what it looks like.”

I say sarcastically.

“You promised me...”

I break.


he stops.

“ You are just like Chris. I never thought you would do that Noah. I thought you would never hurt me. I thought you l-liked me....guess I was wrong.”

I say picking up the pieces of the bowl.

“I like you.”

He says.

“Yeah and you go on kissing Rebecca. You really like me. A lot.”

I say.

“At least you would have found some privacy Noah, in the hospital?”

I ask.


I don’t let him speak.

“You would have told me that you didn’t like me. But why would you? You used me. Just like Chris. I literally liked you. I never cheated on you Noah, why did you?”

I ask crying.

“She kissed me!”

he says.

“And you were kissing her back. You were enjoying it. At least you were kissing back.”

I say.


he asks absent-mindly. And I realize that he is still drunk. What if he didn’t do it and Rebecca used him? He was not in real mind. But still he acted perfectly normal. But what if it was all an excuse? To have a chance to kiss her? I shook my head to get those thoughts out.

“Well you enjoy yourself Noah, I will give you contacts of some other girls.”

I say.


he stands up and falls back. I step forward but stop myself. No, Violet. Stop. Stop right now. I turn around. “Bye.” I say and walk out.


is the only thing I could hear as I walk out. Out of the hospital.

I don’t go to school next day. I can’t face anyone. Noah was still in hospital. I was missing him so much. I just wanted to cry and cry. I knew that Noah must have an explanation but I couldn’t face him. I was missing him. But he kissed her. But I still like him. He needs me. He must be alone. Who cares? My heart whispered to me -

“You do Stupid!”

there is a knock on the door. I look through the peephole and see Noah. I don’t open the door.

“Lettie, I know it’s you. Please open the door....”

he pleads.

“Go away Noah, I don’t want to talk...”

I say.

“Lettie, give me my second chance.”

He says. I wanted to open the door, hug him, kiss him and tell him how much I liked him but I couldn’t.

“No Noah, not now. Go. Just go.”

I say and sit down with my back supported by the door. I sit there and cry.

“I won’t until you talk to me...”

he says and sits down.

“Noah go to the hospital right now!”

I order.

“Why do you care?”

he asks.

“I don’t.”

I say knowing that he knows it is a lie. He is getting discharged tomorrow but I won’t talk to him. I would just ignore him. I don’t want to even look at him. Every time I do, I remember him kissing Rebecca. I go to the hospital next evening. I just go to the nurse and ask how he is. She tell me he was fine and he was saying my name in his sleep. Now I want to cry. I hear footsteps behind and I turn around. Noah is standing there. He looks completely healthy. I start walking past him. He grabs my wrists.

“Please Lettie....I can’t live without you....Just once please....”

he pleads. I hold his hand. Look in his eyes where I see guilt. Take my hand and snatch it away.

I walk out with emotionless eyes. As I am heading to Sarah’s house I hear some laughs and whispers.

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